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To kick off the inaugural EXPCON Canada, agents from across the nation gathered for a dynamic real estate conference marked by insightful panels, keynote sessions and motivational talks. Highlights included success stories from top producers, eXp Realty agent Mike Sherrard shared valuable insights on AI in real estate and motivational coach LP Mercier delivered a high-powered keynote that energized the crowd.

The event kicked off with an electrifying burst of high-energy music, ushering in the charismatic master of ceremonies, Rajwinder Sandhu, who prompted everyone to stand up and partake in a lively Punjab dance.

Rajwinder Sandhu kicks off the inaugural EXPCON Canada by making everyone dance!

Glenn Sanford, Founder, Chairman and CEO of eXp World Holdings, then took the stage to discuss  the company’s impressive growth and the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He also made two key announcements: the launch of the company’s new Accelerate program, designed to enhance agents’ earning potential, and the appointment of Fred Reichheld, the creator of the Net Promoter System of management, as the newest member of the EXPI Board of Directors.

Glenn Sanford takes the stage, telling the audience, “Canada is near and dear to my heart.”
Departing EXPI Board of Directors member Sir Darren Jacklin addresses the audience: “I had a chance to see so many people’s lives changed in this company”

British Columbia Agents Extend a Warm Welcome

A panel discussion entitled “Welcome to B.C.,” followed, focusing on British Columbia’s real estate landscape. The panel was moderated by Imran Ali, alongside agents Randy Dyck, Denise Mai, Jason Simard, and Katie Van Nes, who discussed the nuances of B.C.’s market trends, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the region’s potential.

Imran Ali highlighted the growth potential in British Columbia and expressed his regret for not joining eXp sooner. Katie found the culture she had been seeking at eXp Realty, while Jason marveled at achieving financial freedom at a young age. Randy, the first in the Fraser Valley, reflected on his 32 years in real estate and his newfound enthusiasm with eXp. Denise, with 13 years in real estate, found her time at eXp to be life-changing and spoke of her mission to inspire and change lives. 

Panelists shared their insights, offering valuable perspectives on BC’s market trends, opportunities and challenges. Looking ahead, Katie expressed her excitement about the company’s use of AI and its charitable endeavors. Jason emphasized the value of collaboration over competition, while Randy encouraged everyone to find their motivation and legacy.

The “Welcome to B.C.” panelists shared their market insights and discussed how eXp Realty positively transformed their lives. Left to right: Imran Ali, Katie Van Nes, Jason Simard, Randy Dyck and Denise Mai.

Leveraging AI to Transform Your Real Estate Business: Empowering Insights From Mike Sherrard

The top real estate coach on YouTube imparted valuable wisdom regarding the potential of creating video content aimed at engaging client audiences. Mike Sherrard took the stage and provided practical steps on how to create videos, stressing the importance of controlling the narrative and focusing on what is already successful, such as market updates.

Mike delved into the transformative power of video enhanced by artificial intelligence. He unveiled the secrets behind crafting captivating content that not only engages the audience but also consistently attracts clients. AI, he emphasized, is not merely a tool of efficiency, but a partner in navigating the modern real estate landscape. He also noted that while AI can handle 90% of the work, the remaining 10%, human expertise, is critical. Mike’s main message centered on long-term commitment: “If you can’t sustain a practice for a lifetime, don’t start it for a day.” 

Mike graciously shared step-by-step tips on leveraging AI to generate scripts, transcripts and content quickly. He encouraged everyone to get started and stay consistent, reminding them that content improves with time and not to compare their initial efforts to seasoned creators. 

Mike Sherrard advises the audience: “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. Just get started.”

Unleashing the Power of Social Media To Grow Your Production

Next up was a panel entitled “Social Media to Grow Your Production.” Maddie Coons led the discussion with eXp Realty agents Shawn Getty, Teddy Homere, Courtney Levert and Carrie Soave. The group discussed effective strategies, insights and best practices while using social media tools to reach a wider audience and elevate real estate production to new heights.

Carrie, with two decades of social media experience, emphasized the need for systematic and consistent social media efforts. Her strategy included converting content into tangible business results, urging the use of tools like kvCORE and enhancing visibility through video with the aid of caption apps like Gaze Redirect.

Carrie Soave urges attendees to generate a system, stick with it for the long term and remain consistent.

Shawn said he focuses on topics such as food, fitness, inspiration, memes and personal life to generate leads. He advised dedicating 15 minutes to engage with hashtags of personal interest, create posts to pique curiosity, engage with communities and strategically comment on the final segments of stories to boost algorithm visibility.

