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On the final day of EXPCON’s Path 2: Momentum – Path to Success, attendees heard from several experts in both real estate and athletics as they drew parallels between success in the field and on the court to success in the real estate industry. Attendees were inspired to focus on mental wellness and safety, adopting the tools and mindset to overcome any obstacle. 

Overcoming the Obstacles We Create for Ourselves

eXp Realty agent Dustin Brohm kicked off the morning with “Overcoming the Obstacles We Create for Ourselves.” where he took the audience on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth, delving into the realms of resilience and self-improvement.

Dustin Brohm discovered the parallels between his fitness journey and his career.

“During COVID I let myself go physically and felt horrible about myself,” Dustin said. “I was working out and not seeing results. Then I discovered a fitness coaching program about working out less but achieving great results and I jumped in.” he shared.

Dustin discovered the parallels between his fitness journey and his career stating, “It was the best investment I’ve made in my life and it had me thinking, if there is an easy way to work out less and still get results, then does that translate into business too?” he asked.

He shared how he was doing too much, not being consistent and not seeing results. Dustin empowered agents to conquer self-limiting beliefs and unlock their true potential.

He explored the profound impact of self-imposed obstacles on real estate journeys and shared how introspective exercises and motivational insights can provide the tools needed to break free from limiting beliefs and unleash the innate power for extraordinary success. He said the blueprint already exists, you just have to find the tools that are at your fingertips and use those tools to guide your career.

Wellness to Success Mastermind

Cathy Austin (left), Rob Dial, and Perla Machaen (right) shared wellness insights 

Next up was the “Wellness to Success Mastermind” moderated by Jeff Wilhems. He was joined by Rob Dial, Cathy Austin, and Perla Machaen who discussed transformative strategies that can elevate your well being, and propel you toward extraordinary achievements in your real estate journey.

Cathy shared her philosophy with the audience and drew an analogy for success. “When you buy a new phone, you might not know how to use it, but the creator of the phone knows exactly how it is designed to function in its fullest capacity and has the instructions,” she said. “There is an instruction manual and blueprint for our lives as well. In order to follow the instructions and function properly in life and our businesses, we have to tap into our spiritual and physical well-being and feed our minds.” 

The audience heard insights from Rob Dial who hosts the most popular healthy mindset podcast with over 300 million listeners.

“Mental health is the most powerful thing out there,” He said. “Your whole world is created by what you think. As you speak you create. You speak what you are doing and whatever you speak is what you bring on, and what you think inside your head are still being spoken and you are still attracting what you think, even when you don’t say it out loud.” He shared. He then stressed the importance of positive thinking and a healthy mind.

The diverse panel of experts stressed the intersection of wellness, success and self-improvement, and presented the essential connection between personal well-being and professional success.

Creating Safe Spaces

Jessica Nieto

Jessica Nieto led a thought-provoking session that explored the critical role of emotional intelligence and psychological safety in shaping our interactions and relationships.

She shared the ways that cultivating these qualities will foster a supportive, inclusive and thriving real estate community where individuals feel valued, understood and empowered.

“When I started in real estate I had nothing,” Jessica shared. “Then I got really good at it, and got really busy. Then I wasn’t having any fun, I was running myself down and I decided I needed to take time for myself in order to continue to grow.”

Jessica discovered that she wanted to help others, but didn’t have time to volunteer in her community, which led her on a path to giving back to other agents at eXp. She now encourages agents to do self reflection, find out what matters, and is guiding them in creating safe spaces in their real estate careers. 

Leaning Into the Messy Middle

Next on stage was Jon Pugh who dug into navigating the unpredictable journey of real estate with grace and resilience. He shared his personal journey of discovering how to cultivate equanimity amidst chaos and find balance amidst uncertainty. For Jon, circumstances in his life ignited a relentless pursuit of self-improvement that empowered him to thrive in any circumstance, and he challenged agents to do the same.

Jon Pugh inspired the audience to commit to their goals and never quit.

“One day I sat down and totaled up all of my debt in one column, and in the other column I totaled up my entire pipeline of all potential deals and said if I can close all of this, I will have just enough money to dig out of this hole,” Jon shared. “My biggest advice is to put the shovel down and stop digging. Alcohol was my shovel, and I had to put it down,” he said.

Jon stressed that you have to take inventory of your life and what is going on around you, and be brave and self-reflective in order to grow and expand your business.

“I’m not talking to everyone in the room. I am talking to the one person in this room who needed to hear this and who these words are resonating with. I encourage them to take that first step to making a change,” Jon said.

He then shared real GCI profiles of agents from his team cloaked in anonymity to show the audience the success they can achieve if they adopt the correct mindset, refuse to give up and commit to growing their business.

Just One Layup

eXp Luxury agent DeVante Blow hosted the next discussion where he coached agents to soar to new heights in their real estate career in an electrifying session that drew inspiration from basketball’s winning mindset, teamwork and goal-setting prowess. He encouraged the audience to slam dunk their real estate goals with confidence and precision. 

DeVante Blow showed agents the connection between basketball and real estate. 

“In sports, in the first, second and third quarter you try your hardest. But in the fourth quarter, that’s when everything matters and one mistake can cost you the whole game,” DeVante said. “When you go into the fourth quarter you have to give it your all. We just started the fourth quarter of this year, and now is the time to bring it home. Go all out, and give it everything you have. That will kick things off right going into the next year.”

He shared that you need just one layup to go from where you are now to where you want to be in your career.

The Mindset of an Athlete

In the closing session of Path 2, agents were encouraged to supercharge their real estate journeys with the winning mentality of athletes. In this game-changing panel, DeVante Blow, Chad Hedrick and Candess Correll delved into the powerful parallels between sports and real estate, empowering them to adopt an athlete’s mindset for unstoppable growth and success in the competitive world of real estate.

Candess Correll

“It’s healthy to expect adversity and part of our job is to know what those roadblocks are and how to prepare for them,” said Candess, a former NFL Cheerleader. “Being an athlete, you have to recognize those same problems that can pop up and have the brain power to get around them. My athletic experience has taught me how to be a problem solver, and on the real estate side that applies to the transaction for my clients,” she added. 

Agents were shown how to adopt the mental fortitude, resilience and determination that athletes embody, and how these qualities will translate to extraordinary achievements in the real estate industry.

“Being an olympic gold medalist, I have learned how to focus on what I do well, and you have to do the same in your real estate career,” said Chad. “Don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing. Stay focused and determined, and stick to your strengths.” 


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