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juan carlos berrenenche

Juan Carlos Barreneche is the epitome of a New York City real estate agent: smart, energetic and ready to seize the world. Once he learned about eXp Realty’s model in 2018, he quickly left Keller Williams and watched as his business went from $6 million in sales a year to $60 million so far this year.

He also knows real estate isn’t about the deal, but about relationships.

“Real estate is one of the simplest businesses in the world,” said Barrenche. “In order to be successful, all you have to understand is that the agent with the most brand recognition and relationships wins.”

Juan Carlos Barrenche leads a team of 7 agents whose main region is Manhattan, Queens and the Hamptons.

Barreneche is taking a page out of his own playbook by co-broking a $9 million listing in SoHo with Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” star Fredrik Eklund. It was Juan Carlos’ Goldbar Team partner Petra Bergstrand who landed the deal with Eklund, whom she knows from their native Sweden. 

“Our goal is to break into the NYC market with luxury listings,” said Barreneche, who got his start in real estate in 2016 with Keller Williams after briefly flirting with the idea of being a doctor. It was after a 14-hour day in surgery that he reconsidered that career path and read Robert Kiyosaki’s popular investment book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” He knew real estate was his path forward.

“Real estate has turned out to be everything and more,” said Juan Carlos, whose main region is Manhattan, Queens and the Hamptons as well as Central and South Florida where his NYC sellers wanted to move after selling their NYC properties. 

Learn more about Juan Carlos Barreneche:

Gross sales and transactions in 2020: $35,000,000 on 56 transactions.

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (June 2018-current)
  • Keller Williams (May 2016-May 2018)

Main territory: New York City, The Hamptons, Florida

Main focus: Residential and luxury real estate

Number of people on team: 7 agents on The Goldbar Team.

Accolades, accomplishments & awards:

  • Young Professional’s Network Top 20 Under 40 Award Winner (2018)
  • Served as Queens, NY Chapter President for National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)
  • New York State Association of Realtors Director (NYSAR)

When and why did you join eXp?

“I joined eXp in June of 2018 because I truly believed it was the real estate model of the future. I knew that with eXp’s tools, training and technology I could go from being a top local agent, to being a global agent. Fast-forward three years later I couldn’t be happier to have decided to partner up with such an incredible company.”

What makes eXp special to you? 

“eXp is more than just a platform to me. Rather it is a community where I can align myself with like-minded individuals with large goals. The more I get involved in the culture at eXp the more I realize all the incredible talent within our company. The best part is that we are all owners.” 

Is there a significant experience you can share since you joined eXp?

“eXp has allowed me to impact the lives of so many people across the world. I recently received a call from an agent in my downline that was thousands of miles away in a town in South Africa. She said that she has been following me on Workplace and that I was inspiring her to grow her business through the content I was posting. It was an incredible feeling to say the least.”

What is one thing about eXp that surprised you?

“The fact that everyone is so willing to go above and beyond to help one another. What I love especially is that the biggest producers in the company are always looking to give back and help whenever you reach out to them.”

Have you had any experience around eXp’s global revenue share and commercial businesses yet?

“By the end of September, I am on track to hit a huge milestone, 1,000+ agents in my revenue share group. Revenue share has allowed me to hit my goals in less than half the time I originally intended. There is no better feeling than knowing that I have impacted the lives of so many agents through this incredible platform.”

What kind of collaboration have you experienced at eXp?

“I recently spoke live on stage at the eXp Shareholder Summit and it was an incredible experience. Not only was I able to add value to the agents that attended but I was able to collaborate with agents all over the world. I am definitely looking forward to more opportunities like this in the future.”

10 Fun Things About Juan Carlos Barreneche

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Waking up and doing what you love every single day. 

Who is the person you most admire?

My mother, who built a business from the ground up and put my sister and me through college. 

One thing you can’t live without?

My Google calendar app. 

One trait that has led to your success?

Discipline. I always strive to do what is necessary to reach my goals.

What celebrity would play you in a movie or TV show?

Christian Bale.

Pet peeve?

People who do not take responsibility for their own actions. 

Little known fact about yourself?

I have a degree in biology and wanted to be a surgeon when I was younger!

Song you never tire of?

“Time” by Hans Zimmer.

Favorite meal?

Penne alla vodka

Your epitaph will say:

Faith, Focus, Freedom.


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