All speakers encouraged agents to embrace authenticity and a genuine online presence while avoiding transactional dialogue. Ultimately, they collaboratively offered guidance aimed at inspiring action, emphasizing the importance of setting oneself apart by undertaking tasks that fellow agents might be hesitant to tackle.

Shawn Getty: “Don’t focus on the money, focus on the work. Revolve your whole life around a schedule. And ensure you track your audience.”

Success Stories From the Rising Stars of Real Estate

The “Rising Stars of Real Estate Panel,” moderated by Joanne Pullin, provided an overview of the journeys of emerging luminaries Jenny Celly, Pat Nadeau, Jake Nicolle and David Robbio. Their tales of innovation, determination and success inspired attendees, reminding them that innovation is the cornerstone of the industry’s evolution.

The session served as a reminder that the future of the industry rests in the hands of those who dare to innovate, aspire and shape a new narrative. Jenny stood out in a challenging market by emphasizing the power of social media and consistent branding. She stressed the importance of using video to portray one’s authentic self and connect with clients on a personal level. Jake, who achieved $30 million in his first year, credited his background in marketing and understanding metrics as key factors in his success. He emphasized that while innovation is essential, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel in real estate and recommended using “sociability” to connect with clients.

The discussion shifted to how to secure client commitments, with David emphasizing the importance of building trust and appearing knowledgeable. Jake underlined the role of confidence in generating trust, suggesting that authenticity is more effective than pretending to be something you’re not. Joanne advised straightforwardly asking for a “yes,” while Jenny recommended prospecting within your areas of interest and building personal connections through events and random acts of kindness. Pat emphasized the importance of establishing a memorable brand and underlined the value of setting daily goals, efficient time management, and surpassing competitors by outworking them.

Jenny Celly shares the importance of showcasing her “mom” persona on social media. “Clients want to connect with the real you, fostering trust and lasting relationships. Remember, it’s about more than just the sale. Surround yourself with positivity.”
Jake Nicolle on success: “Simply understand real estate, you don’t have to reinvent things.”
Pat Nadeau: “The most successful person in the room is the person who heard “No” the most.”

Unlocking the Secrets of Canadian Top Producers

From left to right, panelists Vinod Bansal, Katrina Amurao, Neil Bellosillo, Courtney Atkinson, Jennifer Jones and Ibrahim Hussein shared the secrets of Canadian top producers.

Moderated by two-time eXp Canada ICON agent Vinod Bansal, the next panel featured eXp Canada’s top producers, including Katrina Amurao, Neil Bellosillo, Courtney Atkinson, Jennifer Jones and Ibrahim Hussein. Together, they all wove together a story of triumphs, strategies and leadership principles that have positioned their teams at the cutting edge of the real estate landscape.

Katrina, with over 18 years in real estate, shared her impressive journey of joining eXp Realty just two years ago and witnessing her team’s astonishing growth, hitting $1.1 billion in sales with 20 Realtors initially, now doubling to 40.

Neil, Courtney, Jennifer and Ibrahim showcased the power of teamwork and leadership. Courtney, leading a 51-agent team with 750 ends, emphasized the importance of skill-building through boot camps. Jennifer, who heads a 40-member team, stands as the top performer in Canada. Ibrahim, with 24 agents and $1.2 billion in sales, highlighted the significance of systems, processes and setting client expectations.

Jennifer noted eXp Realty’s capacity to nurture excellence and individual branding. Ibrahim emphasized the transition from culture to leadership style and the importance of being a “kingmaker.” They all emphasized the human-centric approach and purpose-driven work, underlining that success is not just about profit and loss but about improving lives.

Jennifer Jones says of eXp Realty, “It’s set up to train people to be amazing.”

LP Mercier’s Powerful Presentation Redefines Real Estate Success

LP Mercier ignited enthusiasm into the audience with this BE ALL IN! cry.

Audience members get and give a free massage!

LP Mercier then pumped up the crowd with a rallying cry of “BE ALL IN!” The presentation, conducted in French and English, resonated with the audience as he encouraged them to put their hands on each other’s shoulders, delivering a free collective massage that invigorated the room. The overarching message emphasized the commitment to being ‘ALL IN’ not just in business but also in health and wealth.

LP’s mantra of “When you become too big to do the small things, then you are too small to do the big things,” resonated deeply, emphasizing attention to detail as key to monumental success. He emphasized that real change only happens when one decides to change and introduced various tools and technologies to enhance efficiency, including AI-driven systems and video marketing strategies.

