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For buyers, getting an edge in real estate is the name of the game. And for sellers who want privacy, keeping news of their home sale confidential is deeply important. Introducing eXp Exclusives, a platform that gives eXp Realty agents visibility to all pre-market and off-market listings across the U.S. and Canada, so their sellers have the discretion they desire and their buyers get an early edge. (Read press release here.)

eXp Exclusives is free to eXp Realty agents and their clients and it will be accessible through a mobile app, powered by Zenlist. In addition to pre-market and off-market listings, eXp listings on the MLS in the U.S. and Canada will also be available on the platform. 

“At eXp, we firmly believe the highest and best form of marketing a property is placing it in the MLS and exposing it to as many people as possible,” Leo Pareja, eXp Realty Chief Strategy Officer, said during the company’s EXPCON 2023 general session. “But we also understand there are situations where sellers may not want to enter the property into an MLS due to restrictions in showing it and many other unique scenarios. For example, a new construction property that cannot be entered for safety reasons, a tenant-occupied rental property, or properties whose sellers are just not comfortable entering into the MLS but would sell if they received an offer that satisfied their needs and worked with their requirements.”

eXp Exclusives Valuable to High-profile Clients

eXp Exclusives will provide a solution for sellers who are seeking discretion in their property sales, especially in the luxury real estate sector, where privacy is paramount. This exclusive service ensures that transactions remain confidential and secure, catering to high-profile clients who prefer not to publicly list their homes for sale. eXp Exclusives connects these discerning homeowners with seasoned eXp Realty agents well-versed in off-market transactions, guaranteeing a seamless and discreet selling experience. Additionally, the platform facilitates property tours and showings, further enhancing the overall client experience.

“Our agents asked for a way to deliver their clients an enhanced level of service for exclusive, off-market listings, and we delivered,” said Pareja. “Agents are not only able to effortlessly create property collections and actively communicate with clients within the app, but they can also seamlessly refer properties to other eXp Realty agents. We are living through one of the most limited inventory periods in our lifetimes, so eXp is committed to providing as many ways as possible to create inventory and ways of selling homes for our agents and their clients. Our vision is to create the most expansive, worldwide listing network for eXp agents and their clients.”

This agent-centric platform will allow eXp Realty agents to refer listings with other eXp agents, share listings with clients, create property collections, and collaborate seamlessly within the app.


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