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At a certain point, independent real estate brokerages plateau. No matter how hard the broker works or how many agents they have, it’s a numbers game both in time and money. Fresno’s Jason Farris can attest to that.

“Over time I found myself at a point where I couldn’t catch up,” said Farris of his FresYes team. “There’s only so much time, resources. And I struggled with how to provide my agents with everything at their disposal such as technology and CRMs. Every year I fought with, “how can I get my agents more and still remain in business?”

In 2019, Farris’ FresYes team completed $195 million in sales on 625 transactions.

When Farris began coaching on Tom Ferry’s team, he soon met others who introduced him to eXp Realty’s concept. He quickly knew the model would help him and his agents succeed for much less time and cost.

“I said to myself, ‘Let me really invest by walking away from this traditional brokerage model and give my agents what they deserve,’” Farris said of his team in which nearly all of his 55 agents moved over to eXp in March 2020.

Farris is particularly excited about the training and coaching his agents will receive, as well as the revenue share benefits and stock awards.

“So far, the customer service has been exceptional, and I also have to remark about how amazing leaders in the industry are in helping each other grow,” said Farris. “I’ve never seen such support for others in an organization of this size — it’s amazing.”

Farris Started by Selling ‘Ag Land’ Outside of Fresno

Prior to doing real estate, Farris owned Youth Entertainment Services, which supplied entertainment for corporations ranging from magic shows to interactive rock climbing to inflatable sumo suit wrestling. When that market started to change, Farris’ uncle lured him to sell “ag land” outside of Fresno. Farris drank coffee with farmers at McDonald’s, growing his network the good, old-fashioned way. He wrote his first offer on the hood of a pickup truck.

While Farris still does the occasional agriculture deal, he has shifted his attention to residential real estate as developments began to eat away at the farmland. People are willing to endure a 2.5-hour commute into the Bay Area simply to afford a 2-bedroom, 2-bath house for around $300K. In 2019, Farris’ team completed $195 million in sales on 625 transactions.

But being with eXp is another shift that Farris is fully embracing. 

“I didn’t realize how early it still is in the growth of eXp,” said Farris. “That excites me, to be a part of something so early yet so impressive. I feel like I’m part of shaping something that is going to change an industry.”

Yes you are, Jason. Yes, you are.


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