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The final day of EXPCON Canada showcased a dynamic program, featuring a compelling keynote by visionary strategist Jon Cheplak and thought-provoking panels on individual success, business growth, Canadian real estate trends and content strategy.


To conclude the event, everyone was treated to an enlightening Q&A session with eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman Glenn Sanford, offering attendees a comprehensive view of the evolving real estate landscape and fostering inspiration and collaboration.

Founder, CEO, and Chairman of eXp World Holdings, Glenn Sanford, receives an honorary eXp Realty hockey jersey from Dan Strickland (far left), Carolyn Merchant, and Patrick O’Neill that represents support for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Jon Cheplak: ‘Be a Maverick’

The morning started on a strong note with Jon Cheplak, a famed leadership and productivity coach, delivering a presentation that fired up the crowd’s excitement. Jon is well known for his proven system that accelerates growth and amplifies profits by attracting, developing and retaining productive agents. His impressive track record, marked by billions in global sales volume, leaves little room for doubt when it comes to his standing as a distinguished coach in the fields of leadership and productivity. He gave a keynote at the eXp Shareholder Summit in May, which was equally insightful and highly memorable. 

Jon instantly commanded everyone to seize control of their lives, take consistent action, and be curious. Cheplak’s message was clear, and that was to urge the audience to become “Mavericks” in their journey to success.

Jon Cheplak pushes everyone to “Go be part of the 1% that head out of there and take action.”

Jon emphasized the importance of curiosity, action and self-reflection. He challenged attendees to choose between being innovators or action-takers, to simplify their lives, and to maintain integrity in their work. With his motivational words, Cheplak left a lasting impression, inspiring everyone to embrace the “Maverick” mentality and make a significant impact in their personal and professional lives.

Canada’s Top Producers Panel Shares Their Secrets

Moderator: Samuel Ennis and panelists Courtney Atkinson, Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos, Jennifer McIntosh, Shannon Runcie, Rachel Vanderveen

The event’s proceedings then shifted to the “Top Producers – Individuals” panel, a golden opportunity for attendees to gain exclusive access to the insights of Canada’s leading individual agents. With a wealth of experience, they unveiled their proven strategies and shared personal insights.

Shannon Runcie, a former nurse from rural Saskatchewan, emphasized the importance of maintaining good health for true wealth and highlighted the significance of participation in her local community. 

Jennifer McIntosh, with 20 years in the industry, reflected on her early mistakes of overspending on marketing and not planning for the future, advising fellow Realtors to think more like business owners. 

Rachel Vanderveen praised the effectiveness of platforms like kvCORE in generating leads and stressed the need to leverage available tools to delegate and systemize a balance between life and work.

Rachel Vanderveen urges everyone to, “Go and learn one of these platforms. They answer the question of where is my next deal coming from.”

Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos reminded everyone that discipline, not just motivation, is the key to success, emphasizing the importance of taking care of oneself to better serve clients and family. The overarching message was that taking action and giving back to those in the local community are pivotal in achieving both personal and professional growth in the real estate industry.

Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos states that, “Motivation only gets you so far. Discipline is the key. It’s all around you, you just have to be looking.”

Growth and Business Development Panel: ‘There’s No One-Size-Fits-All’

Moderator: Jeff Matheson and panelists Matthew Ashby, Gurinder Brar, Holly Green, Patricia Kiteke

In the “Growth and Business Development” panel, attendees were introduced to innovative strategies and practical insights from eXp Canada agent leaders. During this panel discussion, real estate professionals from different backgrounds shared valuable insights and experiences. 

In a panel discussion expertly moderated by Jeff Matheson, four highly accomplished real estate professionals each divulged their individual pathways to success. 

Holly Green, coming all the way from from Halifax, placed significant emphasis on time management while highlighting the importance of of spending quality time with loved ones.

Matthew Ashby, whose base is in London, Ontario, discussed his distinctive approach to global expansion by securing what he referred to as a “global real estate license” through eXp.

Gurinder Brar, with a team of 60 agents, underscored the value of teamwork and door-to-door outreach, whereas Patricia Kiteke, representing Victoria, BC, emphasized the potency of CRM systems and strategic partnerships, exemplified by their impactful “pie day” event that elevates team members’ careers.

Gurinder Brar expresses that he has learned the skill of delegation through eXp.

