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Orlando’s Veronica Figueroa and her powerhouse Figueroa Team nearly doubled their sales from 2018 to 2019, going from $76 million on 314 units in 2018 to an impressive $139 million on 509 transactions in 2019.

She credits joining eXp Realty for the stellar results after selling her RE/MAX franchise and freeing herself of everything that brought her down.

“I’ve always known I never really enjoyed being a broker,” said Figueroa. “Never liked the management side. But I love developing agents, training and inspiring them and building teams.”

Orlando’s Veronica Figueroa and the Figueroa Team closed on $139 million in sales on 509 transactions in 2019.

Figueroa certainly knew how to crush the numbers, but was weighed down by running a brokerage. 

“I now know what an empire can look like,” said Figueroa. “I’m not limited to this office or region. If I have a connection with someone located anywhere, I can be a partner. The best part is that I can lean on eXp’s support teams for everything I need – compliance, mentors, tools, training. I can think bigger without limitations.”

Figueroa says certain people at eXp helped inspire her and grow her business, including eXp agent Jay Kinder of Oklahoma, California’s Brent Gove and eXp President of U.S. Growth Dave Conord. “They are all willing to pour their time and energy into growing people. They say,  ‘Go find leaders in your organization.’ Their inspiration is amazing.”

Learn More About Veronica Figueroa:

Years in real estate: Licensed since 2001, but did not start until 2004.

Gross sales and transactions in 2019: $139 million on 509 transactions.

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (June 2019-current)
  • RE/MAX (broker-owner) (March 2012-June 2019)
  • Avalon Town Center Realty (broker-owner) (Dec. 2009-March 2012)
  • Keller Williams (2009) 
  • Evolution Realty (broker-owner) (2005-2009) 

Main territory: Orlando, Florida.

Main focus: Building real estate teams and coaching.

Number of people on team: 36 producing agents, 14 staff members (operations, multiple transaction coordinators, inside sales agents).

Accolades, accomplishments & awards:

  • Zillow Advisory Board Member
  • Zillow Offers Exclusive Broker Partner
  • National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), North Orlando President
  • NAHREP 2020 Top 4 Team in Units (429) in the U.S., Top 3 in Volume ($139 million)
  • eXp ICON Agent – 2019 
  • Inman Innovator – 2017 Most Innovative Team
  • Inman – 2017 Inman Influencer
  • RE/MAX Hall of Fame
  • RE/MAX Diamond Club Recipient

When and why did you join eXp?

“I joined eXp Realty in June of 2019. I heard of eXp Realty a few years earlier, however because I owned my own franchise, I wasn’t ready to explore the opportunity. I decided to reimagine what my career would look like if I sold my franchise and was no longer the broker-owner. I began to imagine a career that allowed me the opportunity to do what I do best, which in my heart was to build community, build teams, give back, help real estate agents from all over and sell a lot of homes.  When I realized that I could be in business with an organization that would reward me for the things I was already doing and be profitable while having unlimited opportunities, that is when I realized that eXp Realty was where I wanted to be. My husband and I were very aligned in the decision about the company and the leaders we wanted to be in business with.”

What makes eXp special to you?

“It’s a feeling that is unique — I am so excited about the organization and the opportunity. It’s such a blessing to be rewarded to be a part of this movement. If I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would have to say, the people I get to work with make eXp special. Our leadership is so amazing — innovative, yet humble. The collaboration is by far the best I have ever seen. What most people don’t know is that the year (eXp Founder and CEO) Glenn Sanford was awarded (Inman’s) Most Innovative Broker of the Year, I was the one who presented him the award. I did not know him at the time, but we sat together at a table at Inman in San Francisco, and I witnessed how he interacted with agents. I experienced his character and it was at that moment that I realized the type of leadership eXp Realty had. I was instantly impressed. He is one of the smartest, kindest leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. That was the moment I knew, one day, I would be a part of eXp Realty.”

What is one thing about eXp you didn’t realize?

“I didn’t realize the power of running my business within eXp Realty at this capacity. When I moved over I had a 17-person team. Now we are over 40+ agents and over 15 staff members and on track to sell over 800 homes this year. The support of the compliance team, onboarding team, broker/admin state team, national leadership have given me a foundation to build with little barriers. I can grow and know that I have such a solid support system. Outside of my team, I now have over 750+ growth partners all over the country. I didn’t realize that the moment my name would come down from being the broker, I would have the freedom to dream as big as I am dreaming. I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Is there one especially satisfying real estate story you can share?

“I have many but if I had to pin one down, I love seeing all the real estate leaders that are being born. I love that we get to work together to help other real estate agents grow beyond the transaction. We are a real estate company first; however, eXp Realty has shown me that everyone has the opportunity to be successful. When leaders come together, other leaders are born. I am seeing agents push themselves out of their comfort zone and the results are that they are selling more homes than ever!”

Best tip to share with other agents:

“Don’t keep eXp Realty a secret! Go share your excitement with everyone you know because it is the right thing to do! This is such an amazing company to be a part and you can change someone’s life by helping them join the company! You are a leader! Go help find other leaders! Have fun doing it!”

10 Fun Things About Veronica Figueroa

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Sitting under a palm tree somewhere on a Caribbean beach, listening to waves with my loved ones. Add a nice cocktail, and throw in a good book…. that’s perfection for me! 

If you could add a tattoo, what would it be?

Virgo zodiac sign. I am so proud of being a Virgo — I am into that energy. 

One thing you can’t live without?

Traveling and exploring.

One trait that has led to your success?

The relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

What celebrity would play you in a movie or TV show?

J-LO-! Anyone who knows me knows I love me some J-LO. Fun fact- I went to her concert twice in Vegas and Alex Rodriguez was behind me. She also touched my hand! It was so much fun to see her in action. 

Pet peeve?

Victim mindset people. 

Little known fact about yourself?

My amazing husband and I have five kids, ages 24, 23, 22, 21, and 16. I also have three dogs — an English bulldog, Yorkie, and a Puggle. We are also going to be grandparents in 2021 with our first grandchild. 

Our beautiful blended family is what keeps me inspired. Raising five kids together was a real-life Brady Bunch Story. We have so much fun! 

Song you never tire of?

“Girl Is on Fire,” by Alicia Keys.

Favorite meal?

Seafood!!! Yummy.

Your epitaph will say:

Dream, Motivate, Inspire.


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