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As a five-time Olympic medalist, Chad Hedrick knows what it takes to get to the next level. That’s why this Houston-based agent has brought his entire Gold To Sold Group from Compass to eXp Realty. 

With more than $153 million in sales and over 470 transactions since 2015, Chad transferred the licenses of everyone on his team (10 agents and 2 staff members) to eXp on March 9. He’s ready to speed skate his way to an international network. 

Chad Hedrick is excited to harness the eXp model for international expansion.

“Joining eXp will help me think like the entrepreneur that I am. The eXp model is very appetizing for me to invest in myself and harness the production to build a nationwide and world network with my team,’’ Chad said.

The Champion Knows When To Go For It 

Chad is a two-time U.S. Olympic Team speed skater who nabbed five medals in the 2006 and 2010 Olympics. That includes a gold medal – the ultimate achievement for any Olympian. 

After hanging up his skates at age 32, Chad had to find a job that fit his competitive drive. It was a challenge. 

“I was an athlete until I was 32 and had an identity crisis after sports. I didn’t know what to do. I got into the energy business in Houston because that’s what everyone does. I sold software to help calculate where to drill because it’s very expensive if you hit something with a drill. Niche market. Very expensive,’’ he said.

Chad Hedrick was a member of the 2006 and 2010 U.S. Olympic speed skating teams, grabbing three and two medals, respectively, over those Olympic years. He won gold in 2006 in the men’s 5,000-meter event.

Chad felt no passion for it and floundered for seven years, until he discovered that being a real estate agent was the right fit. Not only because he liked sales, but because he had the ability to inspire others to succeed, too.

“I was at wit’s end with selling software and got connected with a really successful real estate leader in The Woodlands, Texas. I realized how many people I knew needed a house, wanted a house or wanted to get rid of a house. That opened up a whole new world for me. Real estate has filled a huge void in my life,’’ he said.

“I like being an agent, but I’m a natural-born leader. My time in sports has equipped me to lead and empower those around me,’’ he said. 

Chad Says People With Sports or Military Background Have ‘Refuse-to-Lose’ Mentality

Real estate also helped him grow from being a single-minded elite athlete into a person who cultivated and nurtured relationships. That is the key to being a successful agent and team leader.

Not that the sportsman in him isn’t a huge part of his identity and spirit.

Chad Hedrick (sitting, right) with part of his Gold to Sold team.

“The first question I ask agents is ‘Did you play sports or were you in the military?’ Because with these two disciplines, you see an edge. You think a little differently and have a refuse-to-lose mentality,’’ Chad said. 

It’s the reason his Gold To Sold Group is a top-producer in the North Houston market – an achievement Chad wants to take nationally and internationally. He said eXp and its global reach has lit a fire under him.

“I just want to impact lives through eXp’s business model, which is so exciting for me to think about. It’s going to revolutionize the real estate business and change people’s lives. We are super excited with the entrepreneurial spirit behind the brand and opportunity to grow our businesses respectfully and build a long-term future for myself and all of my teammates,’’ he said.

Chad’s Global Goals: Let’s Get The Netherlands on Board With eXp

With more than 87,000 agents, and operations in 24 different countries, eXp has the platform and the network to allow Chad to do exactly what he wants to do next. 

“I’m so excited to build incredible relationships all around the country. I’m excited to see what my team can do for their personal businesses. As an Olympic athlete, I have quite a few relationships all across the world from traveling to 42 different countries as a speed skater. So some of those countries that aren’t on the board right now for eXp?’’ he said.

After competing against the famously outstanding Dutch speed skaters in international competition, Chad wants to be on the same team.

“That is for me to try to get in and get our foot in the door for some of those countries that aren’t active and don’t have agents with eXp currently. I would love to help start The Netherlands. My goal is to get eXp into The Netherlands. I have a lot of friends there,’’ he said. 


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