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Registration now open for EXPCON 2022 in Las Vegas, Oct. 11-14 at Mandalay Bay

Technology was the focus of the final day of the 2022 eXp Shareholder Summit on Tuesday, June 21 as eXp World Holdings leaders shared insights on the company’s platforms and programs for personal and professional development. 

Kirtus Dixon emceed the event and shared the stage with eXp Realty agent Claudienne Hibbert-Smith.

Senior Vice President of Agent Development, Kirtus Dixon, once again emceed the second general session and was on stage with eXp Realty agent Claudienne Hibbert-Smith. Taking advantage of a captive audience, they announced that registration is now open for EXPCON 2022, to be held Oct. 11-14 in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. 

Showcase IDX & eXp Realty: The Vision & Mission 

Scott Lockhart, Senior Vice President of Showcase IDX, provided a sneak peek into his team’s efforts in making improvements to, eXp Realty’s home-search platform, as well as the new agent tools to increase agent success with potential and past clients.

Scott Lockhart, Senior Vice President of Showcase IDX.

“We are here to help agents connect with consumers,” said Lockhart. “We are creating engaging connections between the two and making sure there is a meaningful connection when you get a lead.”

Lockhart said his team is concentrating on developing three areas to help support eXp Realty’s 82,000+ agents, including:

  • Portals – Lockhart said Showcase IDX is closing in on 93% listing coverage in the MLS and has set a goal of 100% by the end of Q4. “Millions are looking at sites, but many are not buying or selling. These are looky-loos, but they are super-important. Our goal is to build an immersive experience that people want to use over and over.” He also applauded the pending acquisition of Zoocasa, which was announced during the first general session.
  • Agent Directory – This section of Showcase IDX is being enhanced with new profile editors in which agents can add specializations and languages. This is also the place where agents can receive contacts from affiliate services such as eXp REO Services, eXp Relocation, ExpressOffers and other services.
  • Lead Engine – Lockhart said the vision here is to have a unified platform. “This is where it all comes together. This is all about lead gen and getting agents business and helping them to be more successful and connect the homebuyer and seller at the right time. We want to give you info that sets you up for success.” 

Glenn Sanford and ‘Avatar Glenn’ Introduce Alex Howland

eXp World Holdings Founder Glenn Sanford with his hologram likeness.

In a super cool appearance, eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman Glenn Sanford came on stage and was soon joined by his hologram likeness. Those in the crowd quickly snapped to their feet to take photos of this unique appearance in which Sanford was side-by-side with his avatar and had a conversation with his likeness, who even had a sense of humor. “If (eXp Global President) Michael Valdes would just slow down in launching new countries, I could get some rest.”

Virbela: Building the World’s Most Advanced Virtual Workplace

Alex Howland, Co-Founder and President at Virbela, the 3D platform that powers eXp Realty’s cloud-based brokerage, talked about the enterprise metaverse and how Virbela is giving companies greater choice and control over how they work, connecting people regardless of physical location, while building a greater sense of community and culture. 

Alex Howland, President and Founder of Virbela, eXp’s virtual world platform.

“We’re seeing the biggest transformation in the world of work in a generation,” Howland said. “The global pandemic put all companies in a place where they really needed to shift and work remotely entirely. And companies had to figure it out.” 

Compared to brick-and-mortar offices, Howland said the metaverse offers a ton of savings, allowing companies to scale very quickly. eXp has proven this by expanding to 17 new countries during the pandemic, when travel was limited.

“Look at eXp Realty: the only company in the world at this size operating in the metaverse,” Howland said. “I think the results are pretty good, wouldn’t you say? The biggest companies in the world are saying this is the future. Organizations can run in the metaverse. Meanwhile, Glenn Sanford and all of you have been figuring it out since 2008. I think it’s giving a huge competitive advantage and the world is noticing.”

Frame: The Platform of the Future

Next on stage was Gabe Baker, Vice President and developer of Frame, which is Virbela’s new and exciting browser-based product that pushes the limits of what can be done in virtual spaces right from a browser across desktop, mobile, and VR. Baker explained how Frame is paving the way with a new customizable metaverse platform. 

Frame Vice President Gabe Baker with the Frame avatar behind him.

“We’re always trying to push the limits to see what we can achieve. eXp World is amazing, but it’s an app. Frame was an experiment and is now a product, live in beta today,” said Baker. 

> Create Your Own Frame Here – It’s Free!

“Frame was a goofy-looking avatar. And when it started, it could support four people in one Frame and now we can accommodate 100 via mobile (150 on desktop). You can bring photos into the Frame, documents, spreadsheets, 3D models, a web browser that you can browse with other people, playful things like snow and emojis.”

Baker said Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott introduced Frame at the Microsoft Build event and during a demo, Baker met Scott inside a Frame. “It was like something out of ‘Star Trek,’” said Baker, comparing Frame’s voice recognition to talking on the moon.

“People are using Frame for online events, panels, discussions, education, academia, classes. People are sick of Zoom. Teachers want a sense of shared space. Virtual office and meeting spaces.”

Jairek Robbins, President of SUCCESS Enterprises, Moderates Discussion with eXp Leaders and Influencers

Jairek Robbins, President of SUCCESS Enterprises, a 125-year old legacy company, moderated a panel of eXp leaders and influencers, including Glenn Sanford, 7-time eXp ICON Agent Elizabeth Riley, eXp influencer Brent Gove and SUCCESS Coach Eli Schaugh.

