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Jana Caudill, eXp Luxury agent in Naples, Florida and Northwest Indiana, opened the Luxury breakout track at the eXp Shareholder Summit on Thursday, by moderating a panel that aimed to answer the question, “What’s working in Luxury in 2023?” 

Jana Caudill (far left) opens the eXp Luxury breakout to a packed audience.

According to panelist Noe De Leon in Dallas, Texas, the answer is simple: Tell the story of your listing.

“If you are doing a video, show the viewer how they are going to live in that house,” he explained. “Understand and create the story for the consumer. The consumer is the hero — they want to see how they fit in that home and that story. Understand that if you don’t tell the story, they will come up with their own and it might not fit yours.”

Lisa Parenteau, an agent in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, cites volunteering as a way to build community and find success.

“In all the volunteering I do, I mention where I am from and my excitement for Cape Cod,” she said. “There is no one that doesn’t know I am their contact for Cape Cod. Show up, plug in and be ready to serve.”

Jana discussed the importance of being different and doubling down on marketing. “It’s about putting yourself in the room and being different to stand out,” she said. “You have to have that differentiation. I also believe that luxury marketing should be high quality, using all avenues all the time.”

From left, Janie Coffey, David Lawson, Pete Middleton and Jana Caudill.

Janie Coffey, eXp Luxury Advisory Council Member, moderated the second portion of the Luxury breakout, leading a panel on building luxury teams with fellow Advisory Council Members Pete Middleton and Jana Caudill, as well as eXp Luxury member David Lawson.

“I have very high expectations of my team because they are me and I have worked hard to build this business,” said Jana. “You need to have a business that can go when you are not there. It’s about training and high expectations.”

David Lawson and Pete Middleton.

According to David, the biggest surprise he had in starting a team was how easy it was. “Just get in and do it!” he said. “You have to play the game to win.”

Pete suggests starting to build a team by finding someone that can do all the things you aren’t good at. “That right-hand person is the key and then you can start bringing agents in after that,” he explained.

Once the team is in place, Janie emphasized the importance of giving people grace and understanding. “Everyone generally speaking is doing the best they can so it’s important as a team leader to remember that.”

Tina Caul, eXp Luxury Advisory Council Member, closed out the Luxury breakout with an interactive session on mastering a luxury listing presentation with eXp Luxury members Peter Luu and Vanessa Nunez.

The session began with a mock listing presentation and pre-qualifying call conducted by Tina, with Vanessa and Peter acting as the sellers. “I always do a pre-qualifying call so I can gather all the information I need to use later,” she explained.

The audience records the interactive “Mastering a Luxury Listing Presentation” session led by Tina Caul 

The audience had the opportunity to ask questions and make comments during the mock presentation. 


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