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eXp Realty’s popular revenue share program just got hypercharged for new agents. Introducing the “Accelerate” program, which is an agent attraction incentive for newly joining agents. (Read the press release here.)

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eXp Realty’s revenue share program is a highly attractive program for agents joining eXp because they are rewarded for helping to grow the company. Here’s how it works: If an eXp agent attracts or sponsors another agent to join eXp, they can financially benefit every time that new agent closes a sale.  

Within the revenue share program are seven tiers which can be “unlocked” once the levels of attraction are reached. Normally, tiers 2 and 3 are not available to newly joining agents, but with the Accelerate program, they are.

“In the lifespan of an agent, a critical component of long-term success is the ability to build for their retirement, so we launched Accelerate to help maximize their potential earnings in the critical first year and save for their future,” said Glenn Sanford, Founder and CEO of eXp Realty. “We continue to be relentlessly focused on delivering a model that puts agents first. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of revenue share, as well as a favorable commission model and equity program for agents looking to build long-term wealth.”

Details About Accelerate

Agents who are new to eXp Realty will have revenue share tiers two and three unlocked, automatically qualifying them to have 10 front line qualified agents (FLQA) for 12 months. Following the initial 12-month period, standard revenue share criteria will apply.

Accelerate will be effective Sept. 7, 2023, but is retroactive to new agents who have joined in the past six months (March 1, 2023).  Accelerate will help reduce barriers to growing personal lines of revenue in their first 12 months with eXp Realty.

eXp is all about attracting and retaining the best agents in the business. Along with an aligned compensation model, where agents are rewarded for both production and contributions to eXp’s growth, the Accelerate program will bring more value than ever before.


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