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Unlock Your Power of Access and Connection at EXPCON 2023 in Las Vegas

Wouldn’t it be nice to rub elbows with eXp World Holdings Founder and CEO Glenn Sanford and Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes? Or have access to top eXp Realty agents such as Austin’s 8-time ICON Agent Elizabeth Riley or eXp Luxury Council Member Pete Middleton

EXPCON 2023, the highly anticipated real estate event of the year, is just around the corner, and if you’re a real estate agent seeking an unparalleled opportunity for growth and success, upgrading to a Premier Pass (VIP pass) is an investment you won’t want to miss.


Taking place in Las Vegas from October 2-5, this exclusive pass to EXPCON offers many benefits, providing access to eXp Realty’s leaders, top performers, and industry visionaries who can propel your career to new heights. Take a look:

Access to eXp Realty’s Leaders and Best Minds

At EXPCON 2023, proximity to power is invaluable. Upgrading to a Premier Pass grants you exclusive access to eXp Realty’s leaders, allowing you to engage in conversations, exchange ideas, and gain insights from the best minds in the real estate industry. 

“We purchase the VIP passes each year because we enjoy a more VIP experience at EXPCON. We feel that access to the eXp influencers and corporate leadership is invaluable! It sort of feels like having a backstage pass or behind-the-scenes feel,” said eXp Realty agent Jeff Wilhems of the Marsee Wilhems Real Estate group in Tucson, Arizona. 

This level of access and connection is what many agents would typically pay thousands to attend at a mastermind event, making the Premier Pass an exceptional value.

White-Linen Lunches with Executives and Top Minds in Real Estate

    As a Premier Pass holder, you’ll have the privilege of attending white-linen lunches with executives and top minds in the real estate industry. These intimate gatherings provide an exclusive setting for meaningful conversations and networking opportunities, allowing you to forge relationships with industry luminaries and gain valuable insights from their experiences.

    eXp Realty agent Joe Dodani of Scottsdale, Arizona says “It’s 1,000% worth the difference for the investment.” He said he also enjoys: 

    • One-on-one meetings with the management team including the founder, CEO and others. 
    • Connections with other eXp agents who see the same value as him. 
    • Participation in special events and having access to tea, coffee and snacks in the VIP room.
    • Front-row seats to all events. 

    Exclusive Access to the VIP Lounge

      Moreover, as a Premier Pass holder, you will enjoy exclusive access to the VIP lounge, providing a sanctuary for networking, relaxation, and rejuvenation throughout the event. Take advantage of this private oasis to connect with fellow industry professionals, share insights, and build lasting relationships in a relaxed and luxurious setting. And of course, enjoy snacks and beverages!

      Jennifer Jones of eXp Realty in Ontario, said, “Proximity, my friend, is like the secret sauce of power! I’ve got this sneaky strategy where I hang out with these superstar folks who practically have success oozing out of their pores. 

      “They’ve got these giant dreams, take leaps of faith, and live lives so epic it’s like they’ve got their own theme music playing everywhere they go. And guess what? They don’t keep all that awesomeness to themselves; they sprinkle it around like confetti, making everyone around them shine brighter. 

      “So, here’s a tip: if you’re stuck in a slump, maybe it’s time to check your surroundings, ‘cause if you’re not winning, you might be in dire need of an upgrade in your entourage!”

      Early Access/Priority Seating to General Sessions and Keynotes

        One of the significant advantages of upgrading to a Premier Pass is the early access and priority seating it offers. You’ll be able to secure prime seats for general sessions and keynotes, ensuring an up-close and immersive experience during these high-impact presentations.

        Plus, you get exclusive VIP Track sessions with some of the top minds in our industry: Michael J. Maher, top industry author of “Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents,” will give a 20-minute speech with Q&A, while keynote speaker Mike DelPrete will take Premier Pass Holders through “Adventures in Real Estate Tech.”

        Phil Sexton of Arizona’s Sibbach Team says, “Why VIP? #FOMO. Why VIP? Sitting up front helps me capture better content of the presenters. Why VIP? The swag bags are better! Why VIP? Access to leaders! Naveen Jain and Glenn Sanford sat next to me at the VIP lunch in Orlando. You just don’t get that at Starbucks. Why VIP? The lanyards are cooler. Why VIP? Because it’s sexy and we know it!”

        Premier Swag!

          The Premier Pass also comes with a range of perks designed to enhance your EXPCON experience. Expect to receive premier swag, exclusive merchandise, and other delightful surprises that further elevate your participation in the event.  

          REGISTER NOW and BOOK YOUR ROOM (Discount rates end Aug. 29)

          Here’s How To Upgrade to a Premier Access Pass (VIP):

          You can modify your registration by following the steps below:

          • Click this link 
          • Click the “Already Registered” link above the registration fields.
          • At the login screen, enter the email address you used to register, as well as your confirmation number. (You can find your confirmation number in the email confirming your registration.)
          • Once logged in, you will see a “make modification” option toward the bottom of the page. Click this and proceed through the options of add-ons.
          • Once you get to the “Admission Items” page, click the Premier Access Pass option. This will deselect your original pass, refunding your money. Then you will be asked for payment for the Premier Access Pass.

          Please note that Premier Passes are limited in availability, so act fast to secure your VIP status at EXPCON 2023 in Las Vegas on October 2-5.


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