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Being heard and having a voice in a company is a valuable asset. And with eXp Realty’s commitment to being the most agent-centric real estate company in the world, it has an Agent Advisory Council (AAC), which was installed in 2019 to provide eXp’s agents a direct liaison with eXp’s leadership team. 

Through the AAC, eXp’s agents have an avenue to have their voices heard by providing feedback to the council, who then shares it with the executive team. This back-and-forth communication between the council and leadership helps ensure that eXp’s agent-led model continues to thrive.

Currently, eXp agent Jacqui Bowman of Kent, Ohio, is the chairperson for the council and in 2022, Nakia Evans of Baltimore will assume that role.

“We are a council for all agents,” said Jeffrey Buettner, a member of the AAC. “Whether you are brand new or experienced, we are looking for leaders at all levels because everyone’s voice matters.”

How the AAC Works

The AAC serves as the eyes and ears of eXp’s massive agent population, now numbering 89,000+ agents. It is a body of influence within eXp and agents on the council are visible and active throughout the company, representing eXp’s core values. Members in the AAC provide knowledge, expertise and support to eXp’s leadership. 

The council is comprised of 12 eXp agents — all of whom serve two-year terms. They are onboarded to the council in staggered entry points so the flow of new voices gets mixed with an established council.

Agents who are chosen are considered for a variety of factors including diversity (gender/ethnicity), experience level, production level and geographic location. eXp’s leadership then reviews applicants to make sure the council is a balanced representation of eXp’s agent community.

AAC Meets Weekly With eXp’s Leadership

The council meets with eXp leadership every two weeks where an agenda is provided and reviewed and the meeting is recorded. The AAC then communicates the outcomes during state team meetings, via eXp’s Workplace Water Cooler chat forum and their own personal networks.

“Our Agent Advisory Council is another example of eXp’s agent-centric approach to innovation in real estate,” said Jason Gesing, Vice President of Growth Strategy at eXp. “Our strong group of leaders in the AAC drive business decisions and ensure that the agent perspective is always represented. Over the years, the AAC has guided eXp’s model to drive agent success, and I’m excited to welcome the next generation of agent leaders to the AAC.”


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