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Deanna and Eric Dopslaf

Editor’s note: In celebration of Military Appreciation Month, we are featuring eXp agents who are military veterans and are sharing their stories of service, values and commitments.

For Eric and Deanna Dopslaf, service is everything. Service to their community of clients, where the Albuquerque-based The Southwest Life Real Estate Team closed $25 million in sales in 2021. And especially service to military members and causes in New Mexico – and all over the country. 

Deanna is the influential leader of eXp’s Military Network – a dedicated advocate for servicemen and women and their families, which is part of the ONE eXp diversity and inclusion community. Eric travels across New Mexico and the U.S. with Goomba, his beloved service dog. The 9-year-old pit bull is the star of the Dopslafs’ favorite nonprofit, Paws and Stripes. And the couple organizes food drives and Thanksgiving meals for the military.

Military service is at the core of Deanna and Eric Dopslaf’s lives from their base of operations in New Mexico. (Photo by Teresa Ramirez / Phocus Photography)

“She’s an Army brat. Deanna’s father had 34 years in the Army. Retired as a Colonel. I served 31 years in the Air Force,’’ Eric said, adding: “I like to say we’re part of the 1 percent: The 1 percent who served in the military. A lot of companies struggle to (successfully integrate military members) incorporate us. We’re self-starters. Give us a checklist and we’ll make the way forward.’’

There is no separation between the couple’s powerhouse real estate business and their place in the military family community. In fact, part of the reason why the Dopslafs’ move to eXp Realty in 2019 has been such a success is because eXp’s agent-centric approach and support has allowed The Southwest Life Real Estate Team to focus on their core values.

Moving to eXp Realty Allowed Deanna and Eric to ‘Turn Down the Noise’

“eXp changed our lives. Coming to eXp allowed us to turn off the ‘noise’ of working for other brokerages and focus on growing our business. We have a renewed passion for building a legacy for our family with our children joining the real estate business. And a big part of that is relaunching the eXp Military Network,’’ Deanna said.

Veterans and military families have unique circumstances and struggles, especially when it comes to transitioning in and out of service, and securing housing. Among her many accreditations and awards, Deanna is a Military Relocation Specialist

Eric is candid about the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) he suffers as a result of deployment for humanitarian relief efforts to Thailand and Bosnia, where tsunami and war caused mass casualties. As he says, you can’t “unsee” tragedy on a human scale like that. 

Helping Military Families and Veterans Is a Core Value 

That is where Goomba, the three-legged service dog comes in. Eric and Goomba work together to help veterans sort out the toll military service takes. Plus, Goomba goes everywhere with Eric.

Where Eric goes, so does Goomba, the Dopslafs’ 9-year-old service dog.

“Including listing appointments,’’ he said.

After 20 years building one of New Mexico’s most successful husband and wife/family real estate businesses, the Dopslafs have found eXp to be the ideal brokerage to help them achieve their goals financially and personally.

“Our rule is to never be the smartest or wealthiest person in the room. If you are, you are in the wrong room. eXp allows us to be around some of the biggest thinkers, highest producing agents and most successful attraction agents in the industry. More importantly, they are all willing to share how they got there and to lend a hand to bring you along to the same levels of success,’’ Deanna said. 

“We don’t sell homes. We help families,’’ Eric said. 

“Real estate for us is not about referrals. It’s about community,’’ Deanna said. 

When these folks say it, they mean it.


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