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In real estate, success comes to agents who are ALL in. That’s why EXPCON 2023 is THE PLACE to be on Oct. 2-5 in Las Vegas. It’s where eXp Realty’s biggest and brightest minds and talent will gather and open their playbooks and share their knowledge with everyone. This is the premier event of the year and the content, breakouts, and add-on opportunities, are all entirely built upon what eXp Realty agents are asking for.  

In a few words: It’s a major ROI.


FOMO Is Real: This Is YOUR Chance To Be in the Right Room at the Right Time:

Mike DelPrete Keynote: Mike DelPrete, a real estate analyst and one of the industry’s most important voices today, will provide valuable insight into today’s current real estate market. 

“This man is sharp! One of the speakers where you hang on his every word!!! I can’t wait to hear him!!”

-eXp Realty influencer Brent Gove

Brendon Burchard Keynote: When you get endorsements from people such as Oprah, the Dalai Lama and Tony Robbins, you know something powerful is being delivered. Brendon is a high-performance coach who is a three-time New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed motivational speakers in history. 

Tarek El Moussa on Stage! Everyone knows Tarek El Moussa, a self-made real estate TV personality known for his popular HGTV shows, starting with “Flip or Flop.” And, he’s an eXp Realty agent! Tarek will share insights and always entertaining anecdotes on how he went from selling Cutco knives to real estate success.  

Phil Sexton’s AI Bot Lookalike: Phil Sexton, co-founder of the powerhouse Sibbach team in Arizona, always has something up his sleeve. Don’t miss Phil’s breakout on how he utilizes AI for lead generation. Maybe you’ll meet “REPhil,” his AI bot. Take a look (dare you not to be amazed):

SUCCESS Programming To Help You Succeed!

SUCCESS magazine will have a big presence at EXPCON 2023 starting with the always-popular SUCCESS magazine Photo Booth (your photo on a mock SUCCESS magazine cover!) where you can meet the SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief.

In SUCCESS-led sessions, SUCCESS Enterprises CEO Amy Somerville and leadership and productivity coach Jon Cheplak will explore the successful habits of the top 1% and supply tips on building a successful brand and legacy. 

Additionally, a 3-hour fast-track will be offered specifically for those who want to learn how to increase productivity by using their personalized DISC profile and the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Top Agents Tackling Big Topics: eXp Realty’s agents asked for more: More learning, more insights and more from their colleagues. That’s why the strongest agents in each “theme” have been tapped to take the stage and share their knowledge. 

Check out the speaker lineup and themes: 

  • AI, AI and more AI (to help agents, not replace them)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Mindset
  • First-ever Spanish-language Panel
  • Luxury 

Glenn + The Best of the Best! As most successful agents know, proximity is power. If you are in the same room with minds like eXp Realty Founder Glenn Sanford and A-list agents like Tarek El Moussa, you will have the greatest chance to network, learn, share, celebrate and be inspired. 

Immeasurable ROI!

Here’s an eye-opening stat: Closing one referral from attending EXPCON can generate 300+% of your return on investment (ROI). Two examples:

Example 1: Close 1 new deal this year from an EXPCON-generated referral @ $300K sales price

  • Average commission (capped): $9K
  • EXPCON travel investment (modest): $2K
  • = 350% ROI

Example 2: Learn how to use AI to automate your business (and gain 10 hours a MONTH to REINVEST into prospecting):

  • Earn 1 more client/month prospecting: 12 new clients
  • Close 4 deals @ $300K sales price (capped): $36K in commissions
  • EXPCON travel investment (average): $4K
  • = 700% ROI

Free Classes, Free Training!

Where do we start? Certifications, Situational Awareness & Self-Defense Training, XCamp … there’s so much learning, all included in the price of admission!

  • Get certified: Take one, two, three or all SIX fast-track certifications – for free! Get certified in REO, Relocation, Affinity, Luxury and more. EXPCON is the ONLY place to get fast-track certifications.
  • Situational Awareness & Defense Training for Agents: World-renowned Gracie University staff will teach a specialized self-defense training class specifically for real estate professionals. (Did you know Glenn Sanford, CEO and Founder of eXp Realty, has 27 years of Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience? Yes, he’s a big fan of this learning.) Watch Glenn and Rener Gracie talk about the class developed exclusively for EXPCON attendees.
  • Breakouts all day long: From the always popular, always chaotic XCamp to amazing breakouts, agents will be filled with new knowledge and focus. The energy is intense!

Big Announcements: As usual, eXp is always on the cutting edge, developing new technologies and partnerships to help grow agents’ bottom lines. And some big announcements are happening LIVE in Vegas!

Join Your Colleagues IRL: Get your questions answered, and fears allayed. Hug your old friends and colleagues or share notes with an agent you just met. This is the place to create new connections and solidify old ones. EXPCON is THE PLACE to be this October. Don’t miss it. 

All Are Welcome! eXp Realty’s tent is WIDE open – everyone is invited with a special invitation going to non-eXp Realty agents who want to know what eXp is all about. Non-eXp Realty agents have a chance to attend via the eXplorer’s Pass, which is essentially a free General Admission ticket – a value of $899 (USD).


eXp Realty is the biggest independent real estate brokerage in the world. Be part of an experience like no other: EXPCON 2023. 

We are ALL IN … are you??


The “You Asked, We Delivered” campaign is a cornerstone of eXp Realty’s mission to be the most agent-centric brokerage on the planet. eXp Realty pays close attention to agents’ feedback, finding solutions designed to help them succeed at the highest level of success both personally and professionally. 


These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

Agent Careers