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Kyle Handy ran his own very successful boutique real estate brokerage in San Antonio for several years with 15 agents, plus three staffers. It was a thriving office, so he shrugged off early overtures from a colleague who told Handy that eXp Realty was worth a hard look.

Then, when it came time to file his taxes in 2017, things got real. The 70-hour workweeks and the $30,000 in overhead to run his brokerage started to get burdensome. But the lights really came on when his own accountant, who had an eXp agent as a client — the same agent who kept telling Handy to consider eXp — nudged Handy to take a look at eXp. 

“When your CPA, who sees his financial picture and mine, tells me to take a look at an opportunity, you take it a bit more seriously,’’ Handy said. 

Flash forward and it’s clear Handy got good advice. He moved to eXp in 2017 and proceeded to hit ICON Agent status each year since joining eXp. 

Kyle taking a break on the slopes at Breckenridge, Colorado with wife Kristine and children Addison and Christian.

This month is my third time,’’ said Handy, who handles about 40-45 transactions a year as an individual agent and does about $9.9 million to $11 million a year in closings. 

Handy said he clears more earnings now than when he ran his own brokerage, yet he continues to thrive on team-building thanks to eXp’s array of tools and support staff.

“With eXp, I realized I could leverage their support team, training, systems, and national brand to grow my real estate business bigger, faster, and in less time than doing it on my own,’’ Handy said, adding that he focuses “on referral and my influence base.”

Handy said that he knew from the moment he met with an eXp agent to discuss moving over that the company would deliver a system and platform that could power his business. He continues to grow his audience with his popular training videos. He also generates a dynamic blog at 

“Freedom is the reason I joined eXp Realty.  I knew that I could build what I was looking to build faster with eXp Realty, with greater reach (all over the country), and without nearly as much risk, but with a lot of help,’’ he said. 

Handy Compares Brokerage and Growth Costs With eXp’s Costs

Handy said he spent four years building a real estate brokerage to 15 agents at the expense of around $30,000 a month. At eXp, in less than three years, he’s built a group of more than 250 agents across 30 states and in three Canadian provinces all for only $85 a month.

Additionally, he said he needed to supplement his personal real estate sales income to pay for his brokerage’s overhead. Now, since eXp’s revenue share is pure profit, it’s added to his real estate sales, which has more than tripled his net income, year-over-year. 

“The best part about the entire opportunity is that I didn’t have to stop selling real estate to pursue building my revenue share team,” Handy said. “In fact, the more I sold, the more opportunities I found to connect with productive agents. 

“Between the platform and model eXp provides, I’ve expedited many of the financial goals I set for myself from taking a decade or more to now less than a few years.”

Handy says one other thing that he looks forward to is the equity ownership he’s been acquiring through eXp World Holdings stock (Nasdaq: EXPI).

“In the course of three years, selling around 40-45 homes per year, I’ve racked up nearly 11,000 shares of EXPI stock,” said Handy. “My goal is to acquire 20,000 shares by 2022, all through the equity ownership programs that eXp offers to all agents of the brokerage.”

10 Fun Things About Kyle Handy

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

Sitting near any clean body of water (beach, lake, pool) with my family laughing, listening to music, and just relaxing.

If you could add a tattoo, what would it be? 

My kids’ names in a place not completely obvious.

One thing you can’t live without?  

Cell phone, without a doubt… If we’re just talking about material things, of course 🙂

One trait that has led to your success? 

I’ve never found a question that I couldn’t find the answer to.

What celebrity would play you in a movie or TV show? 

I once had someone in Las Vegas ask me if I was Tom Cruise.  I’ll take it 😉 

Pet peeve? 

Asking questions that can easily be answered on Google.

Little known fact about yourself? 

I made more money building websites and selling informational products on eBay when I was 15 and 16 (early 2000’s) than at my first part-time job with McDonalds.  Enough so, that I was able to pay for my first car with cash because of it.

Song you never tire of? 

90’s and 2000’s music is my jam. “Amber” by 311.  Just love the chill melody and happy energy this song puts off.

Favorite meal? 

Steak and a baked potato.   Yup, that simple.

Your epitaph will say: 

No regrets.


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