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In the competitive world of sales, Monica Weakley has a secret weapon that powers her game: Generosity. 

The Cincinnati-based eXp Realty ICON agent gives of herself in ways big, small and extraordinary. So it’s only fitting that her new appointment to the eXp World Holdings Board of Directors is met not only with excitement and a deep sense of honor, but with a sense of duty. (Read the press release here.)

Monica Weakley
Monica Weakley joined the eXp World Holdings Board of Directors in June 2022.

“One of my superpowers is, somehow, finding my way into the right room, near the right people, being a sponge: Asking, learning, watching. Imagine what I will learn from Glenn and Jason! If there is anything I can do to give back to this company, I will do it. Helping represent agents’ viewpoint is most important. I feel like I have a finger on the pulse of the average agent.”

With a successful background in radio that saw her rise to regional sales director for Clear Channel Entertainment, Monica took a lucrative buyout in 2003 and did what she has always wanted to do since high school: Sell real estate!

She started with a local firm in Cincinnati and leaped to Keller Williams before she realized in 2017 that eXp Realty was the perfect real estate brokerage for her. 

Her team at eXp consists of her wife, Sharon McCormick, plus a virtual assistant and transaction manager. They’re licensed in Ohio and Kentucky. Monica is also an accomplished coach with a company with a fitting name: My Coach Monica.

But all the enthusiasm she has generated for her successful real estate career is equally matched by her desire to give. She and her wife are now raising her teenage nephew, who needed a loving and stable home. Of course, that home has morphed into a multi-generational enterprise: Monica’s mom has also moved in!

Monica Donated a Kidney to a College Friend

To understand the lengths and depths that Monica goes to answer the call, look back to 2006, when an email from a dear college friend arrived with upsetting news. Her friend Katie’s kidneys were failing. 

“I said to Sharon, ‘I think I’m supposed to help her. ‘ Sharon was a nurse, and she laughed and said the chances of me helping her are slim. But, I knew it inside. I told Katie, ‘I want to be a match for you.’ ‘’

Monica and her wife, Sharon McCormick, who is also an eXp Realty agent.

After tests were run, the results came back.

“The nurse called me from Utah. ‘You are a match for Katie. You are such a match that we can’t believe you are not a relative of hers.’ I went to Utah hospital and underwent surgery on Sept. 11, 2007. I was there for seven days. It was a success,’’ Monica said.

“A few years back, Katie sent me a picture of her daughter holding a glass of wine. She said, ‘I’m sitting across from my daughter who just turned 21 and I want to thank you so much. I thought Emmie would not have a mom had you not done that for me.’ ‘’

It’s a modern family: Sharon (left) and Monica are raising Monica’s teenage nephew, Bronson.

“People say I am so generous, but it was actually the biggest gift to me. It changed everything for me. It made me realize I served a purpose,’’ Monica said. 

She practices what she preaches, too. 

“When I coach, I tell agents to think about how they are approaching things. Do not say, ‘I need to take a listing,’ or ‘I need to get more business.’ That’s all inward and a mindset that doesn’t work. The secret is to lead with service. How you serve others and not think of yourself.’’

See? Generosity has fueled Monica Weakley all the way to the top – and onto the eXp World Holdings’ Board of Directors.

Learn More About Monica Weakley:

Gross sales and transactions in 2021: 26 deals for $6.5 million in sales (part-time)

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (August 2017-current)
  • Keller Williams (July 2010-July 2017)
  • Sibcy Cline (2009-2010) 
  • Huff Realty (Dec 2003 – 2009)

Main territory: Cincinnati, Ohio + Northern Kentucky

Main focus: Single-family homes

Accolades, accomplishments & awards:

  • Named to eXp World Holdings Board of Directors – June 2022
  • ICON agent – 2020 
  • Member of eXp Realty Agent Advisory Council
  • Team Leader at Keller Williams 
  • Circle Of Excellence – Cincinnati Area Board
  • Rookie of the Year – 2003

When and why did you join eXp?

“I joined in August 2017. I was sitting next to Jacqui Bowman at a coaching retreat. I asked her, ‘What is eXp?’ She told me a little about it and asked if I would take a look at it. I said ‘no!’ HA! I was happy at Keller Williams. Then she asked if I would do her a favor and let her practice her presentation on me. The rest is history! I knew THE MINUTE I hung up that I was going to leave KW and join eXp!”

What makes eXp special to you? 

“eXp has changed my financial future. I love watching Glenn Sanford run two steps ahead of this ever-changing industry. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well here!  We are free to think differently.’’

Is there a significant experience you can share since you joined eXp?

“In 2018, I was asked if I could pick up (eXp Realty CEO) Jason Gesing at the Cincinnati airport. He was coming to recruit and I was very nervous to do it, but he was the kindest, most down-to-earth person you’d ever meet! We started a friendship that day. It gave me the kind of introduction to this company I wish everyone could have!”

What is one thing about eXp that surprised you?

“I am blown away by the sense of camaraderie, transparency, sharing and the culture of support. I have never felt so connected in any brokerage, between agents you want to be in business with and access to top talent.’’ 

Have you had any experience or success around eXp’s global revenue share and commercial businesses yet?

“I have a few agents in my organization who are international like in Portugal and Panama. My friend and podcast co-host, Jennifer Mutland, has been very intentional about international attraction.”

What kind of collaboration have you experienced at eXp?

“The collaboration here at eXp is exceptional! One of the smartest things Glenn did was to create a give-back component to the ICON program.  When you have top talent sharing their strategies and secrets through eXp University, you have a training program that’s second to none!”

Best tip to share with other agents:

When it comes to getting the most out of eXp: Plug in, go to the live events. The more you plug in, the more success you will have.”

10 Fun Things About Monica Weakley:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A 3-hour walk with my wife on TigerTail Beach on Marco Island out to the very end. Taking time to look for seashells, taking time to watch the pelicans fish, taking time to hold still and soak in all of the sun, peace and tranquility!

Who is the person you most admire?

“I’d like to answer this with a twist: The person I admire is the person whose life is difficult and yet they fight every day for their dream. The person who has every reason to fail but never allows that reason to win.  The person whose childhood was unimaginable and yet here they are, marching forward, finding a way.’’

One thing you can’t live without?


One trait that has led to your success?


What celebrity would play you in a movie or TV show?

Tina Fey

Pet peeve?

Driving slow in the fast lane will get me fired up, so do people who litter.

Song you never tire of?

I have so many favorites, but I will go with “Ditty” by Paperboy. Tough to be in a bad mood if that song comes on!

Favorite meal?


Your epitaph will say:

Her last words: Hold my beer.


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