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The second day of Learning Path 3 at EXPCON 2022 was hosted by Sean Murphy, Vice President of Growth at eXp Realty and included three masterminds delivered by some of eXp’s top leaders; Gogo Bethke, Jon Pugh and Gene Frederick, themed around building your brand, shaping your legacy and attracting for your future. 

Gogo Bethke, an eXp agent from a small town in Michigan, moderated a high energy Q&A about building your brand on social media with co-hosts Josue Soto, Chastin Miles, Kyle Handy and Lisa Guzman. The workshop explored the infinite possibilities of expanding your influence and securing your brand through social media. 

“A lot of people fear being judged while building their brand. I always say that you shouldn’t care about others’ opinions unless it’s making a deposit into your bank account,” said Gogo.

Second Mastermind Focused on ‘Purposeful Attraction’

Thousands of eXp Realty agents attended the four learning paths during the week.

The second mastermind, “Purposeful Attraction,” was led by Jon Pugh, a top-performing agent from California who was joined by Gail DeMarco, Leo Robles, Nicole Rouseau and John Mikesh to expand agents’ thinking and help them develop strategies for attracting on purpose. The workshop focused on how to find people who embody eXp’s high growth and production mindset and how to broaden your perspective. 

“In order to attract you need to come from a place of contribution. Find these agents’ pain points and provide your knowledge and value to plug in as a solution,” said Pugh.

“I’m successful because I believe in the model to my core. I know what I’m sharing is immediately bringing value,” said Mikesh.

Leo added, “No one cares what you know unless they know that you care.”

Final Mastermind Focuses on Creating Your Legacy

In the final mastermind, the theme was “Creating Your Legacy” and was led by Texas-based eXp Realty agent and team lead of the largest organization at eXp Realty, Gene Frederick, joined by team members Bob Mangold and Jason Piercey as they discussed the phenomenal legacies they’ve built. 

“Your legacy is your forever brand. It’s what people think of when you’re no longer there,” says Jason Piercey.

The audience listens in during Learning Path 3 on Thursday, which focused on brand, shaping your legacy and attracting for your future. 

Bob added, “It’s the security you need when there’s an unforeseen event and eXp can give it to you – why wait?”

It’s the biggest myth that new agents can’t attract other agents. The amount of homes you sold in a year does not impact the value proposition of eXp Realty,” says Gene Frederick.


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Agent Careers