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Fort Wayne’s Austin Cheviron spent 15 years with one of Indiana’s largest brokerages, becoming a top-producing agent with a team who he trained and coached. In 2019, his team did $25 million in sales on 150 transactions.

Austin Cheviron did $25 million in sales on 150 transactions in 2019.

But soon, Cheviron learned there were limits to how many people he could train at his current brokerage. He wanted to train more agents, but the brokerage had a non-compete clause that prevented him from training agents outside of his current company. 

“I needed a bigger platform. I wanted to share my systems with more people,” said Cheviron. “With eXp, I can run a business that is powered by eXp and it offers very little liability and large scales of growth.”

Cheviron says Madu Baker, a top agent in Canada who became a friend, kept sharing information with him about eXp’s great business model, but he had no plans to leave. That is, until he attended eXpCON in 2019 and was thoroughly impressed, comparing it to Amazon Marketplace – a business within a business. A few weeks later, he announced his departure.

“I did the Jerry Maguire thing — ‘Who’s coming with me?’ As a leader you have to be the first to jump,” said Cheviron. “I got a huge blowback because I was a top agent and the trainer and coach of many of the agents there. It was a shock to many.”

“With eXp, I can run a business that is powered by eXp and it offers very little liability and large scales of growth.”

Cheviron is excited about his team’s ability to grow without limits.

“We now are not limited to someone else’s answer of ‘can we add them to our team’ and ‘do they have an office?’ The world is our playground now and not just Northeast Indiana. How cool is that?”

eXp’s revenue-sharing model is also enticing to Cheviron so he can continue to concentrate on the two things he values in business: the ability to reward his agents and earning leveraged income. But he says, just because you join eXp, doesn’t mean you don’t put in the work. 

“It is just a better platform to build on,” said Cheviron. “You still have to do the building. I say it’s like getting the option to earn the whole dollar and not just 50 cents when doing a transaction.”  


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