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New Mexico’s Ramon Casaus is not one to be boxed in by anything, including borders, processes or time. So when the 26-year-old was looking to expand and scale his 60-agent ROC Real Estate team without losing the culture he created, joining eXp Realty made total sense.

“I like to fly my own flag and at eXp, it’s not only allowed, it’s encouraged,” said Casaus. “I don’t have to absorb someone else’s branding or culture. That’s what turned me away from other brokerages — you have to bleed their colors.

“In terms of eXp, I really do appreciate the progressive and supportive culture.  I also really want to give back as much as I can to eXp and all of their agents. I might fly my own flag but I am an absolute team player and an open book to anyone.” 

Ramon Casaus completed $52 million in gross sales on 231 transactions in 2019.

Casaus also said eXp’s technology and support were other factors that motivated him to join.

“What I really like is having the licensing for your organization already set up for 50 states and countries,” said Casaus. “There is limited red tape to move into those markets. For me, speed and structure makes good business sense. Also eXp’s single sign-on technology and progressive thinking from the corporate level to the brokers themselves. … that’s what I love the best.”

Casaus Joining Forces With El Moussa

Casaus will collaborate with HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, who joined eXp in April 2020.

“Tarek and I talk weekly,” said Casaus. “We share a lot of the same ambitions — mainly global expansion of our organization.” 

Casaus said ROC Real Estate is known throughout New Mexico, but Casaus is rebranding as ROCSTAR Alliance, which he will use to attract outside of the state and into other countries with El Moussa’s team’s help.

Casaus likened eXp’s platform to laying down a new set of train tracks — not an easy thing to do.

“eXp is a track that has already been laid and now we get to run on it,” Casaus said. “You don’t need to build your own track. You can move across eXp’s track without barriers. We explored other expansion models and just to move into a different market, you need an act of God … or peace offerings. With eXp, it’s all there — you just need to run on it.”

Learn More About Ramon Casaus:

Years in real estate: Since 2016.

Gross sales and transactions in 2019: $52 million on 231 transactions.

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (Aug. 1, 2020-current)
  • ROC Real Estate Partners (Oct. 2017-Aug. 2020)
  • RE/MAX (2016-2017) 

Main territory: Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas.

Main focus: Creating an extraordinary company culture. 

Number of people on team: Currently 60+. 

Why did you join eXp?

“There were many reasons why I joined eXp, but here are a few:

“I believe that the only thing proprietary to your sales business, team or brokerage is your culture. Why? Can’t fake it, can’t buy it, can’t copy it. It’s either 100% real or not. eXp not only allows but encourages you to build your culture and fly your flag. 

“Second is structure and speed. In our first 30 days, we have already begun to capitalize on our previously missed opportunities. Overnight we gained speed and eXp provides the infrastructure to support our vision. While eXp isn’t the only company with the infrastructure to support expansion,we value its simplicity and business logic. 

“Third, rewards for our current agents. Without them, without our admin team, I would not be writing this. They are the lifeblood of our business and I value their real estate experience, livelihood and success more than anything else. That’s why I understand the value and importance of residual income in stock plans, which creates more financially fit agents and diversification but also creates a more engaged, focused and supportive culture. Also, I love the idea of revenue share because everyone has an equal opportunity to build an organization. Our business is already 90% referred from our agents, which means they do not have to do anything they were not already doing in order to be compensated more!”

“eXp’s commission structure and fee structure, in my eyes, naturally attracts ambitious, productive, high-quality agents.”

What makes eXp special to you? 

“It’s the ability and encouragement to be an entrepreneur. I am not a huge fan of rules or red tape and I really enjoy the efficiency of the company. When you combine agent/owners with revenue share organizations and progressive technology you get a juggernaut of growth and successful agents.”  

Is there a significant experience you can share since you joined eXp?

“When you go to different company events, trainings, speak with ownership groups and dig deep on how you can scale your business, you will find one of two things. Either the partnership will be very financially beneficial for ownership/team leaders and not so much for agents, or it will make a lot of sense for agents but makes profitability from an ownership standpoint challenging. eXp is the best of both worlds where leaders can lead, agents can sell and everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their vision.” 

What kind of collaboration have you experienced at eXp?

“(eXp Team Leader) Brain Culhane has been playing the long game since 2018! He really listened to our goals, ambitions and connected us within his organization, which would benefit us the most. Brian also was able to take our slightly more complex situation and help us fine-tune the details (along with Sam Rodriguez). One important aspect of our interaction with Brian is, he realizes that my business is my life’s work and he takes it as seriously as I do. We had been approached before but with Brian you can tell he really cared, listened and could bring our vision full circle on how eXp could support us!” 


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