Their collective insights served as a testament to the absence of a one-size-fits-all formula for success in the industry, showcasing a diverse range of strategies to thrive. The panel also stressed the pivotal role of production and attraction in the real estate realm and affirmed that collaboration remained a cornerstone for fostering business growth.

Holly Green emphasizes that collaboration, “makes you more well-known in the industry.”

All-Star Panel Reviews Real Estate Trends in Canada

Moderator: Robert Jastrzebski and panelists Patrick Ashby, Peter Garonis, Philippe Hahn, Pierre Nadeau

In the “Real Estate Trends in Canada” segment, the panel took a deep dive into the importance of adaptability in the face of market fluctuations. Patrick Ashby took the stage to share his innovative revenue-sharing model, a strategy that has transformed the way business is done.

Peter Garonis provided a fascinating perspective on the evolving dynamics within the real estate industry, particularly the shift from urban to suburban markets, underlining the need for professionals to stay ahead of these trends.

Pierre Nadeau offered valuable advice on the path to success, advocating for guidance and coaching as essential tools in achieving one’s goals. Philippe Hahn concluded the segment by celebrating eXp’s astonishing growth and emphasizing the collective triumph of the team, and expanded on how revenue sharing changed his life.

These insights and strategies collectively serve as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of real estate and the innovative approaches that professionals are adopting to thrive in this dynamic industry.

Peter Garonis urges agents to “take people from where they are to where they want to be.”

The Power of Content: How to Build Your Brand, Become a SME and Re-Engage Leads

Moderator: Carrie Lysenko and panelists Jenny Celly, Richard Payne, Jason Piercey

“The Power of Content: How to Build Your Brand, Become a SME and Re-Engage Leads” panel of Zoocasa partner agents shared key insights on content creation and personal branding. They stressed the importance of consistency in content generation, adapting to evolving platforms, and leveraging Artificial Intelligence tools for efficiency.

Personal branding was a central theme, with authenticity and staying true to oneself being key takeaways. Jenny Celly expressed that she chooses to connect with her audience by sharing personal stories, reinforcing the notion that being genuine online is key.

Richard Payne backed this sentiment, emphasizing, “Don’t try to be something different than who you are on YouTube,” as people will simply recognize you as the person they saw on the posted videos. This consistency between the online persona and the real person they see in videos builds trust and develops reputation.

Jenny Celly mentioned that she shares content related to her family life, which enhances her approachability.
Jason Piercey says that being approachable and well-presented can attract local media attention when industry events unfold.

The panel also discussed how their online presence complemented traditional media exposure. Piercey noted that a strong online presence can attract local media attention, while Richard’s CTV appearance and Jenny’s emphasis on Google and YouTube synergy highlighted the importance of a recognizable branding approach.

Richard Payne recommends being authentic in your videos. This way, clients will immediately form a connection with the person they see in the content.

Carrie Lysenko also provided valuable key takeaways from this discussion.

Jennifer Jones concludes EXPCON Canada with a Q&A with Glenn Sanford.

The day concluded with an insightful discussion – a Q&A session with Glenn Sanford, Founder, CEO and Chairman of eXp World Holdings. Jennifer Jones, who led the second-highest eXp Realty Canada team by sales volume in 2022, engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Sanford, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to gain firsthand insights into the visionary behind the real estate revolution.

Glenn discussed his literary inspirations, underscoring his enthusiasm for exploring books related to personal development and belief systems. He also stressed the importance of empathy and a profound comprehension of human nature when it comes to establishing connections with others. They also delved into the expanding influence of Artificial Intelligence in the real estate sector, eXp’s tailored approach to meeting Canada’s distinct requirements, and the contemporary importance of having an online presence to connect with a broader audience.

During the one-on-one, Glenn highlighted the significance of goals, values, systems, and ongoing improvement, noting that “your business functions precisely as you’ve designed it.”

As the event’s second day came to a close, attendees departed with a wealth of knowledge, newfound inspiration, and a deeper understanding of the Canadian real estate landscape. In its debut year, EXPCON Canada firmly established itself as a top-tier event for professionals in the industry, nurturing growth, fostering innovation, and promoting collaboration within the Canadian real estate sector.

Want to keep the momentum going? Be sure to attend EXPCON in Las Vegas on Oct. 2-5. Register here.


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