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Orlando’s Michael Collier got a first-class business education working for one of the world’s best brands – Disney. The training was valuable and the experience provided him a baseline as for how companies and cultures should mesh. 

Michael Collier works out of Orlando, Florida.

Collier worked for Disney for 12 years, at one point serving as a Walt Disney World Ambassador. He climbed the ladder while learning many transferable skills. In 2007 he got his real estate license and began working for Disney Vacation Club, selling Disney’s version of timeshare aboard the Disney Cruise Line until 2016. 

While he was making great money and seeing the world during those years, he was missing out on time with his daughter. Collier left Disney to begin his entrepreneurial adventure, which included flipping houses, doing hard money lending, taking part in a merchant cash advance business and then becoming a partner in a wholesale company.

As he set off on his unconventional real estate career, it was during his experience selling residential homes with a wholesale company that he encountered a toxic culture and poor commission splits. He knew it was time to move on.

“They wanted me to do it all – market, recruit agents, train agents and sell – all with no real support,” said Collier of his wholesale partners. “They just kept telling me to build a team. I talked to (eXp agent) Jay Kinder who said, ‘That’s why you need to be at eXp. You can bring agents in, plug them into a proven, repeatable system and allow them to utilize our company’s agent training platform. You will be there for the support.’ It all added up,” said Collier, who joined eXp in January 2019.

“I didn’t want to be the sole owner, but I wanted to be a partner,” said Collier. “All of those things that I was looking for – eXp became the natural fit.”

Disney was a big part of Michael Collier’s life professionally and personally before getting into real estate and joining eXp.

Collier Takes the Time to Mentor Newer Agents

Collier is a solo agent and sold 11 homes in 2019 for close to $3.4 million. His goals for 2020 are to concentrate on real estate in the $400-$600K range in the greater Orlando area, grow his sphere of influence, continue as an eXp Certified Mentor and strive to hit ICON agent status. He also plans to continue attracting agents to eXp Realty and he’s off to a strong start so far with nearly a dozen great agents in his group.

“I love mentoring,” said Collier. “I see newer agents who aren’t doing a lot of the things they need to do. Many just don’t make the time to learn how to do the basics.”

eXp agents can apply to become certified mentors and then are required to take a class before they can take on mentees, who are new real estate agents or have closed on less than three transactions in the past year.

“eXp is about culture,” said Collier. “It’s special because we embrace everyone who comes into our family.” 

He was also very interested in maximizing eXp’s full income opportunity.

“I initially liked the model but when I began speaking with and learning about the dozens of agents who are producing and attracting at levels I had never imagined, that’s when it really got good!”

Collier offers this advice for new agents and agents new to eXp:

“Plug in! Go to the training events, get into Workplace and join the groups. Go into eXp World and be an active participant in the training. Find a mentor or two or three (whether you’re new or not). All of these things matter and then lastly, I’d say go out there and do it. Make the mistakes — that’s how you learn. This is an active participant sport. Sitting on the sidelines is different from being in the game. You have to play to win!”

10 Fun Things About Michael Collier

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Anywhere I can have good music, good food, family and fun at the same time.

If you could add a tattoo, what would it be?

A Zulu warrior crouched with a spear above his head on my chest.

One thing you can’t live without?

Music on demand.

One trait that has led to your success?

My love for building and maintaining relationships.

What celebrity would play you in a movie or TV show?

Will Smith.

Pet peeve?


Little known fact about yourself?

I would love to act in a Broadway play.

Song you never tire of?

“24K Magic” by Bruno Mars.

Favorite meal?

Chilean sea bass with risotto.

Your epitaph will say:

He loved God, his wife and kids.


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