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eXp Realty’s borderless brokerage model is what enticed Viet Le and his Pinnacle Team to join eXp in May 2021. And it was an especially difficult decision to leave a 100% commission brokerage.

“I knew opportunities with eXp would be great for my agents to grow and expand into multiple states,” said Viet. “Plus, eXp is still at the ground level. There is so much room for growth.”

Viet Le (left) and his cousin, Tam Le, head Pinnacle Real Estate based out of Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

All but one of Viet’s 39 agents made the move to eXp in May and now his team has expanded to nearly 50 agents across Minneapolis, Wisconsin and Florida. 

Florida offers Viet’s team the ability to get both sides of the transaction: selling up north and buying down south. “It’s a huge baby boomers opportunity because they don’t like to get cold anymore,” Viet said with a laugh.

Viet Was Part of the ‘Vietnamese Boat People’ Escape 

Viet and his cousin, Tam Le, started Pinnacle in 2017. The two have a deep bond thanks to Tam’s parents sponsoring Viet’s family, who fled Vietnam after the war. Viet was just 6 years old when his mother took him and his older brother aboard a small fishing boat packed with dozens of others. They hid in the hull for four days, risking capture, drowning and yes, pirates.

“My mother took a big chance, but she wanted a new opportunity. My dad was already in Minneapolis, working and paying for our escape. We got rescued by the Malaysian Refugee Agency and lived in Malaysia for a year before coming to Minneapolis.”

Learn more about Viet Le:

Years in real estate: Since 2014. Prior to real estate, Viet was an investor, flipping houses.

Gross sales and transactions in 2020: $107,381,584 in gross sales on 373 transactions.

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (May 2021-present) 
  • Realty Group (September 2014-May 2021)

Main territory: Twin Cities, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida

Main focus: Single-family homes, investment properties, first-time buyers, move-up buyers, and empty nesters.  

Number of people on team: 44 agents and 7 support staff.  Licensed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida.

When and why did you join eXp?

“I joined in May 2021. We met with Angela Hauer (my sponsor) a couple of times. Before Angela, I was talking to other eXp agents, but never really connected with them. Angela showed us opportunities. We took big consideration in the fact that eXp adds so much value.”

What makes eXp special to you? 

“I think the big thing is all about opportunities. It’s endless. Education and classes, to revenue share to stock options. And a company that offers medical insurance? It’s incredible. My agents take advantage and are able to save a lot. Yes – it’s a virtual company, but it’s what you do with the cloud and it’s effective. We play hard together and work hard together. We have a ton of happy hours and masterminds. It’s great to see everyone grow together.”

Best tip to share with other agents:

“Keep your head down and work hard and don’t forget where you came from. Be humble. I’ve seen agents lose that over and over.” 


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