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Jon Cheplak

Amy Somerville, CEO of SUCCESS Enterprises, introduced Leadership and Productivity Coach Jon Cheplak to a packed room on the final day of the eXp Shareholder Summit in Orlando.

Jon Cheplak

Jon presented with a tough love, no apologies approach that resonated with the audience.

“I’m not here because I’m great. I’m here because I’ve overcome,” said Jon. “There’s a bunch of people in the room struggling. It’s just the reality. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, it matters where you choose to go.”

Jon pointed out that there are two reasons people don’t take action: fear and being overwhelmed. “This isn’t about being great, it’s about being consistent,” he offered. “Attach to the process, detach from the outcome.”

In relating to the needs of agents wanting to build more successful teams and agents looking to improve their attraction results, Jon offered the following insights:

  • You must give people value. Continue to educate and inform
  • Put as much work in on the backside as you do on the frontside
  • Don’t automate yourself out of relationships
  • You must have a foundation: mission, values, principles
  • Have a meaningful pursuit: purpose … know when to help people win

Stressing the importance of purpose Jon said, “Actions are make or break. If you don’t have that one thing that drives you, you will not take action.”

Jon Cheplak said: “When you can impact someone’s life, you can create an emotional connection.”

As the topic turned to relationships, Jon said, “There will never be enough money in a relationship to keep it together. They will join you for money. They will leave you for money. People want impact. When you can impact someone’s life you create an emotional connection.” 

Throughout his presentation, Jon referenced four key principles for success:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Contribution

As leaders Jon encouraged the audience to, “Create space that provides safety and tension. Tension leads to creativity,” Jon said. He went on to add, “Lose the word ’why’ from your leadership vocabulary. ‘Why’ is a word of judgment. When people feel judged they go into fear and self preservation, and there’s no opportunity for growth. The number one way to get a human being to grow is through self discovery. Make deposits in the business relationship equity account … give people value.”

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