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In times of crisis, successful companies respond quickly to ensure business remains stable and staff is supported with the tools and information needed to weather a storm.

At eXp Realty, all hands were on deck when the mounting coronavirus outbreak quickly shifted market conditions, creating uncertainty for what was to come. Immediately, eXp’s leadership responded with a plan to deal with the oncoming headwinds. As part of the response was the start of the eXcel Initiative, a series of classes and content geared for eXp’s real estate agents who were suddenly facing an unknown real estate landscape.

“At eXp, we always strive to equip our agents to succeed in the current market while also preparing them for market conditions ahead,” said Dave Conord, President U.S. Growth. “This market is unlike anyone has ever seen before, and we are blessed to have incredible agents around the world sharing in real-time their tactics and strategies to thrive despite the social-distancing restrictions.  Our virtual campus has allowed us to immediately begin delivering over 60 live classes per week for all our agents, allowing eXp agents to emerge from this stronger than ever.”

The eXcel series is a brand-new curriculum that started in March and contains classes that are relevant to today’s shifting market.  eXp’s top producing agents — those who have endured market ups and downs such as the 2008 market crash — have stepped up and offered their expertise to teach classes in eXp’s World.

eXp’s Top Agents Share Their Expertise on How to Weather a Storm

The weekly schedule of classes is overseen by eXp University leaders Kirtus Dixon and Candice Garcia, who post the schedule each Monday in eXp’s Workplace tool. Classes are designed and taught by top agents who are focused on “right now” actions pertaining to the current housing market climate. 

Classes include topics such as:

  • 7 Things to Focus on First While Weathering This Storm
  • Top 5 Calls You Need to Make Right Now
  • An Inside Look at the Financial Markets Right Now
  • How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2020

“At eXp, we have the platform and tools to allow for this real-time collaboration between eXp’s University and potential instructors,” said Dixon. “It taps our core value of being agile to deliver what agents need right now. We are here to help agents build their business in any kind of market.”

The response has been overwhelmingly positive as eXp agents are attending in droves, according to Garcia, and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the series, which is an indicator of satisfaction, was nearly a perfect 5.

“We have 94 total classes with new ones being added weekly. In the first week, 5,000 agents came through. And if an agent misses a class, it was recorded and made available in eXp’s vast video library,” she said. 

Here are some comments about the classes from attendees:

  • “I’ve had more training and support in 1.5 days than the 1.5 years with my previous brokerage!”
  • “It was like an overview of the most important task we should be doing right now to mitigate the impact!”
  • AMAZING volume of valuable content… will keep me focused and busy for quite a while!”
  • Very powerful session during these times.
  • Phenomenal content, heart, humility, vulnerability, leadership, passion!”

Garcia also adds that guest speakers such as Stephen Hilgart, who is a peak performance strategist in the Tony Robbins organization, have appeared in the eXcel series.

Read 10 top takeaways from the eXcel series.

In addition to the eXcel series, eXp also offers the Fast Start series of classes, which are geared towards new agents.

This is just another example of how eXp is agent success obsessed. Read stories about eXp agents and learn why they made the switch to eXp.


These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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