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5K Fund Run, XCamp Start the Day’s Activities as EXPCON 2021 Kicks Off in Las Vegas

EXPCON’s Awards Dinner Gala surprised and delighted at every turn while recognizing this year’s achievements of eXp agents as EXPCON 2021 kicked off on Tuesday at The Mirage in Las Vegas. Two-time Emmy Award winner Mario Lopez emceed the evening’s program, sharing personal anecdotes and bantering with familiar eXp Realty faces. This was not your average awards show. 

Two-time Emmy Award winner Mario Lopez was the host of EXPCON’s Awards Dinner Gala, held at The Mirage in Las Vegas.


Highlights of EXPCON 2021 include:


The theme of the night took us “In the Clouds,” playing on eXp’s dedication to going beyond expectations and celebrating our sky-rocketing growth. Outfitted in their black-tie best, attendees were engaged from beginning to end not only by the awards, but by the dazzling decor, live music, and entertainment acts woven in throughout the night.

Entertainer Shin Lim dazzled the EXPCON crowd, including eXp World Holdings Founder Glenn Sanford (left) and the evening’s host, Mario Lopez.

The evening opened with Kirtus Dixon, eXp Realty Senior VP of Agent Development, recognizing Gemstone and ICON award winners. After a musical number and dinner was served, Dixon returned to introduce surprise guest Shin Lim, the only person to win “America’s Got Talent” twice, and resident magician at The Mirage.

Lim entranced the crowd with close-up magic tricks. He invited two volunteers, eXp Realty CEO and Founder, Glenn Sanford, and the evening’s host, Mario Lopez to join him on stage and pick a card. The crowd went wild as Lim conjured smoke from the deck while making Glenn and Mario’s distinct cards disappear and reappear instantaneously.

Mario Lopez entered the stage and welcomed everyone to the evening, introducing the next speakers to take the stage.

Valdes, Onnen, Nuth, Mabery Lead the Awards Ceremony

Next, President Production awards were presented by Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global, and Stacey Onnen, President of Brokerage Operations, followed by Best of eXp Video awards. Clips from videos were played and showcased the creativity of eXp agents. Jim Nuth, Senior Vice President of Operations, and Holly Mabery, Vice President of Brokerage Operations, then presented brokerage awards.

Commitment With Nonprofit New Story to Build 100 New Homes

Mario welcomed Valdes back to the stage to talk about one of eXp’s charitable partnerships, New Story. The innovative, national non-profit works to build homes in communities experiencing homelessness and unsafe living conditions. Michael shared an inspiring story about how New Story’s work has impacted and changed families’ lives. The crowd applauded eXp’s goal to build 100 homes in Mexico as well as Glenn’s personal commitment to match every donation up to $300,000. Michael encouraged people to take out their phones and donate on the spot.

Kelley and Conciatori Present Additional Awards

Meghan Kelley presents for the Country Team of the Year award to Shashank Vashishtha of India

Meghan Kelley, Vice President of Global Operations, then joined Michael on-stage to present the Global Awards. Once they concluded, Dawn Conciatori, Director of Special Projects, recognized the REO and Relocation award winners. 

Dawn Conciatori, Director of Special Projects, presented the REO and Relo awards.

Once the final award of the night was received, Mario took to the stage one last time to share his passion for real estate and how he learned the value of working hard and the importance of family from a young age. 

The fabulous evening of celebration and congratulations flowed into the after-party, filled with plenty of music, photo ops and socialization. With that, another eXp awards gala was in the books. 

Click here to see video highlights of Day 1 awards dinner gala or click video below:

The Full List of eXp Award Winners

Chairman’s Excellence Award is given for production levels and many teams brought their best to earn this honor. The criteria is CGI (gross commission income) and the number of units sold. The categories are:

  • Aquamarine Level – $80,000 – $119,999 GCI or 15 – 26 units
  • Amethyst Level – $120,000 – $179,999 GCI or 27 – 39 units
  • Sapphire Level – $180,000 – $239,999 GCI or 40 – 49 units
  • Emerald Level – $240,000 – $299,999 GCI or 50 – 59 units
  • Ruby Level – $300,000 – $399,999 GCI or 60 – 74 units
  • Diamond Level – $400,000 – $499,999 GCI or 75 – 99 units
  • Double Diamond Level – $500,000 + GCI or 100 + units

The President’s Production Award is given for CGI and the number of units sold. The winners are:

Bronze individual agent:

  • GCI – Matthew Battiata of San Diego, California
  • Units – Lori Adamson of Tucson, Arizona

Silver individual agent:

  • GCI – Carlos Gutierrez of San Diego
  • Units – Charles Williamson of Wilson, North Carolina

Gold individual agent:

  • GCI – Charles Williamson of Wilson, North Carolina
  • Units – John Scalia of South Florida

Bronze standard teams:

  • GCI – The Perry Group of Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Units – The Nate Evans Group of Mahomet, Illinois

Silver standard teams:

  • GCI – Monica Foster Team of Greater Houston Bay/Galveston, Texas
  • Units – CitySide Properties Group of Houston, Texas

Gold standard teams:

  • GCI – The Jennifer Jones Team of Ontario, Canada
  • Units – Monica Foster Team of Greater Houston Bay/Galveston, Texas

Bronze production teams (2-9 agents):

  • GCI – Your Premier Team of Arizona, California and Canada
  • Units – Dustin Runyon Team of Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Silver production teams (2-9 agents):

  • GCI – Tarazi Fine Home Estates of Santa Clarita, California
  • Units – TruAdvantage Realty of South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland

Gold production teams (2-9 agents):

  • GCI – Eximus Real Estate Team of Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada
  • Units – Eximus Real Estate Team of Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Bronze production teams (10-20 agents):

