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In the spring of 2018, Vancouver’s Randy Dyck admitted he was a broken agent. Tired, frustrated and questioning his hard work with no future in sight, he took a look at eXp Realty and thought, “this cannot be true.” He spent decades as a broker-owner and a team lead and was frustrated with the challenges of training agents only to see them leave, plus dealing with the risks, liabilities and headaches brokerages bring. eXp was the answer he needed.

“Now I get the best pieces of owning a brokerage and leave the challenging and difficult pieces to eXp corporate,” said Dyck. “On top of that I am not a hyper-local brokerage, so I can contribute to building eXp and my personal wealth and wellbeing anywhere in the world that eXp exists. I now have equity, revenue share and commission sales all wrapped into one amazing brokerage!”

Vancouver’s Randy Dyck and his Team Eximus joined eXp in 2018.

After talking with eXp agent Phil Hahn, Dyck and his Eximus Real Estate Team joined eXp Canada in 2018. “Phil told me, ‘I know your pain. Every team lead goes through this.’”

Dyck grew up on a farm in a small Alberta, Canada town with the majestic Rockies to the west and the sweeping Canadian Prairies to the east. Farming wasn’t his thing, but clothing sales were. And being a black diamond skier located near world-class Whistler Mountain, he managed a sports shop frequented by expert skiers and tennis players. 

“I loved sales and the technical aspect of high-end skis and tennis rackets. A guy in the church told me I should be in real estate. I loved sales and helping people getting most of what they wanted. So I got my license and here I am. I can’t say enough for how much it has blessed me and my family.”

Learn more about Randy Dyck:

Years in real estate: Since 1992

Gross sales and transactions in 2020: 211 transactions. Our board volume was $62,544,923; eXp volume is $125,089,846. Current eXp volume is $180 million.

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (Nov 2018-present)
  • RE/MAX (Feb. 2000-Nov. 2018)
  • Prudential (May 1992-Feb. 2000)

Main territory: Fraser Valley / Vancouver, BC Canada 

Main focus: Single-family homes, townhomes, condos, investment properties. 

Number of people on team:  Currently 7 agents, and 3 admin. It has flexed from 3-8 over the last 20 years of leading Team Eximus.

Accolades, accomplishments & awards:

  • Three-time ICON agent
  • Averaged more than 250 transactions per year
  • Top 6 RE/MAX Teams in Canada
  • Top 50 RE/MAX teams worldwide 
  • Multiple years earning the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Team President’s award
  • RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement
  • RE/MAX Circle of Legends

What makes eXp special to you? 

Collaboration at eXp has blown me away. The way eXpers give not only to our own, but how we give to all agents. I thought I was an open and collaborative agent until I became an eXper! Also, the ownership model is so awesome and is available to all brand-new agents and to 30-year veterans like me.”

Is there a significant experience you can share since you joined eXp?

“The giving of resources and experience of agents through collaboration. The camaraderie among all agents is incredible. We are better together!” 

What is one thing about eXp that surprised you?

“The amount of stock or equity that I have received. I was focused on the revenue share and the stock has blown me away.

“The linear leadership model. I was told about it, but seeing it in action has really made me proud to be an eXper. I also love the agent-centric model. This company or my company is about me and the agents… LOVE IT.” 

Have you had any experience or success around eXp’s global revenue share and commercial businesses yet?

“I have not personally attracted anyone internationally, however, agents in my group have. ‘m currently close to having a couple of agents join from Mexico, the U.K. and Spain.”

Best tip to share with other agents:

“Be the best agent in every deal. Not always easy when working with a difficult client or more importantly a difficult agent. This motto has served me well over the years. Especially now when I call on agents about joining me at eXp.”

10 Fun Things About Randy Dyck

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A beach holiday with my wife Jolene. The resort has a laid-back feel, great beach, great restaurants and has a kite surfing beach.

Who is the person you most admire?

So many people could be named: My parents, my wife for doing such an amazing job of raising our kids and doing so much for me. My Maker. 

One thing you can’t live without?

Exercise and my wife, Jolene.

One trait that has led to your success?

“Love the boredom of consistency.” Do the things you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do them at the highest level.

What celebrity would play you in a movie or TV show?

According to my wife, Michael Douglas.

Pet peeve?

People who are late and unprepared.

Little known fact about yourself?

I have an identical twin.

Song you never tire of?

“Beautiful Day” by U2

Favorite meal?

Steak and frites

Your epitaph will say:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


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