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Angela and Chuck Fazio are co-founders of Revelation Real Estate.

As the founders of one of America’s biggest independent brokerages, Angela and Chuck Fazio already knew that providing their agents with the right tools in a supportive environment was the key to success. 

It’s what helped Revelation Real Estate in Arizona build its team to nearly 900 agents — an incredible feat considering this is a single office brokerage that boasted $1.7 billion in annual sales in 2018.

But, in an ever-changing real estate environment, the Fazios saw the need to provide more for their agents and carefully considered all options available.

“About 6-8 months ago, we thought we should be doing more for our agents because we love them. We started to realize that eXp is the way we can do that. It’s a forward-thinking real estate brokerage and very innovative. It’s the only model we identified that could help our agents grow and help us expand.”

– Angela Fazio, co-founder of Revelation Real Estate

After careful examination of the landscape before them, the Revelation Real Estate founders took a bold step to join eXp Realty. This is a blockbuster move by a high-powered and respected brokerage that has consistently been ranked No. 1 in production for a single office in the East Valley of Arizona and was among the top, single-office brokerages in the nation in 2019, according to REAL Trends.

“Even though we have a large brokerage, it’s still a Ma and Pa thing,” said Angela. “We did a great job for 15 years, staying ahead of the curve. Chuck is a visionary and we are disruptors and we saw eXp as a way to continue to grow.” 

Revelation Is a Top-Producing Brokerage in Greater Phoenix Area

The Fazios’ story starts in 2001, and it follows an early theme experienced by many successful real estate agents and brokers: Things didn’t go well initially.

“We were complete failures and were literally about to move in with his parents,” said Angela. Eventually, the couple started finding their footing and gained confidence, starting Revelation Real Estate in 2005. 

These days, Revelation Real Estate is consistently recognized as a top-producing brokerage in the greater Phoenix area, which also includes areas to the east such as Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, and Maricopa.

The Fazios are a power couple in this real estate market and have attracted numerous awards and accolades over the years. They have also authored the book, “Mastering Your Real Estate Career: Your Blueprint to Move from Struggle to Success,” which currently has a 5-star rating on Amazon.

In fact, everything about this firm and its founders points to a perfect fit with eXp and its record-setting growth.

Dave Conord, eXp Realty President of Growth, welcomed Revelation to eXp Realty and said the new partnership is proof that eXp’s innovative brokerage model is a head-turning attraction for real estate’s producers. 

“eXp Realty is committed to empowering agents with tools, technology and training to thrive and grow their own businesses,” said Conord.

“We are excited to welcome Angela and Chuck and all of the great agents from Revelation, and our entire company will benefit from their expertise and passion for serving their clients,” said Conord.

“Our agents were excited about the model and Chuck was excited about expanding outside of Arizona,” said Angela. “We quickly realized the power of the eXp model and decided to go all in.

“Our heart is for our agents and this is our opportunity to align ourselves with our agents. When they win, we win. Add to that the benefits of stock, revenue sharing, healthcare, and careers and it was obvious where we should be.”


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