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Once again, eXp Realty agents will step into the spotlight and showcase their expertise as featured speakers during EXPCON 2023 in Las Vegas from Oct. 2-5. This four-day event is a celebration of eXp Realty and its commitment to agent empowerment, covering the latest trends such as AI as well as the always-popular topics of social media and lead generation. But, for the very first time, an entire breakout session will be presented entirely in Spanish. Bueno!


Here are the eXp agents who will be presenting and the topics they will cover – all sessions that are sure to inspire and motivate. Take a look:

AI/The Future

  • Phil Sexton — Don’t Pay For Leads, Use Your Own AI
  • Curtis Shewell — Breaking Through With AI
  • Veronica Figueroa — Using AI to Create Leverage for Your Business
  • Levi Lascsak — Digital Marketing Using AI
  • Gogo Bethke — Digital Marketing Using AI
  • Phil Stringer — Using AI to Create Leverage for Your Business
  • Sheryl Houck — The Futuristic Mindset
  • Pamela Martin — Becoming the Agent of the Future

Social Media / Marketing

Lead Generation / Working With Buyers & Sellers

  • Sherry Swift – Activating Your Business (mindset)
  • Ricky Carruth — Lead Generation for the Next Generation
  • Chad Hedrick — The Golden Rule of Working With Clients (mindset)
  • Keri Shull — Building a Prolific Buyer Business
  • Joe Trujillo and Jessie Yerxa — Working With Buyers & Sellers Panel
  • Kathleen Helbig, Phil Hahn and Kati Spaniak — Role Play Your Way to Higher Production Workshop
  • JD Tomlin – The Art of Negotiations
  • Julie Nelson — Never Lose Another Negotiation
  • Ramon Casaus — Activating Your Business
  • April Stephens — Lead Generation for the Next Generation
  • Jamie Tulak, Tara McCarthy, Lauren Rocco — Niche Down With the Girls With Grit Panel 
  • Grace Simon — Leveraging the Market Around You
  • Levi McDonald — Creating Sustainability in Any Market

Leadership / Team Building

  • Renee Funk — Don’t Settle for Ordinary
  • Michael Collier — Creating a Connection That Lasts
  • Dylan Nonaka — 5 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader
  • Avery Carl – Leading Your Team to the Top
  • Daryl Owen — Breaking Through to the Next Level
  • Chanel D’Aprix will moderate a panel on “Creating Legacy With Teams,” including Nathan Abbott, Monica Foster, Navdeep Sekhon and Andrew Franklin
  • Georgia Tusch — Cultures That Last
  • Austin Cheviron — Systems for Sustainability
  • Daniel Zia — Impacting Generations


  • Rick Geha — Building Your Business Through Community
  • Allison Gaddy — Cultivating Collaborative Spaces
  • Will Higgins — It’s Never Too Late to Start Over
  • Cathy Austin — Wellness to Success Mastermind
  • Jessica Nieto — Creating Safe Spaces
  • Jon Pugh — Leaning into the Messy Middle
  • DeVante Blow – Just One Layup
  • Toccara Williams, Chad Hedrick and Candess Correll in a panel on “The Mindset of an Athlete”
  • Smita Singh will moderate a panel on “Empowered Women” with Michelle Saward and Becky Garcia

eXp Exito (first-ever Spanish-language panel)

eXp Realty agents Ceila Morales, Felix Bravo, Orlando Montiel, Vane Monroe, Oscar Morales and Perla Machaen will take part in the first-ever Spanish-language panel at EXPCON, “eXp Exito” – or, eXp Success. 


Amy Weaver will host an all-star lineup of eXp Realty luxury agents who will deliver maximum information for those looking to aspire to a higher level of real estate.

  • David Lawson and Gail DeMarco — Conquering Giants: How to Beat Your Top Luxury Competitors
  • Ed Kaminsky and Peter Luu — The 2024 Luxury Listing Playbook
  • Chanel D’Aprix and Noe de Leon — Elevate Your Luxury Brand


It’s Back! The eXplorer Pass Is Available for Non-eXp Agents!

Heads up, eXp Realty agents: If you want to introduce a prospective agent to eXp Realty and see what it’s all about, this is a great opportunity. Add an eXplorer Pass! 


Here’s how it works: Any eXp Realty agent who buys a General Attendee or Premier (VIP) Pass has the option to invite one non-eXp licensed agent to be their guest – for FREE. The eXplorer Pass is a free General Attendee ticket to EXPCON valued at $899 USD.  It can be added at ANY time before the event and does not need to be selected during eXp Realty agents’ initial registration. 


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These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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