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eXp Realty’s partnership with international nonprofit New Story is closer than ever to reaching its goal of building 100 new homes in Mexico and now an exciting raffle is being introduced to help close the gap.

Last October, eXp Realty and New Story embarked on a goal to build new homes for those families whose lives were devastated by a 7.0 earthquake in the Morales region of Mexico in 2017. Each home averages $6,000 to build. It was an audacious goal, but attainable, especially since eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman Glenn Sanford personally pledged to match up to $300,000 in contributions toward the goal of raising $600,000.

Raffle Winner and Guest to Visit New Story Site

Currently, 87 homes have been built and $525,000 raised, but the project is still $75,000 and 13 homes away from its goal. To help drive more donations and reach its goal, eXp is holding a “Community Visit Raffle” in which one eXp Realty agent and their guest will win an all-expenses paid trip to the Morales region in Mexico where the homes are being built. This will be a chaperoned trip to the community for the raffle winner and their guest. Donations must be at least $200 to qualify for the raffle, with a deadline of April 15 to enter the raffle.

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“It’s exciting to see the outpouring of donations for this project, which is to build housing for families in need and in the process, change the lives of many,” said Glenn Sanford, eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman. “Providing safe housing for everyone in the world is paramount to all of us at eXp and I couldn’t be more proud of the generosity of our agents and staff.”

Earthquake Victims Are Eager to Have Access to a New Home

Here are some stories about the families who will benefit from the new homes. They all currently live in Emiliano Zapata, a city named after the famed Mexico revolutionary, located in the west-central part of the Mexican state of Morelos. It is the location where the eXp-funded homes will be built. 

Maria and her husband, Geronimo, have three children — Jorge, Erick and Araceli

Geronimo and Maria — Geronimo and Maria live with their three children, Jorge, Erick and Araceli on borrowed space at their sister-in-law’s home. Both Geronimo and Maria work long hours as fishermen and farmhands. 

Jorge and Erick also work alongside their parents while Araceli works in town as a cosmetologist. For Maria and Geronimo, they work long hours at a physically intensive job. With their modest salaries, the family saved up and bought a small piece of land and built a home. 

Sadly this land was completely destroyed after the earthquake in 2017. A new safe and secure home is going to change the lives of this family. The family is excited to be moved into their new home early next year. 

Humberto and Morante — Humberto and his wife, Morante, live together with their two children Fernanda, who is 15, and Andres, who is 10. In the daytime, the children attend school while Humberto works at a warehouse sorting car parts. His wife works at a grocery store. 

Humberto and his wife, Morante, live together with their two children Fernanda and Andres.

Humberto and his family were living in the house handed down to him by his parents. This home, though well-loved, was old and in need of many repairs. When the earthquake struck their neighborhood, the home sustained extensive damage and became unlivable. 

The family is so excited for a safe home to thrive in.

Adileny — Adileny works very hard as a paramedic in her community. Most weeks she is working everyday with just a little bit of time off for her family. She lives with her mother Adela and her grandmother Dulce.

Adileny lives with her mother and grandmother.

Dulce stays home and cooks for the family. The earthquake uprooted this family last year by severely damaging the home until it collapsed. The family is under a lot of stress while financially trying to make ends meet and are having to take on new expenses while they attempt to rebuild their lives.

For Adileny she is working so hard, but she is just able to keep her family afloat. A new home is going to change everything. Together with your partnership we will rebuild Adileny’s home and help give her family what they need so they can continue to serve their community.

Amanda and Eutikio — Amanda lives with her husband Eutikio, her son, Francisco, and her daughter, Elizabeth. Eutikio works as a gardener while Amanda takes care of her family’s needs within the home. 

Amanda is a homemaker.

The family has made many sacrifices over the years to ensure both Elizabeth and Francisco graduate from university. Francisco is in his final year of university while Elizabeth has two more years to go. 

Amanda’s family home suffered severe damage during the 2017 earthquake. Cracks now run through the home and the hillside behind their home sustained damage, causing fears of a landslide. 

Safety and security have been real concerns for Amada and her family and their need for a new home is urgent. Eutikio and Amada believe so deeply in their children and have given up so much so they can have a better future.

With their new home, their children will be able to finish university in a safe environment.

Antonio and Juanat — Antonio and Juanat currently reside with their three children, Pedro, Amir, and Valentina. While their children are in school, Antonio and Juanat work hard to make ends meet both at home and at work. Despite his hardworking career as a bricklayer in the community, Antonio and his family live in a small shelter with a concrete floor, no toilet, and tarps that serve as their roof. 

Antonio and Juanat.

He shares how they often do not feel safe walking in their community at night. The Quiroz Aburto family remains hopeful because they know moving into a new home is on the horizon where they can continue to grow and spend time with one another. 

Antonio and Juanata hope to eventually see their children achieve Master’s degrees. When asked what difference a stable home would make, Antonio expressed “it would make his family safe.”

Thanks to you, the Ouiroz Aburto family will soon carry on their lives in a home that provides safety and stability.

How to Enter the New Story Raffle

These are just a few of the stories of families who will benefit from the eXp Realty and New Story partnership to build 100 new homes. If you’d like to donate and enter your name into a raffle for a trip to his region, click here. Donations must be at least $200 to qualify for the raffle. Donations to the overall fundraiser can also be made by teams/groups.


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