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EXPCON 2023 attendees soaked in all things luxury during a trio of breakout sessions hosted by eXp Luxury’s Advisory Council and Ambassadors. 

David Lawson and Gail DeMarco kicked off with “Conquering Giants: How to Beat Your Top Luxury Competitors,” an empowering session designed for ambitious agents eager to conquer giants in the luxury sector. 

eXp Luxury ambassadors David Lawson and Gail DeMarco presented to a standing-room-only audience.

“With eXp Luxury’s tools, clients can click on the premium placements in their seller report and see their actual ad in the Wall Street Journal,” said David. “Luxury clients are data-driven. Math is the path. Let the numbers make the decision. It’s how I got my sellers to agree to a $1M+ price reduction”

This session touched on the importance of collaboration and abundance and studying the key players.

“Interview with your competitors, go to their broker’s opens, build connections, and analyze where your white space is,” Gail said. Then raise a hand, “As a new or seasoned luxury agent, you have access to all of us.”

The 2023 Luxury Listing Playbook

Ed Kaminsky and Peter Luu took the audience through “The 2024 Luxury Listing Playbook,” a deep dive into the full journey of a luxury listing, from prepping for the listing appointment to managing expectations and post-close opportunities. 

Peter asked attendees to surround themselves with like-minded people.

“Always lead generate to the next level, show compassion,” he said. “Who you network with is important; do they have a good family? Get to know them. Put yourself in the rooms to find those like-minded people.”

The conversation stressed the importance of communication and transparency, citing that it’s critical to send your clients regular data reports and call them weekly to discuss the activity of their listing, brainstorming any adjustments that should be made. 

Ed noted that the right mindset behind your marketing efforts is the secret to success.

“I’m always thinking, who is my next listing? Everyone asks how they will get a buyer for an expensive home, but 90% of the time it will sell because it is priced right,” He said. “The marketing you are doing is to expand your network, gain exposure for yourself and your next listing, not to find buyers.”

eXp Luxury Ambassadors Chanel Hart D’Aprix and Noé De Leon define branding versus marketing.

Elevate Your Brand

Noé De Leon and Chanel Hart D’Aprix’s breakout, “Elevate Your Brand” touched on the importance of agents telling their story and understanding how brands come to be.

“Your brand is going to be your customer commitment. Your customer is going to interact with your brand and make a decision of whether to work with you or not. This is the best time to educate and go through a rebrand if you’re new to eXp because you’re finally home,” said Noé.

They demystified the difference between branding and marketing, defined a brand and gave concrete steps for how to build one.

“If you are serious about building your business, everything needs to be emulated through your brand,” said Chanel. “The brand that you’re building is attracting the people you want.”


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