  • GCI – Resort Experts of Frisco, Colorado
  • Units – Amy Wengerd Group of Canton, Ohio

Silver production teams (10-20 agents):

  • GCI – Monica Foster Team of Greater Houston Bay/Galveston, Texas
  • Units – CitySide Properties Group of Houston, Texas

Gold production teams (10-20 agents):

  • GCI – Absolute Charm of Fredericksburg, Texas
  • Units – Monica Foster Team of Greater Houston Bay/Galveston, Texas

Bronze MEGA team (21+ agents):

  • GCI – The Short Term Shop of Tennessee, Florida, Georgia and Alabama
  • Units – Sibbach Team of Scottsdale, Arizona

Silver MEGA team (21+ agents):

  • GCI – #TEAMFAST of Oakland, California
  • Units – The Franklin Team of Katy, Texas

Gold MEGA team (21+ agents):

  • GCI – Beer Home Team of San Diego, California
  • Units – Figueroa Team of Orlando, Florida

Global Awards:

  • Global Broker of the Year – Adam Day, UK 
  • Country Team of the Year – Shashank Vashishtha, India
  • Global Team of the Year – Team Degohouse, Mexico, Yennifer De Freitas
  • Global Ambassador of the Year (staff) – Pamela Victoria, Mexico
  • Global President’s Award (agent) – Steven Johnstone, South Africa

Broker Awards:

  • Designated Managing Broker of the Year – Victoria Roberts
  • Managing Broker of the Year – Carmen Tedder
  • CANADA Designated Managing Broker of the Year – Donna Dalonzo
  • Canada Managing Broker of the Year – Michelle Scott
  • State Team of the Year – Arizona – Beth Adams, Jenifer Krichbaum, Amy Crawford, Robyn Nuth, Lucas Kane, Marcie Teague
  • Culture Keeper – Keira Dancy

REO/Relo Awards:

These awards were given out by Dawn Conciatori, Director of Special Projects. The winners are:

  • Marketing Assistance Agent of the Year – Chad Beasley of Chelsea, Alabama
  • Destination Services Agent of the Year – Karen Spinks of Greater Tampa, Florida
  • Outstanding Spirit Award – Bambi Magraw of Daniel Island, South Carolina
  • Outstanding Customer Service Award – Lauren Marinelli of Plains, Pennsylvania
  • eXp Relo Rising Star – Amy Rose of Jacksonville, Florida
  • eXp Relo Above and Beyond Award – Andrew Shock of Sarasota, Florida

eXp’s Best of Videos Are Always a Crowd Favorite

eXp’s Best of Video awards are always crowd pleasers for their creativity and entertainment value. This year, there were three categories and the award finalists and winners are:

The “Glad to be a Realtor” category finalists:

  • Colin Cameron
  • Mark Raumaker
  • Shawn Romano
  • Rogelio Lantigua
  • Jesse Lagos
  • Mike Swift

The winner is Florida’s Shawn Romano for his video, “Real Estate Rockstar.”

The “Community” category finalists:

  • Limairy Molina
  • Jesse Lagos
  • Nicholas Sekela
  • Angela Porrelli
  • Gusty Gulas

The winner is Montana’s Jesse Lagos for his video, “Dance Fitness with Jesse Discovers.”

The “Humor” category finalists:

  • Shawn Romano
  • Gene Kendrick
  • Jesse Lagos
  • Lee & Julie Moraitis

The winner is Florida’s Shawn Romano for his video, “Prices Up.”

Top-producing eXp Agents Lexy Sanchez, Renee Funk and Elizabeth Riley Led a Rousing XCamp Experience

Imagine a room with hundreds of agents, no schedule in advance and unlimited potential — that’s XCamp, which kicked off Tuesday morning among an energized group of agents, led by Tempe, Arizona’s Lexy Sanchez, Orlando’s Renee Funk and Austin’s Elizabeth Riley. XCamp is agent-led and has been described as an “unconference conference” in which breakout workshops are tailored to attendees’ interests. 

XCamp is a popular event at EXPCON and it was led by Lexy Sanchez (left), Renee Funk (center) and Elizabeth Riley (far right).

XCamp builds a schedule right on the spot determined by who wants to lead and who wants to learn.  Some agents volunteer to lead sessions and others write down what they want to learn about. With a series of whiteboards and sticky notes, the breakout topics are determined and schedules quickly take shape. 

The morning’s schedule unfolded into an impressive 36 different sessions covering a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Growth
  • Brand building
  • Investment real estate
  • Commercial real estate
  • Airbnb
  • Lead generation
  • Crypto
  • Team building
  • Luxury real estate
  • Flipping

Classes were taught by eXp agents including Julie Nelson, Elizabeth Riley, Gene Frederick, James Moreno, Brent Gove, Piper Moretti, Terrence Murphy, Tiffany Grizinos, Beth Cadill, and Jonna Weber.

Glenn Sanford Led the 5K Fund Run Down the Vegas Strip

The bright lights of the Las Vegas strip welcomed about 300 eXp agents and participants before dawn as they gathered for the 5K Fund Run & Walk early Tuesday during Day 1 of EXPCON. The morning air was fresh and electrified by an upbeat warm-up playlist. Runners and walkers alike joined eXp Realty Founder and CEO Glenn Sanford in the event benefiting eXp’s eXtend a Hand fund, which raises money for eXp Realty agents, brokers, and their families in times of need. Sanford led the pack all in support of a great cause in an iconic location. 

Monday Night Started With a Kickoff Party

For those who arrived in Las Vegas early for EXPCON, there was a kickoff party on Monday night at The Mirage where those who attended enjoyed entertainment, music and drinks. The event was sponsored by BoxBrownie, an online digital hub that specializes in real estate photo enhancements, floor plan drawings and virtual staging.


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