Attendees were urged to leverage the power of AI tools like ChatGPT, turbo prompts and social media tips to engage their target audience effectively. LP’s dynamic presentation, enriched with multimedia elements and inspirational anecdotes of notable figures, earned a standing ovation. As a testament to his commitment to empowering real estate professionals, he invited agents to join his Facebook group, reinforcing the message to always be ‘ALL IN’ in their pursuit of success.

A World of New Construction Opportunities

The “New Home Segment / New Construction” panel delved into trends, best practices and unique strategies that ensure success in selling new homes, with valuable insights for agent professionals seeking to thrive in new construction.

Moderated by Richard Payne, this segment featured a diverse group of real estate professionals hailing from various provinces, each bringing unique expertise and insights to the table. 

Rhonda Lavoie, with a decade of experience in Saskatchewan, shed light on the intricacies of lead generation and the importance of equipping agents with modern tools and in-depth knowledge to confidently promote properties. Rick Dhillon, a seasoned agent in Toronto with over 20 years in the field, emphasized his coaching approach to guide clients in property investment and leverage opportunities in the real estate market. 

Mark Verzyl, based in Calgary with 17 years of experience working with developers, delved into the art of collaborating early with developers and the significance of problem-solving in this realm. He stressed the importance of understanding the developer’s product, background, and objectives to effectively navigate the world of new builds and infill development.

Mark Verzyl tells attendees to “solve their problem” when dealing with developers.

Dan Wurtele, representing Vancouver, brought a unique perspective on the city’s heavy presale and pre-development market. He highlighted the needs of investors who have capital but lack time, emphasizing the importance of simplifying the process for them. The forum aimed to open a new pillar of business, often overlooked by new agents, providing a comprehensive overview of various aspects of real estate, from lead generation to investment strategies.

When asked how he sells new builds as an investment, Rick Dhillon replies: “Show them the money, and then you remove the fear.” 

eXp Luxury Launches in Canada: Mastering Luxury Listings

An all-star cast of eXp Luxury pioneers share their insights: Laura Healey, Melissa Wu, Georgia Tusch, Benoit Bienvenue, Mathieu Arsenault, Jean Sebastien Boiteau, and Sacha De Santis. 

After the exciting announcement that eXp Luxury is launching in Canada, the “Luxury Listings” panel featured agents who revealed their tactics and strategies for navigating and succeeding in the world of luxury listings. Laura Healey expertly moderated this panel, with Benoit Bienvenue, Mathieu Arsenault, Jean Sebastien Boiteau, Sacha De Santis, Georgia Tusch and Melissa Wu sharing their experiences.

Sacha expressed enthusiasm on the eXp Luxury product launch and praised it for setting a new industry standard. Melissa, boasting two decades of experience in Vancouver, emphasized that the value of luxury properties goes beyond price, focusing on location, convenience, schools, views and country estates near the city.

Mathieu highlighted the power of social media, while Georgia emphasized that eco-tech homes are the future of luxury listings, and Melissa stressed the growing influence of immigration on the luxury market.

eXp Canada Agents Celebrated in Awards Ceremony

In a captivating conclusion to Day 1, the stage lit up as Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes, Chief Strategy Officer Leo Pareja and eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman Glenn Sanford took center stage to recognize Canada’s best and brightest agents and teams.

Michael Valdes, Leo Pareja and Glenn Sanford take the stage to honor eXp Canada’s finest.
Day 1 culminated with an awards ceremony in which 11 awards were given out, honoring eXp Canada agents.
Award winner Jennifer Jones.

Award winner Melissa Wu.

Award Winner Trevor Bigg
Award Winner Trevor Bigg.

Award winners

Top Individual by Units: Mark Verzyl
Top Individual by Volume: Rachel Vanderveen
Top Team by Units: Atkinson Group (CEO: Courtney Atkinson)
Top Team by Volume: Affinity Real Estate (Ibrahim Hussein)
Woman of Influence: Jennifer Jones
Best Listing Video: Matt Campoli
Philanthropist Award: Melissa Wu
Rookie of the Year: Emma Armstrong
Community Award: Trevor Bigg
Top Individual by GCI: Rachel Vanderveen
Top Team by GCI: Jennifer Jones Team

Night of Realty Brilliance Concludes Day 1

The day was capped off with the grand and glamorous “Night of Realty Brilliance,” a celebration of the top eXp Canada agents. Day 1 of EXPCON Canada unveiled a tapestry of insights, inspiration and innovation, paving the way for a transformative event that promises to reshape the way agents navigate the dynamic world of real estate.— the Canadian way.


These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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