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Swanepoel 2021 Power 200

Honors and accolades for eXp Realty keep pouring in as two of its leaders and visionaries have just been named to the prestigious 2021 Swanepoel Power 200 list.

Glenn Sanford, eXp World Holdings founder and CEO, was ranked No. 5 among a list of 200 other formidable leaders in the real estate industry and eXp Realty CEO Jason Gesing placed No. 43

eXp World Holdings founder and CEO Glenn Sanford (left) was ranked No. 5 and eXp Realty CEO Jason Gesing was ranked No. 43 in the Swanepoel Power 200 list for 2021.

Sanford was ranked No. 15 on last year’s list, signifying a significant jump in the power rankings. In the announcement, Stefan Swanepoel said, “Sanford makes his debut in the top 10 after phenomenal growth on all levels during 2020.” 

The power rankings also noted that in 2020, eXp (Nasdaq: EXPI) continued investing in other businesses by acquiring search technology company Showcase IDX and personal development site SUCCESS Enterprises

“The company’s agents do over $36 billion in annual sales, making eXp Realty the nation’s fourth-largest brokerage company based on 2019 sales volume, according to the Mega 1000,’’ Swanepoel said.

eXp Experienced 60% Agent Growth by End of 2020

eXp ended 2020 with 40,000 agents worldwide — a 60% increase since 2019 when eXp numbered 25,000 agents. Additionally, the company is expanding its global footprint with brokerages in nine countries including its headquarters in the United States, plus Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa and France. eXp plans to open in four more territories and countries by the end of Q1, including Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy and Hong Kong.

Gesing’s Power Ranking Moves Up to No. 43

Like Sanford, the inclusion of Gesing in the Swanepoel Power 200 proves the brain trust behind eXp is among some of the most respected in the industry. Gesing, who was named eXp Realty’s CEO in 2019 after holding many prominent roles in the company since his arrival in 2010, rose to No. 43 this year after being ranked No. 170 overall last year. 

Methodology Behind the Swanepoel Rankings

The Swanepoel Power 200 ranking is based on more than 400 hours of research and a deep analysis of real estate industry numbers and organizational charts. Industry leaders are evaluated based on:

  • The office the industry leader holds. 
  • The decision-making power associated with the office. 
  • The financial resources at their disposal.
  • Their organization’s industry significance and geographical reach. 
  • Public announcements about imminent changes.
  • Their tenure and their personal influence in the industry.

Swanepoel said the SP200 is published each year to help industry participants gain a better understanding of the scope and extent of the many significant companies and leaders that shape their industry. 

“Each year, we hold a mirror up to the residential real estate brokerage industry and ask, ‘Who are the most powerful and influential executives that have the most significant impact and potential impact on the industry?’’’ Swanepoel said, adding: “Tracking how different leaders and roles shift every year is an insightful way to determine ‘who in the real estate industry you should be working with, learning from and who to watch out for.’”


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