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Michelle Mojica exp realty

Key highlights:

  • 30 Mojica & Associates Real Estate agents joined eXp in September 2023.
  • Closed $126 million in sales on 288 units in 2023.
  • Travel guru who teaches hacks in maximizing timeshares. 

Phoenix’s Michelle Mojica is an expert in figuring out how to find opportunities to serve with an impact in any industry or market, which is why she chose to move her 30-agent powerhouse Mojica & Associates Real Estate team to eXp Realty in September 2023.

Michelle Bringing Her Travel Industry Expertise to Real Estate

Michelle’s transformation into a real estate dynamo was not linear or traditional. It all started in the timeshare and travel industry, where at the age of 17, she quickly climbed the ladder and became a marketing director for a resort group at age 31. She was a leading authority on how to lead her team in their marketing roles and advance their careers.

Next up for Michelle was real estate. Licensed since 2004, she took a leap in 2012 as the Designated Broker/ Owner of Mojica & Associates Real Estate, creating a team where lifestyle, travel, culture and family were the focus. As a result, she has developed incredible agent retention, in which many of her 30 agents have been with her for more than 10 years – unheard of in the real estate business. In 2023, her team closed on $126 million in sales on 288 units. 

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I was the designated broker, my husband is also an agent and handles everything on the back end. We had one trainer and two other branch managers. I was responsible and liable for everything.  I knew in order to grow and remove the liability, I needed to do something different. I love to travel and love that eXp is cloud-based. That means eXp is in perfect alignment with my lifestyle and will allow me to grow my team with that vision,’’ she said. 

Her Secret Power: Knowing How to Get the Most Out of Timeshares

Michelle said she rewards her agents and their clients, as well as her own clients with trips via timeshares at ridiculously low prices as a result of her know-how in hacking them

“Many people who buy timeshares find themselves trying to get out of owning a timeshare because they don’t know how to use it or take advantage of what they have. They spend thousands hiring lawyers to get out of them. I teach how to take advantage of what they have,” said Michelle, who is teaching her Fast Forward Movement team a masterclass on timeshares.

To this globe-trotting native of the Philippines and mother of four, making the move to eXp in September 2023 was the perfect answer to help her spread her knowledge and share her love of travel. 

A “Fast Forward” Event Made Michelle Feel ‘Right at Home’

Like many successful independent brokers, Michelle saw how eXp Realty helped streamline operations. eXp might be a virtual brokerage, but with amazing technology and groups, eXp offers a global network for everyone to share and learn from.

I disconnected from a lot of real estate conferences for 10 years. There was a lot of ego and greed that I wasn’t in alignment with. Then I met Lauren Rosin and Jennifer Wehner, brokers running two of Phoenix’s best teams,’’ Michelle said.

Surrounded by leaders who were putting up some big numbers, Michelle felt welcome and eager to learn and collaborate. 

“Being part of eXp and the Fast Forward movement has been a game changer for my team and my life. They replaced the responsibility and liability with exponential growth and endless opportunities,’’ Michelle said. 

Learn More About Michelle Mojica:

How long were you considering the move to eXp? 

“I was approached by Chuck and Angela Fazio back in 2018, but God knew it wasn’t the right time.  I met Lauren and Jennifer in March 2023 and it didn’t really cross my mind to join until I got to know the model and all the support, system and collaboration that existed through eXp and the Fast Forward movement. I travel all over the world and have visited 60+ countries and I loved the idea of growing my team globally. I considered it in June 2023 and officially moved over at the end of September.” 

What are your impressions of eXp so far?

“It gets better and better! It’s where great agents who have accomplished big things in their real estate business look to make their lives and businesses better. As a former designated broker/ owner,  I can now invest more towards growing my agents’ business as opposed to spending the money on SkySlope, kvCORE, and other back-end systems.  At eXp, six brokers replaced my role as the DB; the support staff is incredible, and the technology is out of this world! eXp has saved me so much money and time, it’s been the best decision to join.” 

Do you specialize in certain types of real estate

Residential, luxury, condos, land and some commercial. Highest sale to date: My partner, Heather Martin, and I sold the most expensive lot in Arizona: $7 million in Paradise Valley in May 2023.

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (Sept. 2023-current)
  • Mojica & Associates Real Estate (May 2023-Sept. 2023)
  • Arizona Asset Realty (Aug. 2010-May 2012) 
  • Equity Realty Group (Nov. 2009-May 2012)
  • Home Smart (May 2024-Nov. 2009)


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