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India, a country of more than 1.38 billion people and 1 million real estate agents, will have a new and innovative real estate brokerage to help with their real estate needs. That’s because eXp Global officially launched operations in India.

This is the fifth international location where eXp Realty has opened brokerage operations outside of the United States, where eXp was established in 2009. eXp Global also currently operates in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

In August 2020, eXp announced intentions to expand its brokerage operations to five countries by the end of 2020, including India, and today, that idea is a reality.

“We are excited to bring our innovative and proven model to India. Given its pool of over 1 million agents, India is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world and is perfectly poised to benefit from our agent-centric model,” said Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global. 

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India real estate agents — resident and commercial — will benefit from eXp’s unique financial business model, which goes beyond just generous commissions for its agents. It will also offer revenue share and equity ownership opportunities to give agents a multi-layered platform for financial growth. Similar to the U.S. experience, India agents are encouraged to help attract other agents to help grow the eXp India footprint. 

Additionally, eXp India agents will have access to the company’s vast array of marketing resources, plus to be connected to the company’s cloud-based virtual environment and customized technology platform. This robust platform includes eXp World, which enhances virtual prospecting, sales, training and communications for agents.

“India has never seen a model like this before, which I believe will change the traditional landscape of the industry,” said Shashank Vashishtha, Designated Managing Broker in India. “eXp India will be a game-changer for both consumers and agents.”  


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