SUCCESS Enterprises President Jairek Robbins led a panel on the effectiveness of SUCCESS Coaching.

Gove said Robbins has helped him see himself differently. “One of things you helped me realize is I’m working on weight loss. I kept saying ‘I’m a big guy.’ Now I say, ‘I’m a lean, mean, loving machine. You helped me see myself differently.”’ 

Riley said SUCCESS Certification has given her tools to build, grow and stretch. “The process was emotional and it stretched me in ways I wasn’t expecting. One big thing was talking about identity and belief and values. I realized I was just existing by being a mom, wife and real estate agent. (The certification class) was hard to go through it, but it allowed me to add value to myself again. SUCCESS Coaching is life-changing!”

Schaugh said the coaching industry is not regulated, which is why eXp focused on how it can improve this sought-after category. “There’s no training, no experience, no background and no skills. We wanted to raise the bar and provide professional coaching to take things to the next level. Coaching is so important. We are growing all the time, whether you know it or not. Life can happen to you or for you. Create intention about how you want to grow, so you can go in the right direction. Have conversations with someone so you can have clarity and purpose.”

From left to right: Jairek Robbins, eXp influencer Brent Gove, 7-time eXp ICON Agent Elizabeth Riley, SUCCESS Coach Eli Schaugh and Glenn Sanford.

Sanford said he and leaders wanted to develop a coaching program as revolutionary as  eXp Realty is for the real estate industry. 

“That was the challenge. We looked at off-the-shelf coaching and companies. Same models. Figurehead and someone to deliver. We asked, ‘How can we change the game?’”

With that in mind, Sanford unveiled that SUCCESS Coaching will offer a 20% payout to revenue share, and coaches who bring in other coaches will benefit. “You can earn residuals on other coaches and earn equity opportunities. No one has done this in the industry and there’s no better brand name to do this under than SUCCESS,” said Sanford.

Lastly, Robbins said SUCCESS is giving away free DISC personality assessments. Go to

Getting to Know Glenn Sanford Better, With Simone Rousseau

In a light, end of the general session interview, eXp Canada agent Simone Rousseau conducted a “Get to Know Glenn Better” interview, which was fun and revealing!

Glenn Sanford being interviewed by eXp Canada agent Simone Rousseau, a Beta influencer and 2-time ICON agent.

What kind of person is Glenn?

Glenn revealed after taking the DISC personality assessment test, that he scores as a “high D” personality, which are people who ”are extroverted and outgoing and task-oriented. They tend to be direct, decisive, driven and demanding. They typically have high confidence, are self-motivated, and are comfortable taking risks.” He said he is still very focused and results-driven and is low on compliance. “I don’t like rules,” he said.

What is your Daily Mode of Operation?

“Right now, because of the pandemic, we have co-joining condos. I needed a place for interviews with the media. But, I have been working in a home office for 13 years. And I have worked in an RV and on a boat, using Starlink internet. Now, I can literally work from anywhere. I love being connected. If I’m not, I get really antsy. (Living in the Northwest) is a pretty remote spot.”

Where did you get this innovative personality?

“I had an Apple II computer at 15. Technology solved repetitive activity. I had a natural need for  questioning. I’ve been a student of personal development for many years. I like these forcing functions that create a new design and create a natural outcome. Lead generation is something that comes in and is repetitive. What can you try to see the results and try it enough to get above-average results? It could be as simple as a pay-per-click ad. I probably tried 150-200 different ad copies until I found an ad that pulled 3x effectively. What were the buzzwords that drove my payments down and lead costs down? Find something that gives you above-average results. If it’s scalable, you can leverage and grow your business.” 

What are you into health and fitness-wise?

“I’m taking a supplement — Matter. And I do intermittent fasting, cutting out beef and dairy in my diet. I am into running. And I follow the David Sinclair program. I have lost 35 pounds during the pandemic.”

How will the potential acquisition of Zoocasa help agents?

“It will allow us to have a lead gen platform to enhance and lean in and have a high accountability agent base work those leads. Agents who may not know how to generate leads and give them a way to step up and be part of this program. eXp has many ways to generate leads. kvCORE, Making It Rain. This is another way that is more like a team inside of eXp. You’ll get coaching, training and support.”

Who inspires you?

This last question was the perfect setup for Sanford to introduce Nick Santonastasso, a motivational speaker, athlete and bestselling author who has trained more than 1 million entrepreneurs to elevate their income and impact. Sanford said he just met Santonastasso about three weeks ago through Tim Cornwell, an eXp Realty agent in Washington state. 

Nick Santonastasso was born with Hanhart Syndrome, a rare congenital disorder that causes malformed extremities and fingers.

Santonastasso didn’t shy away from speaking directly about his condition, Hanhart Syndrome. Although he was born with no legs and one arm, he adopted a high-energy, positive, determined mindset that has allowed him to become extremely successful. 

“What I’ve also realized is that low-energy people do not attract high-level opportunities, high income or high commission checks,” Santonastasso said, followed by leading the crowd in a “We are eXp” chant.

Sanford revealed that Santonastasso will be a keynote speaker at EXPCON 2022 and perhaps have a continuous role with eXp as a columnist at SUCCESS Magazine.

Nick Santonastasso said he likes to surround himself with people he aspires to be.

“I’m 26 years old and the only reason why I’m sitting on a stage like this is because I surround myself with people who are wealthier and smarter than me,” Santonastasso said. “…Success rewards speed, and so I’m always looking for people who have the life and the results I want and learn from them so they can condense time.” 


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