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If you missed EXPCON’s second general session on Thursday in Las Vegas, lots of news was revealed, including the launch of eXp Luxury, the announcement of SUCCESS Health and 360 Home. Plus, Nick Santonastasso, an inspiring motivational speaker, gave a far-ranging keynote that moved everyone.

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Kirtus Dixon and Julie Nelson Kick It Off

Kirtus Dixon, the Senior Vice President of Agent Development and Julie Nelson, an eXp Realty agent out of Austin as well as a sought-after coach, mentor and author, took the stage to open the second general session.

Julie Nelson and Kirtus Dixon shout “Let’s goooooo!”

Mission Control: Teamwork & Mindset

Next up, eXp Realty agents Jeff Wilhems from Tucson and John Tsai, from Vancouver, Canada, provided insight on a winning perspective for business and personal growth. It was a rousing delivery, as the crowd responded enthusiastically.

John provided some guideposts for his path to success, saying “proximity is power” and ‘you are who you hang out with, which goes a long way in the connections you make. ‘

“If you’re not growing and progressing, stop hanging out with those people!”

Why Health is the New Wealth

Glenn Sanford and Naveen Jain.

If you’ve been following Glenn Sanford, eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman on Twitter or Instagram, he is heavily invested in health and wellness, personally dropping 40 pounds since 2019 due to a regimen of diet, exercise and fasting.

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He was joined onstage by Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO of Viome Life Sciences, a mission-driven systems biology company which is entering a partnership with SUCCESS Health.

Gene Frederick and Sheila Fejeran Emphasized Being a Good Listener

eXp Realty influencer Gene Frederick and eXp Realty agent Sheila Fejeran took the stage to talk about how to accelerate growth with purposeful attraction.

“I nerd out on communication,” said Gene. “It’s not what you say, it’s how you listen. It’s about asking questions and being quiet.”

Sheila chimed in and said in terms of attracting agents, “You can do this. Learning how to listen and love people, learning who they are, their goals and what motivates them, will help you help them get the opportunity to get what they want.”

Chuck Fazio’s Message: Embrace the Process

Chuck Fazio, who was the founder of the Arizona powerhouse independent brokerage Revelation Real Estate Group, spoke about laying out a roadmap to success.

Chuck Fazio says instant gratification has warped our minds.

“We live in a society of instant gratification. We want fast things. Fast internet. Things are delivered to our house the next day. Lose weight in five days. We are brainwashed with instant gratification.

“It warps your mind. Every one of us is polluted with it. And it affects everyone’s business. People can’t wait for results because your brain is wired this way.

“I’m here to tell you that you need to embrace the process. There is no such thing as an instant fix. None. The faster you can protect your mind about instant gratification, the quicker you become patient and embrace the process.”

Frank Gray Insists on Living ‘Furiously’

eXp Realty agent Frank Gray, who led a big, independent brokerage in Houston before joining eXp in 2021, led a talk on living “furiously.” 

Frank Gray’s message: live “furiously.”

“If you live furiously, you will march to your own drummer. If you’re going to make a difference, it has to happen today. Every one of us needs to live furiously today. Three things that will transform your life if you live furiously:”

  • Your attitude will never be dictated by a news cycle. By tuning into the news, it will make you angry and negative. 
  • You will not allow the market to dictate your own income. You will create your own market.
  • You will refuse to allow past hurts, disappointments and betrayals to keep you from a happy, successful future. Learn to let go of the past.

Rich Geha, Keely Rich and Terrence Murphy Spoke About Collaboration

eXp Realty agents Rick Geha, Keely Rich and Terrence C. Murphy Sr., took the stage to lead the next session on how to build and lead collaborative teams.

Terrence on collaboration: “Collaboration over competition. Being an independent brokerage, we’re on an island. We’re all shareholders. We’re all able to get a piece of the pie. There’s not one person who I ask a question that I didn’t get an answer. That’s collaboration.”

Keely: “Collaboration is the pillar of who eXp is. I can go into Workplace and get any info from any agent anywhere in the world. We have unity here. Continue to nourish the relationships of everyone here.”

Rich: “To be collaborative, we need to be the initiator of it. No company has the type of collaboration we have.”

Keely on creating a collaborative culture: “Be the person you want to attract.”

eXtend-a-Hand Took Center Stage With How Agents Are Helping Agents

eXp Realty coach Sherry Swift, eXtend a Hand Program Manager Annie Pellegrini and eXp Realty agent Mitch Ribak joined together to help shed light on how agents are helping other agents.

From left: Mitch Ribak, Sherry Swift and Annie Pellegrini

Sherry asked rhetorically ‘how does eXp – 85,000 strong maintain community and collaboration?’

Annie Pellegrini, program manager for eXtend-a-Hand.

“By doing it one human being at a time. Willing to bide their time and willing to give back and share all their ideas to create great outcomes.”

