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Real estate agents helping other agents. Agents sharing their secrets or tips and tricks to their success. Imagine that. At eXp Realty, it’s natural and it happens all the time.

Traditional brokerages are set up by regions and territories, making competition for clients fierce. As a result, fellow agents are less than willing to share their tips and tricks for being successful. But at eXp, and its borderless business model, that means there are no limitations and actually, by agents helping other agents, everyone at the company benefits. 

Top-producing Phoenix agent Curtis Johnson says one big reason he joined eXp is for its openness and information sharing.

“I love collaborating with other (eXp) agents,” said Johnson. “It’s so different. It’s like someone giving you free advice. In real estate, there are people who are incentivized not to be open with their information. eXp is like having true business partners.”

Northern Virginia powerhouse Bic DeCaro agrees. She is impressed by eXp’s deep resources and marketing tools, plus having access to top producing teams and leaders around the country.

“Everyone is so willing to share and open up their playbooks. That is extremely valuable and appealing. I love all the collaboration which is helping me grow personally and professionally while expanding my reach.”

Collaboration Is One of eXp’s Core Values

eXp embraces a culture of collaboration. As a matter of fact, it is one of eXp’s core values. Currently, eXp numbers 85,000+ agents across the globe and all are able to talk, share and help each other from near and far.

“Our agents are our greatest asset,” said Dave Conord, eXp President of U.S. Growth. “Through the power of collaboration, we grow together and succeed together. Our international footprint is rapidly expanding and we welcome everyone to come join us and be part of our journey.”

eXp Agents Teach Classes in eXp University

Agents collaborate with each other through a variety of avenues, including eXp’s Workplace communications tool, including chat rooms such as “Water Cooler,” “The Referral Group,” “Power Girls,” “Masterminds” and more. Agents also connect through eXp’s ONE eXp diversity group, but another big place for sharing information is through eXp University.

eXp University is a robust platform of classes and series all taught voluntarily by eXp’s agents. Yes – agents are at the core of eXp University and they teach classes for free. Why?

“There are many reasons agents do this. There is a “paying it forward mentality” or some say they are tithing their time back to eXp. Many just enjoy teaching and sharing their information. What’s pleasantly surprising is that agents help drive the free University content, often bringing us new ideas for classes,” said Judy Slack, eXp University Content Director.

eXp University Offers 180 Free, Live Classes a Month!

According to Agent Development Director Candice Garcia, the number of live classes in eXp University average around 180 each month and instructors average a survey score of 4.89 out of 5. Most classes are recorded and accessible in the university’s library. Some of the series are listed below:

  • Fast Start Series – The Fast Start program is a two-week series of live courses geared for agents who are new to real estate or even new to eXp. The series runs every two weeks and offers 14 one-hour courses. This hands-on program is designed to give new agents the tools and fundamentals they need to work successfully in this virtual brokerage within the first two weeks of joining eXp.
  • EXCEL Series – This series was created at the beginning of the pandemic and was designed to teach classes that are relevant to a shifting market. eXp’s top producing agents — those who have endured market ups and downs such as the 2008 market crash — have stepped up and offered their expertise to teach classes in eXp World.
  • ICON Series – This popular series is taught by ICON Agents who share their tips and tricks on how they achieved that level of success and became company shareholders. 

Also, each Friday during eXp’s Agent Leadership Meeting, an agent is featured during the “Agents Helping Agents” segment. The agent shares some best practices as a teaser to their upcoming class in eXp University.


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