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The appeal of eXp Realty’s compelling compensation program is a huge reason why the fast-growing real estate brokerage has attracted tens of thousands of agents across the U.S. and the world. But there’s an equally important reason why eXp is breaking new ground in the multi-trillion-dollar real estate space: eXp’s powerful technology platform – and it is powerful. 

eXp is the world’s first cloud-based brokerage. Since 2009, eXp agents and staff have worked virtually, which means everyone can work from wherever they want, using eXp’s cutting-edge proprietary tools and partnered products.

exp tools and technology
At eXp, agents and staff can work from anywhere. All that’s needed is a laptop or mobile phone and an internet connection.

For some, the idea of transacting real estate deals virtually might seem unusual, but the world has changed fast, and eXp has built a web-based platform that parallels it. All that’s needed is a mobile phone or laptop and an internet connection. 

Agents can log into eXp’s tools from anywhere and it’s exactly the kind of innovation to get business done fast and efficiently. No more paying office overhead. No more time-consuming trips to the office. And it has the ability to scale rapidly.

Since 2009, eXp agents and staff have worked virtually, which means everyone can work from wherever they want, using eXp’s cutting-edge proprietary tools and partnered products.

Below are the core tools that eXp agents and staff use to connect with clients and real estate professionals – all at huge cost-savings in time and overhead.

eXp World 

This is eXp’s “online campus” where agents and staff interact. Many eXpers simply call it “the World” and it has been described as a video experience similar to “The Sims.” 

eXp World is a big campus with meeting rooms, offices, an auditorium and even fun spaces like a beach and soccer field.

eXp World is large and easily navigable. It contains virtual meeting rooms, an auditorium, and an entire support system staffed with offices  — just like in real life with real people — such as accounting, human resources, brokerage operations, legal, tech support, brokerage operations, and more. It has everything an agent would need to conduct business. 

Everyone has an avatar, which can be personalized to represent your likeness. You can move your avatar throughout eXp World and interact with others. Your avatar can “talk” to other avatars through your computer’s microphone. The experience and level of engagement are just like being in a room with a colleague. And it’s fun. There’s even a soccer field and beach complete with a speedboat to take “virtual breaks.”  

Everyone has an avatar in eXp World, which can be customized to a person’s likeness.

Additionally, eXp agents can have their own private, customized office in eXp World. Called Team Suites, these thoughtfully designed environments are equipped with presentation tools, have tech support, and can be branded. 

eXp World was created by Virbela, an immersive technology platform that creates software for business, events, and education. It was acquired by eXp World Holdings in 2018.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace is a communications tool created by Facebook that eXp uses for the entire company to collaborate together across the globe. It’s similar to Facebook’s look and feel, but built for businesses.

It’s an easy and friendly interface where eXp agents and staff can chat privately with each other, or post announcements, discuss topics, broadcast live and recorded videos, and ask questions to Workplace groups. It’s wildly popular and is a great resource for everyone to glean best practices, exchange information, and get referrals.

“I didn’t realize I would get so many referrals from Workplace,” said eXp agent Clarissa Marshall of Asheville, NC. “If I hadn’t been in Workplace my first year, I would not have hit ICON Agent status. I would say 25% of my transactions were from Workplace.”

eXp Enterprise

Enterprise is the agents’ business dashboard where they can access their metrics and get visibility into business intelligence that’s crucial to their needs. This is where agents go to see their commissions and capping status, review their equity awards, revenue share organization, and payment detail and get real-time performance reports. It’s their financial reporting hub.

The eXp Enterprise dashboard is the agents’ go-to for all financial reports.

Transaction Management 

eXp provides tools that allow agents to manage their transactions from start to finish, all from one place — and it’s totally paperless. Agents can build a file, submit paperwork, and review everything from start to finish from any device. Documents can be signed digitally with full security and compliance. Plus, tech support is offered 24/7. 

CRM and Lead Generation

eXp agents have access to powerful lead generation platforms, which are end-to-end solutions provided at no additional cost. Agents can easily manage customer interactions, share property information, integrate listings with their own WordPress websites, and use eXp Realty provided tools daily to drive more leads and deals. 

Marketing and Branding

At eXp Realty, agents get to determine the look and feel of their own brand. To this end, eXp has a robust marketing center that provides agents with anything they might need to brand and market themselves. Agents can design and co-brand their own company logos, create business cards, flyers, brochures, signage, listing presentations, and just about anything. There is even content generated that can be shared on social media, blogs, and in newsletters. 

All of these tools are at the center of how eXp agents and staff communicate, interact, and conduct business. They provide freedom, greater flexibility, and productivity. And judging from the rapid growth of eXp Realty’s agent base, it’s pretty clear eXp anticipated what the future of work looked like a long time ago. 

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These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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