Annie Pellegrini spoke about eXtend-a-Hand and the many ways it supports eXp Realty agents and staff. “We are there as a community and family and we are there for them when they are in need and don’t have to go through a tragedy alone.”

Annie said eXtend-a-Hand has already issued emergency funds to approximately 23 eXp Realty agents who were recently displaced by Hurricane Ian in Florida. 

Gogo Bethke, Will Grimes and Chastin Miles Delivered a Session on Building Your Brand

eXp Realty agent Beth Silverman led a panel consisting of fellow agents Gogo Bethke, Will Grimes and Chastin Miles about building your brand.

Will: “Authenticity is mandatory. There is no hiding. I’m a former Marine and what is huge in the Marine Corps is integrity. Consistency is by far very important.”

“When God was giving out filters, I skipped the line. I don’t know anything except to be authentic. I am looking for people who are looking for me.”

-Gogo Bethke

Chastin: “I struggled with authenticity. How do I be authentic? I was struggling with being something I thought I needed to be. It took me a while, but authenticity is who you are and others can take it or leave it.”

Social platforms the panel likes best for generating money:

  • Gogo: Instagram for most revenue. But, you need to be everywhere. Instagram is easiest.   
  • Chastin: YouTube has been very good to me, however, in the last year and a half, TikTok and Instagram. 
  • Will: YouTube. But, figure out which platform is best for you.

Tina Caul and Jana Caudill Announce eXp Luxury Site

eXp Luxury Council members Tina Caul and Jana Caudill – both eXp Realty agents – announced the launch of the eXp Luxury, a new luxury real estate division that will offer comprehensive resources to help eXp agents take their business to the next level with exclusive luxury offerings.

Tina Caul (left) and Jana Caudill announce the launch of eXp Luxury.

It will include a  dedicated luxury listing site, marketing tools and assets, premium brand partnerships, preferred ad rates, masterminds and events, luxury certification courses and coaching, exclusive access to a luxury council and more.

eXp Realty Announces Partnership with Inside Real Estate to Launch 360 Home

Glenn Sanford was then joined onstage with Joe Skousen, CEO of Inside Real Estate, to announce a partnership in launching 360 Home. The goal of the partnership is to combine technologies to search for, sell and buy homes, giving the consumer and agent a connected, efficient experience.

Joe Skousen (right), the CEO of Inside Real Estate, onstage with Glenn Sanford in announcing 360 Home.

“What I love about Glenn is that he says every single agent has to be empowered. He said that from Day 1 and nothing has changed,” Joe said of working with Glenn over the years.

“When the market shifts and things get tough, Glenn doubles down and he’s doing that again.”

Inside Real Estate is a real estate software company that also owns the very popular kvCORE platform. With 360 Home, consumers can search for their perfect property — and get in touch with an eXp Realty agent when they are ready. Other features allow them to chat directly with an agent about listings or buying and selling questions, create collections of homes that meet their needs and receive timely alerts for homes that match their specific criteria.

Vancouver’s Denise Mai in a Fireside Chat With Glenn Sanford

Glenn Sanford shared his take on opportunities and vision for the future with Denise Mai, a three-time ICON agent out of Vancouver, Canada. 

eXp Realty agent Denise Mai had an insightful and heartfelt fireside chat with eXp World Holdings Founder Glenn Sanford.

Denise asked Glenn several questions about his upbringing and early career:

Glenn on his father’s career and how it shaped him: “We (Glenn’s family) got into what I call rags to riches to almost rags again, but I enjoyed the entrepreneurial journey and meeting people in business. I was reading books and my dad was a Dale Carnegie fan. I guess that entrepreneurial mindset came from my childhood.”

On his lowest point: “Entrepreneurs are not all ups. You’re out there trying to build something and a lot of people are invested in you. In 1996-97, I was doing internet marketing – bulk email. Yes, I was a spammer. The backbone of the internet was cutting us off. I was making $15K a month in my PJs. It was cool until the  backbone got cut. I literally didn’t want to get out of bed for days, if not weeks. That was my lowest point. Investors invested in me.”

On regrets: “Everyone has regrets. I think about them today and I am internally embarrassed, but I’m not going to share them. Going through life there are things that you do consciously and unconsciously and you go with the crowd and you aren’t emotionally mature enough. But, it’s part of the journey. What’s nice about being 55 is that I’m not going to do those things in the future.”

On success: “Success for me are the choices you make the moment you wake up in the morning. It’s more of a mindset piece. We sometimes think it’s a large amount of wealth, but for me, it’s ‘do you feel good about what you are bringing to the world?’ To me, that’s success. It’s really about being at peace with what is. It’s being centered and where there are unlimited possibilities.”

“I am always guided by the Zig Zigler quote: ‘You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.’ As long as I make it about other people, the rest will work out. Always pay it forward.”

Next came Nick Santonastasso’s moving and inspiring keynote address.

Kirtus Dixon and eXp Realty influencer Mike Sherrard closed out the second general session.

Mike Sherrard capped the second general session of EXPCON 2022.


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