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Once again, during EXPCON 2023, eXp Realty agents have the exciting opportunity to obtain fast-track certifications, completely free of charge. But, in addition to the four main programs eXp offers for certification (Relocation, REO, Affinity and Luxury), eXp is introducing two additional certifications that empower its agents to gain referrals and bolster their financial pipelines. In total, six certifications will be available to eXp agents during EXPCON!

EXPCON is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct. 2-5 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  But, in order to take advantage of this free opportunity, you must register and attend EXPCON. (Registration is not required for most certification courses.)


Benefits of Fast-track Certification at EXPCON:

  • Get Certified in 3 Action-Packed Hours or Less – Each fast-track course is three hours or less and attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of each course. (Schedule of certification dates and times are below.)
  • Registration Not Required for Most Certification Classes – There is no need to register for most of the courses; however, the eXp Luxury Certification class does require registration. For all others, you can just walk in and take a seat!  Seating may be limited so get there early.  But, you must register for EXPCON to attend these certification courses in person; these courses are not offered via livestream.
  • Add a Referral Pipeline – All of these businesses capture quality referrals for eXp Realty agents through established industry relationships with top relocation management companies, banks, hedge funds, corporations, organizations and iBuyers. Plus, eXp Realty’s national leading Revenos staff is there to guide you every step of the way to help agents capture and close more business. 

Certifications Being Offered at EXPCON:

Tuesday, Oct. 3

2-3 p.m. – Affinity Certification – An Affinity certification will equip exp Realty agents with the skills and knowledge to target and capture the 9.8% of the U.S. population that moves every single year. From upsizing to downsizing, getting married to growing families, retiring to divorce, and second homes to various life changes, these factors drive over 32.8 million moves annually in the U.S. alone.

In this comprehensive certification course, strategies and techniques will teach eXp Realty agents how to target and capture this vast pool of annual relocations. Attendees will learn how to identify and connect with the individuals and families embarking on these significant life changes. Presenters: Dawn Conciatori and Cindy Nixon.

3:15-5 p.m. – Bundle Select Certification (NEW!) – This exclusive training session will dive deep into the revolutionary Bundle Select tool, designed to elevate eXp Realty agents’ success and redefine how they connect with clients and employees. Bundle Select is a real estate platform and concierge service which bundles top-rated Realtors, lenders, title companies, and relocation services together, saving relocating employees 25% in transaction fees. As a concierge service, Bundle Select guides corporate employees—for free — through their transactions, all the way from signup to “sold.”

This interactive training session will teach agents the ins and outs of eXp Bundle Select, including:

  1. The story behind eXp Bundle Select: This revolutionary tool is the result of great efforts by eXp staff members and the unwavering support of eXp leadership. Attendees will understand why this exclusive tool is a game-changer for eXp Realty agents.
  1. Exploring the platforms: Two eXp Bundle Select platforms — the Client and Employee Platforms – will be explained and how each platform streamlines interactions, enhances experiences and simplifies processes for clients and employees alike.
  1. Addressing FAQs: In this session, common queries about eXp Bundle Select will be answered to ensure agents are fully equipped to unleash their power.

Wednesday, Oct. 4

2-5 p.m. – Relocation Certification – An eXp Relocation Certification will equip eXp Realty agents to work with eXp’s prestigious corporate clients who are relocating due to job-related moves. This comprehensive course will provide extensive education across essential services, arming agents with the expertise needed to excel in this specialized market. 

Corporate client relocation involves people moving due to job-related transfers, often with their employer covering some or all of their move expenses. eXp Relocation proudly collaborates with ALL the relocation management companies that handle corporate moves, giving eXp Realty agents access to a vast pool of potential clients.

By completing the eXp Relocation Certification Course, eXp Realty agents will have exclusive opportunities to work with eXp’s corporate clients, guiding them through seamless job-related moves. eXp Relocation Certified agents will gain entry to a network of like-minded professionals, all devoted to delivering exceptional service and experiences to clients on the move.

Thursday, Oct. 5

9 a.m.-Noon – REO Certification – eXp REO Certification will equip eXp Realty agents with the tools and expertise to provide REO properties with best-in-class exposure, ensuring they are sold in the shortest time, for the highest return, and with the least amount of aggravation.

eXp REO Team Certification will help unlock the power of excellence in REO property disposition. Geared for seasoned REO professionals seeking to elevate their skills or real estate agents eager to venture into this specialized field, this certification equips attendees with the knowledge and resources to succeed. Presenters: Kelvin Zelaya and Dawn Conciatori.

2-5 p.m. – eXp Luxury Fast-Track Certification – For agents who want to join eXp Luxury, but do not yet meet production standards, certification in eXp Luxury is required. During EXPCON 2023, we’re thrilled to offer this fast-track certification at no cost to agents who wish to join the program.  In addition, all agents who join eXp Luxury during EXPCON can save up to $500 on their initial annual eXp Luxury membership fee. Presenters: Jeremy Collins, eXp Luxury Council members.

Other Important Notes:

  • Registration is required but does not guarantee a seat.  Seating is first come, first served. (Sign up during EXPCON registration.)
  • To use the eXp Luxury fast-track certification from EXPCON as a qualification for eXp Luxury membership, attendees must sign up for membership within one week of the event.
  • You must ensure you are scanned IN and OUT of the session, and be present for the full 3-hour course. 
  • Only agents who are active members of eXp Luxury can associate as eXp Luxury Certified or utilize its branding.  

For more information about eXp Luxury membership and special EXPCON 2023 benefits, please visit

2-5 p.m. – Increase Productivity with DISC and NLP (NEW!) – This breakout session will explore the power of the DISC assessment and its direct impact on eXp Realty agents’ real estate business success. In this interactive and transformative session, attendees will learn how to leverage their unique DISC profile to enhance their communication skills, build stronger client relationships and close more deals.

In addition to the above certifications, a new course will be offered around sustainability: eXp Green:

9 a.m. – noon — eXp Green Fundamentals – Green real estate is big business and eXp Realty is at the forefront of innovative products and services to help its agents succeed. eXp Realty agents who take this 3-hour course will learn about high-performance green homes, energy efficiency, whole home electrification, renewable energy, sustainability and more.


It’s Back! The eXplorer Pass Is Available for Non-eXp Agents!

Heads up, eXp Realty agents: If you wanted to introduce a prospective agent to eXp Realty and see what it’s all about, this is great opportunity. Add an eXplorer Pass! 

Here’s how it works: Any eXp Realty agent who buys a General Attendee or Premier (VIP) Pass has the option to invite one non-eXp licensed agent to be their guest – for FREE. The eXplorer Pass is a free General Attendee ticket to EXPCON valued at $899 USD.  It can be added at ANY time before the event and does not need to be selected during eXp Realty agents’ initial registration. 


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