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Big news is coming out of Orange County, California. Daryl Owen, the founder of Nationwide Real Estate Executives, a powerhouse independent real estate brokerage with its headquarters in Long Beach, is joining eXp Realty, moving 200 agents along with him.


In 2022, his team closed $887 million in sales on 1,091 transactions, with an average home price of $740K. 

He founded NRE in 2011 with one other agent, growing it to 1,000 agents in eight years. Daryl built his empire on one brilliant idea: Starting a real estate licensing school, which was a natural funnel to add top-notch agents to his NRE real estate team. 

“It’s one of the reasons why I like eXp. I have all this talent and all these students that I can plug into eXp systems,” Daryl said.

Daryl Owen and Tarek El Moussa Go Way Back

Daryl is a self-made success story, knowing early on that real estate was going to be his passion. At 19, while still in college, he bought his first rental property. And the first house Daryl ever bought for himself was from HGTV celebrity and eXp Realty agent Tarek El Moussa (it was the first house Tarek bought, too.) That was in 2006 – before either of them were household names. Talk about destiny.

But the one thing that really drives Daryl is shaping talent.

“It’s always a nice win to hire top-producing agents from a different company. But I won’t have a lot of influence on their business unless they are really struggling.

“So, when reflecting on my life, hiring top talent is always exciting to do, but the real fulfillment in life, at least for me, is having the ability to help agents build incredible lives and businesses from the ground up,” he said.

In addition to Daryl’s NRE Schools, he also owns:

  • Nickle – Full-service team of top agents, marketing gurus, and tech experts.
  • NPS Management – Property management company with 2,000 units in LA County.
  • Escrow Heights – Independent escrow company.
  • Zone Disclosure – Source for residential and commercial environmental reports
  • NRE Commercial – Commercial real estate arm
  • Pinnacle Docks – Premier boat dock design and construction company headquartered in Long Beach California.

Daryl was in contact with eXp Realty agent Ramon Casaus for nearly two years until joining.

“We looked at other companies to merge or buy us and ultimately we went with eXp. It’s our mission to be a vehicle of opportunity for our people. As a guiding principle to our decision, eXp feeds into this mission.

“With eXp, the revenue share, wealth opportunities, a huge network, masterminds, and collaboration is something they can tune into. Grow their world as much as ours. Having the highest ROI.  We spend less time building and more time executing. That’s fun.” 

Daryl is eager to get back to what he does best, which is to develop people and help struggling agents.

“I’ve always been told that I’m ‘super motivational and inspirational.’ I love that I can be that for someone.”


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