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As an innovative software developer, three-time Inman Innovator Award finalist, serial startup founder and Vice President of Technology Innovation and Real Estate at eXp Realty®, Seth Siegler has been leading the way in real estate tech for nearly 20 years. In 2021, he was officially recognized as a HousingWire Tech Trendsetter.

Siegler is the second eXp executive to win this prestigious award, as John Tobison, Chief Information Officer for eXp World Holdings, was named a Tech Trendsetter in 2020. Established in 2019, the Tech Trendsetters award recognizes the most impactful and innovative technology leaders serving the housing economy. HousingWire chooses 50 Tech Trendsetters a year based on their vital and dynamic contributions to their organizations and to the industry as a whole. 

“This year’s list of Tech Trendsetters have, yet again, proven to be the driving force behind the digital transformation in housing,” HousingWire Editor and Chief Sarah Wheeler said. “This impressive list of honorees are finding solutions to some of the industry’s toughest challenges from improving the borrower’s journey to streamlining every step of the real estate transaction process.” 

Similar to the HousingWire Tech100 award, which honors the most innovative companies in mortgage and real estate tech, the Tech Trendsetters award recognizes the people who drive innovation for their mortgage and real estate clients. 

Siegler Started the eXp Innovation Hub

At eXp Realty, Siegler established the eXp Innovation Hub, a collaborative environment to create services and capabilities that make a difference in the day-to-day life of eXp real estate agents.

To keep real estate agents at the center of technology initiatives, the eXp Innovation Hub gathers agent and customer insights through virtual and in-person meetings, such as the eXp Agent Advisory Council, which was created to ensure that the “voice of the agent” is represented. Then, the eXp Innovation Hub ideates and validates concepts, rapidly prototypes, runs beta tests, assesses commercial viability and makes decisions about when and how to launch projects. 

eXp continues to develop innovative solutions to make agents’ time more scalable, businesses more predictable and transactions less stressful for everyone in the homebuying journey. As announced earlier this year, eXp launched a new joint venture (“JV”) with Kind Lending to establish SUCCESS® Lending, a new residential lending platform. eXp’s iBuyer platform,  “ExpressOffers,” differentiates from other iBuyer programs by making agents a key part of the process. Each of these businesses are enhancing real estate experiences for both consumers and agents.

eXp Founder Glenn Sanford Met Siegler at a Hackathon

Siegler’s colleagues say that he reflects eXp Realty’s core values of innovation and collaboration. 

“Seth and I met at an industry hackathon in 2013 and I was impressed by the app he was building and his overall attitude and passion for connecting homebuyers and real estate agents in real-time,” said Glenn Sanford, Founder, Chairman and CEO of eXp World Holdings. “I followed Seth’s career and watched as he built and sold the company that was born at that hackathon and continued to develop interesting real estate solutions. Fast-forward six years and he is now helping to scale eXp Realty’s innovation and technology department to better serve agents, brokers and customers.”


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