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David Lawson and the Lawson Team have a prominent foothold in the beautiful Park City, Utah resort area, where they were the No. 1 real estate team in gross commission for a major brokerage for most of the past decade.

But when David realized it was his name and his team’s hard work and dedication that generated the business – and not the brokerage (Engel & Völkers) – he was ready to part ways and make sure the hard-earned commission dollars did not float away so easily.

Lawson Team founder David Lawson (left) and Director of Operations, Mike Hludzinski help operate the 15-agent Lawson Team, based in Park City, Utah, which moved over to eXp Realty.

“It’s like the brokers get the business, but guess what? It’s the individual agents’ activities that sell every single property. When I got past that, I got much more serious about the opportunity here (at eXp Realty).” 

David runs the 15-agent Lawson Team along with his Director of Operations, Mike Hludzinski, and his son, Drew, who handles marketing and technology. But it’s a testament to David for creating a highly attractive model fortified with training, education and support to make the Lawson Team a powerhouse operation in the Park City and Salt Lake City regions. 

“I could be the Lawson Team at E&V or the Lawson Team at eXp, or I could be the Lawson Team at Banana Realty, and people would still hire us,” says David of the Lawson Team’s deep and trusted reputation in the Park City area.

In the past 12 months, the team has closed $296,113,605 in volume on 204 units. Currently, the team has 31 properties under contract / pending for $32,259,063 in volume.

“I have a very unique situation on my team where in the past 3-4 years, we have only had one person leave,” said David. “On most teams, if you have 20 people, you need to keep recruiting every month because you have one coming in the front door and one going out the back door, but that’s never been the case with my business. That’s because we provide our agents with so much opportunity. If an agent doesn’t sell $250K of GCI at the end of year, they are doing something wrong and they are going to get fired. That’s the expectation we give our agents.” 

Key Stats:

  • Production for the past 12 months: $296,113,605 closed sales on 204 units. 
  • No. 1 Team at Engel & Völkers North-America in GCI (2019 & 2021; No. 2 in 2020)
  • 515 5-Star Reviews on Zillow
  • Over 200 properties sold a year
  • Average sale price: $1.45 million
  • Exclusive real estate team on ABC-TV’s “Real Estate Essentials” Sunday show

David Approaches the Coaching Model Differently

David Lawson has been involved in real estate since 1975, owning and operating a variety of businesses, first in California and then in Park City,  ranging from development, investing, management, escrow services, construction and personal coaching, training and consulting. 

But it’s David’s coaching business, Competitive Advantage, that is a source of pride. That’s because he didn’t bow to the traditional way of doing things, but created his own model in which he offers his agents free coaching, with the stipulation they pay him 5% commission on their sales.

“Coaching is big business and I could’ve made a fortune. But the reason I didn’t get into it on a big scale is because one part of the business is to coach and the other is to be collections. I didn’t want to go there.”

David Lawson takes pride in his unique and successful coaching model.

Clearly, David knows what it takes to be a success and a deal-maker in real estate and the Lawson Team is the one to watch in Park City and now, all of Utah. 

“I think the Lawson Team is going to help eXp Realty in Utah in a big way,” said David of eXp’s current, limited presence in the state. “We didn’t want to be the first one, but I think it’s actually a benefit for us to help grow eXp and as a result, our agents will benefit.”


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