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There’s no doubt that the real estate market and other economic forces are shifting into unknown territory. But, if there is one thing for sure, eXp Realty is ready. To prepare for an oncoming downturn, eXp Realty has launched the “Level Up” initiative, which is a robust program inviting eXp Realty agents – and even non-eXp agents – to collaborate through inspiration, education and connection.

“Our mantra from Day 1 is ‘we were built for this,’ said Dave Conord, North America President of eXp Realty. “Time and time again, we have proven that our model is not only built to survive, but thrive in times of stress and uncertainty. During the pandemic, our company actually increased revenue and agent growth with many agents joining due to our virtual world technology and reputation for connectedness; it helped them stay informed, and move forward with their businesses with access to the best information, support and tools that update in real time as the market changes.”

New! Beginner Track at eXp University

For new agents just joining eXp Realty, eXp University is offering a “Beginner Track” program, which will help new eXp Realty agents set up a successful business at eXp. This on-demand course will offer levels and tasks for each step of the track.


eXp Realty Agents Can Invite Non-eXp Agents to Level Up

As the saying goes, “Real estate is a big industry in a small world – everyone knows everyone.” In that vein, eXp Realty agents are welcome to invite other agents to this community of support and collaboration. 

> How to Get a Guest Pass to eXp Realty 

“The culture at eXp is so giving and supportive,” said Atlanta-based eXp Realty agent Tabitha Caver. “The fact that eXp is agent-obsessed is what makes it all work in my opinion. Giving the tools and resources to truly be successful and leave a real legacy is what makes eXp special.” 

eXp Realty’s Level Up Program Will Focus on Education and Collaboration

Education is a cornerstone at eXp Realty where 80+ classes are offered each week in eXp University. With this market shift, the Level Up content will be taught by eXp Realty’s top agents who have weathered many market slowdowns and have mastered the art of finding opportunity in the midst of change.  Some of these classes include topics such as:

  • “Date the Rate. Marry the House: A How-to-Guide to Buying Now, Refinancing Later.”
  • “Priced to Sit or Priced to Sell: 3 Skills Sharpened Will Help Your Listings Sell Faster!”
  • “5 Daily Sales Actions to Separate You From Your Competition”
  • “Mastering Market Updates to Deliver Value Online”  
  • “From Surviving to Thriving: A Mindset-Shift Workshop”

In addition to eXp University classes tailored to the market mood, each week will carry themes for collaboration such as:

Mastery Monday – Join eXp’s top producers and thought leaders live in eXp World for two hours every Monday to sharpen the skills you need to earn more business and provide more value to your clients. Be sure to invite guests and catch the livestream on eXp Realty’s YouTube channel if you can’t make it into eXp World. Topics include:

  • Working with buyers in the new market
  • Working with sellers in the new market
  • Attracting new clients and deepening relationships with your existing database

Wealth Wednesday – Join eXp’s most successful team leaders and influencers for two hours every Wednesday to learn how to leverage people, processes and opportunities to create financial freedom. Be sure to invite guests and catch the livestream on eXp Realty’s YouTube channel if you can’t make it into eXp World. Topics include:

  • Building and leading your team through change
  • Leveraging tools, resources and your brokerage platform to stabilize your P&L
  • Spending, saving and investing to create cash flow and wealth

Fire Friday – Join industry action takers for two hours every Friday to fuel the fire that burns for building a better life and business while maximizing your impact! Be sure to invite guests and catch the livestream on eXp Realty’s YouTube channel if you can’t make it into eXp World. Topics include:

  • Fuel your mindset with your weekly energy practice through Kirtus Dixon’s “Lightwork” Energy Session 
  • Be inspired into action during the eXp Agent Leadership meeting 
  • Go behind the scenes with eXp’s top producers during ICONversations – Live notes taken and shared
  • Learn to think like an influencer in Alpha conversations in growth auditorium

“Everyone is so willing to share and open up their playbooks. That is extremely valuable and appealing. I love all the collaboration which is helping me grow personally and professionally while expanding my reach,” said Bic DeCaro, an eXp Realty agent based in Northern Virginia. 

Collaboration will be through multiple channels, including Workplace, eXp World, eXp University Learning Portal and eXp Realty’s YouTube channel.


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These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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