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Grant Cardone

When Grant Cardone is in the house, you can expect the unexpected as he delivered a raucous and raw fireside chat with eXp World Holdings Founder, Chairman and CEO Glenn Sanford on Thursday, during the final day of EXPCON in Las Vegas.

Cardone is a New York Times best-selling author, a star on “Undercover Billionaire,” recognized industry sales training expert, social media influencer and motivational speaker whose sales training program is free to all eXp Realty agents.

Cardone challenged the crowd to stop sweating details and think bigger. “Do you think Elon Musk thinks about details? No. He just knows where he wants to go.”

“I just want to tell you how inspired I am by what you’ve created here,” Grant said to Glenn. “You’re a phenomenal example of entrepreneurship, thinking outside the box and bringing along the marginalized. There are so many brokers here in the room who would never have had a chance at really having an equity position, so hats off to you, man. It’s amazing what you’re doing and I’m proud to be your friend.”


Some of the highlights of EXPCON 2021 include:


After leading an eXp chant and tossing one of his poker chip winnings into the crowd, Grant spoke about goal-setting, surrounding oneself with supportive people and Cardone Capital, which makes institutional real estate investments available for everyday investors. 

Cardone kept the audience captivated with his “real talk.”

Here are some highlights from Grant’s talk: 

On goal-setting: Don’t get bogged down by the details, Grant said. Just stay focused on the target and correct yourself along the way. “Do you think Elon Musk thinks about details? No. He just knows where he wants to go and makes it happen.”

On being influential: “It doesn’t matter how much goodness you have in your heart. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve been through in your life. Until you do something, nobody will care. If you want to change your community, if you want to improve conditions, if you want to lift people up, you have to go do something. That’s when people will listen to you.”

On mindset: “Think way bigger than you’re thinking right now. Quit thinking about your little neighborhood. Quit thinking about just your family. Start thinking about, ‘who could my new family be?’ All of you in the room need to remember your family unit that you have is going to expire. If you don’t add to it, you’re going to end up with no family.” 

On family: ”I’ve had to let a lot of people go around me – friends, people that didn’t want to grow, family members. Just because they’re family doesn’t mean they’re good for you.”

“You guys allow everybody to stay in your life just because they’ve been in your life. It’s a very difficult thing to be ruthless, because that’s what people are going to call you. They’re going to call you ruthless and selfish and I’m just trying to improve the quality of my life, my family’s life, my church’s life, my community and grow my brand, and that means I have to get rid of the venom and the poison and the enemies.”


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