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Read about Four eXp Agents Who Are Saving Thousands Each Year With eXp Agent Healthcare

eXp Realty continues its commitment to providing its agents with an attractive business model and unique benefits – such as innovative healthcare. And this year, eXp is expanding the benefits within eXp Agent Healthcare.

eXp agents can have exclusive access to industry-leading plans for themselves and their families, which provide a unique balance between affordability and high-quality coverage. Many plans include low copays, low out-of-pocket costs and zero-dollar deductibles. That means agents will be able to get the healthcare they need at prices substantially below traditional open-market health plans.

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Plus, the eXp Agent Healthcare has a nationwide open network, which means agents can see the physician or specialist of their choice. An additional benefit is the concierge service, which will offer agents assistance in finding the best doctors in the country and scheduling appointments or surgeries – all from the comfort of their homes.

Choosing the right plan is simple with the guidance of the eXp Agent Healthcare team and takes less than five minutes to enroll. For coverage in 2022, open enrollment ends on Jan. 31, 2022. Schedule an appointment today.

“Our priority is our agents’ success and well-being,” said Mike Vein, Executive Vice President of People at eXp. “We know that being without health care can detract from agents’ peace of mind because wondering how you’re going to care for yourself or your family is a profoundly stressful experience. We’re committed to supporting our agents in their business and their lives, and we’re proud to offer our agents access to affordable health care.”


Read About 4 eXp Agents Who Are Saving Thousands Each Year

As many real estate agents know, healthcare insurance is something they either forego — because of the expense — or buy on the open market. When eXp Realty started partnering with Clearwater Benefits to offer eXp Agent Healthcare for its agents, many agents opted to try it out and many have experienced great success!  Here are four stories of eXp agents who have benefited from eXp’s Agent Healthcare program.

Florida’s Beth Silverman Saving $8K a Year in Premiums 

Florida real estate agent Beth Silverman faced two battles at age 26: Fighting a diagnosis of breast cancer and fighting for healthcare coverage and fair costs. As an independent contractor, Silverman was forced to purchase insurance on the open market where both were challenging.

“Being a real estate agent meant endless battles for insurance that normal people who have not been touched by cancer can never understand,” said Silverman.

While Silverman’s cancer is in remission, she recalls the many challenges of the market, including re-enrolling each year, rising premiums and limited health insurance networks.

By using eXp’s Agent Healthcare Clearwater solution, she is saving about $8,000 per year in monthly premiums.

Listen to Beth’s story or click the link below:

“I have a cost-sharing plan through eXp and it’s different than what people are used to. It’s community-based and trust me … I’m saving thousands in the yearly premium and prescription costs are a bit cheaper.”

And in keeping with eXp’s agent success obsession and innovative approach to everything from technology to benefits, Silverman says, “It’s kind of a cool feeling. It matches the eXp vibe of betterment for everyone together.”

Joe Sinnona Saving More Than Half the Cost Using eXp Agent Healthcare

Joe Sinnona

eXp agent Joe Sinnona of Long Beach, New York, says the money he is saving using the eXp Agent Healthcare Clearwater solution compared to his old plan is substantial. In 2018 on his old plan, Sinnona was paying about $1,500 a month for a family of four. When the open enrollment period came around again, he was notified his premium would go up to $1,850 for the same coverage.

“My wife and I looked at each other and said no way are we going to be able to pay for this,” Sinnona said. “We decided we were just going to drop health coverage for ourselves and just have it for the kids.”

Sinnona started to explore eXp Agent Healthcare options and learned it was possible for everyone in his family to have coverage for half the cost. He said his monthly cost is now $791 for a family of four and with the savings, he was able to add a dental plan for his family for an extra $100 a month.

“I want to be a living testimony to every agent out there who is looking for good health insurance,” Sinnona said. “Same doctors, same quality of care. I raised the deductible and I was able to get this affordable healthcare plan through eXp Realty.”

Indiana’s Drew Schroeder Is Saving $12K a Year With eXp Agent Healthcare

Indianapolis agent Drew Schroeder, a three-time ICON Agent, likes to be financially sound. He has a financial advisor, accountant and other consultants who educate and guide him on big life decisions, the way he likes to educate his clients about real estate. 

Drew Schroeder

So when Schroeder realized his health insurance premium was going up to $1,588 a month, he decided it was time to start looking at his options. Upon hearing about eXp Agent Healthcare, he gathered his advisors and spent a couple of hours on a Zoom call with Clearwater representatives. 

“They know my situation better than I do,” said Schroeder. “They grilled her. Tried to poke holes in the Clearwater plan. Then they said ‘Wow – this is a special program your company is offering you. You need to do it.’”

Schroeder jumped aboard and is now paying just $541 a month — a third of what he was paying, which is a savings of $12,612 a year. And, the entire family was able to keep their same doctors from the previous plan.

“eXp is trying to solve a lot of the gaps around being an agent,” said Schroder “I’m focused on being the best dad and husband. I wasn’t focused on insurance, but this is incredible.”

Gogo Bethke Saving Big Money By Avoiding Open Marketplace

When Gogo Bethke’s husband Duane left his corporate job, they also lost access to his company’s health care. They were paying about $900 a month for coverage, which included coverage for their son, who has Type 1 diabetes. While the monthly healthcare costs were somewhat high, Gogo said it wasn’t missed since it just got swept up in deductions that go along with a salaried job.

Clearwater helped Gogo Bethke come up with a customized plan for her family that saved money as compared to the open marketplace.

But once he left his job, the Bethkes needed to research health insurance coverage on their own. Gogo said she was shocked at the high costs on the open market.

“We never had to deal with insurance,” she said. “It was a headache for two months, trying to figure it all out.”

Bethke said Clearwater worked up a plan and came up with a customized solution: Put her son on his own plan through the open market and the rest of Bethke’s family on a plan Clearwater proposed.

Bethke said she is now paying about $400 for her son’s plan and $865 a month for a family plan of four. 

“It’s still much cheaper than the open market where we would be paying three times the cost,” said Bethke, who commented that prescriptions, diagnostic services and doctor visits are just a few dollars on the Clearwater plan.

Bethke does caution that certain conditions might not be covered by Clearwater and said “there is a lot of detail you need to look into and weigh. But, for a healthy family, the cost is pretty good.” 

Clearwater’s Margo Wickersham, Senior Vice President of Business Development, concurs by saying, “No plan is a perfect fit for everyone. That’s why we built our business on the foundation of providing healthcare consulting services to agents. Our team is trained to listen to each agent and understand their unique needs. Our consultants use that information to determine which plan options best fit to recommend for that agent’s needs and budget.”

More About Clearwater

Clearwater continuously searches for new ways to deliver great healthcare at lower costs. 

Wickersham said, “Some households with ongoing treatment for certain pre-existing conditions need the benefits that insurance plans on the exchange offer, but those plans are expensive. If we can meet the agent’s needs with our Clearwater solution, we like to recommend it for the cost savings and national PPO network.” 

In the spirit of transparency, Wickersham shared that Clearwater pays its consultants the same commission for plans sold on the exchange and for the Clearwater solutions.

“We have figured out how to deliver group-level healthcare plans to individuals and paired that with industry-leading consultation services,” said Wickersham. “We are excited and proud to partner with a company as innovative and fast-growing as eXp to provide the eXp Agent Healthcare Plans to its agents.”

Currently, eXp Agent Healthcare is only available to agents residing in the U.S. 


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