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exp realty 2021 homebuying study

Homebuying is ever-changing. Between new technologies and a global pandemic, consumers are thinking differently about how to buy a home. The good news is eXp Realty agents are meeting those needs and more. Due to eXp’s advanced technologies, virtual operations, online training and customized classes, eXp agents are better equipped than other agents to help their clients buy and sell homes — especially during this ongoing pandemic. Read what a few had to say:

  • “If you’re not leveraged in a cloud-based business, you’ll get behind the curve of where future business is going, especially with COVID,” said Florida’s Nathan Abbott
  • Atlanta’s Joanne Bolt agrees. “I joined (eXp) in late November of 2020. I was looking for a company that was ahead of the curve.  When COVID hit, we discovered that our ‘technology-based brokerage’ was scrambling to pivot into a virtual world. We needed a brokerage that was already there.”
  • South Florida’s Eric Miller found eXp’s virtual brokerage a no-brainer. “In Florida, Realtors were declared essential workers and yet our office shut down,” Miller said. “eXp’s virtual-first approach was a win before COVID-19 ever happened.”

eXp Co-Partnered on a Study on How People Are Buying and Owning Homes

eXp continues to explore industry trends and recently partnered with The Center for Generational Kinetics to conduct a national study on how consumers are approaching homebuying and homeownership.

The good news is a majority of respondents say that due to the pandemic, owning a home is very important and having a good, tech-savvy real estate agent is very important.

Key Findings:

  • 86% say real estate agents are important or very important to the homebuying process.
  • The vast majority of respondents say having a “tech-savvy” agent is important or very important across all areas of the homebuying process including searching for and finding the right home (86%), understanding the housing market (85%), negotiating the best price and terms (84%) and understanding one’s financial options (83%).  
  • 65% of older millennials (35-44) say buying a house or paying off a house is more important to them than paying off other debt they may have.
  • 87% of respondents say buying a house is a financially smart decision and that people should be homeowners or should be trying to buy a home by age 40.
  • When it comes to buying and owning their own home, 79% say they are most concerned with property taxes, followed by overpaying (77%) and home maintenance and repair costs (76%).

“It’s encouraging to see the level of commitment, especially savings habits, among people who want to own their own home,” said Jason Gesing, CEO of eXp Realty. “The trends and priorities revealed in this study show that the American dream of homeownership is alive and well. And it’s clear that homebuyers still very much want a real estate agent – and ideally a tech-savvy agent – to guide them through the homebuying process. Even with more virtual options at our fingertips, a good real estate agent is key for consumers.”

The “Emerging Real Estate Trends 2021 National Study” surveyed more than 2,000 people in the U.S. who plan to buy or sell a home in the next year or have bought a home in the last year.

See the full report here and read the press release here.


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