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James May exp realty

The choice to have James May as a guest speaker about luxury real estate at the eXp Shareholder Summit is absolutely impeccable – just like James’ self-built brand.

“I love that eXp is 100% cloud-based and still offers a real sense of community and support. I couldn’t think of another brokerage that can top what eXp offers today,’’ James said. 

James May

As a native Dubliner who moved to Brooklyn in 1998, with a background as director of a luxury retail store, James turned his keen eye to eXp Realty and spied a perfect fit. James had already crafted a business around luxury listings and buyers in his Brooklyn-based territory that comprises top neighborhoods like Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill.

But it wasn’t until his brief stint at Corcoran yielded no sales that James knew he needed to partner with a company that would unleash his vision and skills. In 2021, James moved to eXp and found it to be a perfectly tailored brokerage. 

He promptly closed on $8.5 million in sales, making him the No. 2-selling agent in Brooklyn – New York City’s fastest-growing real estate market. James said he fell head-over-heels in love with the support and technology that powers the eXp industry-changing model. 

“I learned about eXp in 2021 and loved everything they had to offer on the income side, splits/rev share and stock. Mostly I was intrigued by the cloud-based metaverse model. I also loved that there were no bricks and mortar components. This really allowed me to manage and build my brand/company the way I wanted to under eXp’s umbrella within New York State guidelines,’’ James said.

His meteoric rise has caught the attention of those associated with eXp Luxury. It’s why James has been asked to share his story at the Shareholder Summit, appearing on a panel on May 18 titled “What’s Working in Luxury in 2023.”

“I’m super excited about this. I have also been onboarded as a luxury ambassador. It’s happening now and it’s all very exciting,’’ he said. 

Learn More About James May:

What were you NOT getting from your prior brokerage? 

“I have improved my volume x 100%. I had zero sales with my previous brokerage. I received more support through eXp World and Workplace.”

Can you describe the NYC market?

“Not only are Manhattan and Brooklyn’s home sales soaring again, but buyers that had been hesitating for months have now descended back into the fray of buying property. To sum it up, if you’ve ever wanted to invest in this vibrant city, there has never been a better time!”

What is one thing about eXp that surprised you?

“How awesome and helpful everyone is … also happy. They host awesome events/summits.” 

Best tip to share with other agents:

“Work on your mindset, believe in yourself and never give up, have faith. Get on people’s radar as an agent but make it natural/organic, not salesy.”

10 Fun Things About James May

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Time rich is very important, spending time with my family.

Who is the person you most admire?

My Mother…  patience of a saint 

One thing you can’t live without

16-inch Macbook

One trait that has led to your success?


What celebrity would play you in a movie or TV show?

George Clooney of course!

Pet peeve?

People who are late and don’t update you.

Little known fact about yourself?

I love to fly kites

Song you never tire of?

‘Brown-Eyed Girl’ By Van Morrison.

Favorite meal?

South Indian Dosa Rava Masala

Your epitaph will say:

Never give up!


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