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Lizna Nel South Africa

In the bustling world of South African real estate, where success is often measured by achievement and accolades, one name stands out in the crowd — Lizna Nel. As a residential real estate sales property practitioner and a three-time CAP (Commission Award Program) agent for eXp Realty South Africa, Lizna has not only made waves in the industry but has also carved a unique path to success, becoming the first eXp Realty South African to achieve a triple CAP status.

With her anniversary date starting on November 1, Lizna hit CAP status in just 50 days, securing an impressive 96% commission for the next 315 days. She successfully sold 34 properties last year, totaling about $3,625,407 (USD) or the equivalent of R68 423 000 (rand), matching her sales figure from 2022.

Lizna’s Business Acumen Forged Working on Cruise Ships

Lizna’s journey to real estate stardom is as unique as her accomplishments. After completing her studies in cosmetology in South Africa and business management in London, she embarked on a six-year adventure working on cruise liners, eventually becoming a spa manager. This experience not only honed her people skills but exposed her to diverse cultures and nationalities, a valuable asset in the world of real estate.

Lizna eventually transitioned to a role in HR and recruitment for a US and UK-based company, focusing on South Africa, Namibia, and Mauritius. “This was something I really enjoyed because it was a job that made a difference in someone’s life,” reflects Lizna.

In 2007, she took on a new challenge by starting her own college, BN Academy in Bellville, Cape Town, growing it from a modest 20 students to an impressive annual intake of 300 students. However, it was her grandfather’s advice that ultimately led her to the world of real estate. 

“Real estate was always something I was interested in. My grandpa said if you come from the ships with your dollars, you have to make that money work for you by investing in property in South Africa, and that’s what I did,” shares Lizna.

Full Steam Ahead: Lizna Focuses on Real Estate

In 2018, Lizna decided to fully embrace her passion for real estate as a property practitioner. Her business-minded approach, coupled with her experience running her own college, made her a problem solver – a key ingredient for success in the real estate industry.

However, it was her move to eXp Realty in October 2021 that truly catapulted Lizna to new heights. Enticed by the model and culture of eXp Realty, Lizna initially hesitated, dreaming of starting her own real estate business. It was a chance encounter with fellow eXp Realty agents, Lydia and Andre Vorster, that changed her trajectory. Lydia’s invitation to learn more about eXp Realty sparked Lizna’s curiosity.

“I am an analytical person and was convinced that I would find the flaws in eXp Realty,” says Lizna.

But fate had other plans. Lizna experienced a sudden health setback, suffering two herniated discs in her neck. During her recovery, she dove deep into researching eXp Realty. Contrary to her expectations, the more she delved into the company, the more convinced she became that this was a game-changer for the real estate industry.

“Moving to eXp was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I knew it was going to be a great adventure but never expected it to be this good,” expresses Lizna.

She now leads her own team within eXp Realty, known as Realtors South Africa Powered by eXp, with a network of 150 agents across South Africa. 

eXp’s Agent-centric Mission Impresses Lizna

Lizna’s goal is to expand the Realtors South Africa Powered by eXp brand across the country. She emphasizes the importance of empowering and equipping her team with operational and marketing support, allowing them to focus on networking with communities and selling houses.

“Having joined eXp, what stands out to me the most is how agent-centric the company is. The support we get from the staff is unbelievable, and our Country Leader is always willing to listen to us to see how he can better support our endeavors,” shares Lizna.

For Lizna, residential real estate is more than just transactions; it’s about the personal connections and trust formed when dealing with clients’ homes. 

“Every client’s home is a personal and private space, and we are in a privileged position to be allowed inside the client’s home and to be trusted with it,” she says.

As Lizna Nel continues to make strides in the South African real estate landscape, her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring agents and a testament to the transformative power of seizing opportunities, even in the face of unexpected challenges.


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