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orlando and daniel montiel exp realty

Miami’s Orlando Montiel is the truest sense of an entrepreneur that you can get. He coaches thousands of real estate agents a year, has hosted more than 100 live real estate events each year for top companies, hosts the popular “The Miami Real Estate Show” and has written a few real estate books. You may also have seen him on TV where he was a financial expert for TurboTax, aimed at reaching its Hispanic audience where he has appeared on Univision, Telemundo and Azteca America.

And now, he and his brother, Daniel, are joining eXp Realty where they are excited to “build financial freedom” through eXp’s unique business model.

In this video, eXp’s U.S. President of Growth, Dave Conord, and eXp agent Gene Frederick spoke with Orlando about his reasons for joining eXp after he initially resisted doing so a few years ago:

In the video, Orlando highlighted the 5 C’s that are important to him and what he tells his agents to look for when joining a company. He feels eXp nails each of these needs. Here are some excerpts:

Coaching – “Does a company have training and coaching? Does it teach you how to generate and convert more leads? eXp provides 100,000 hours of training from top agents. This appeals to us. Very important.” 

Coordination of Systems“Once you have leads, you need to convert them. But, you need systems to get this done. What can you eliminate, what you can automate and delegate? Some companies have Mailchimp, some have content with someone else. Things are not coordinated and there’s overlap and waste. Everything should be on one system, so I only have to learn one thing.”

Compound Growth“Now that you have leads and systems, you need growth. Compounding real estate: One agent after the other. We can’t grow by ourselves.”

Compensation Model“This is one thing I have not seen in any other model. Real estate agents have been truly changed by eXp’s model. It gives me the chills. It’s real. Most agents are dependent on transactions to make money, but here it’s also about growing a business. Show me an agent who is not recruiting and retaining people and I’ll show you an agent whose business is dying. In order to grow, we need to recruit and retain good agents.”

Culture “Having all these people wanting to collaborate with you — whether you’re in their group or not, I have not seen that before in 22 years in the business. So unique and well planned.”

To summarize, Montiel said, “My brother and I looked at the model and it has all the five C’s and what’s the investment? Zero!”

Brothers Orlando (left) and Daniel Montiel.

“When we talk to real estate agents about their financial future, they don’t have anything planned,” said Montiel. “Financial freedom will give you time freedom and relationship freedom.”

We couldn’t agree more, Orlando!


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