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eXp Luxury soars past 1,100 members

The eXp Luxury program is quickly gaining traction and is now more than 1,100 members strong, which speaks to the impact of the program and the incredible speed this division is growing within eXp Realty. (Read the press release here.)

eXp Luxury operates in the United States and Canada and now, Puerto Rico! It is poised for further global expansion with launches expected in additional countries by the first quarter of 2024.

“Our agents’ strong desire to access the exclusive eXp Luxury community, its world-class resources and support has been instrumental in driving its global expansion,” stated Michael Valdes, Chief Growth Officer of eXp Realty. “With over 1,100 members currently on board, our global presence continues to grow. We take pride in the rapid growth of eXp Luxury and eagerly anticipate offering more agents the opportunity to join our expert community, as we bring the future of luxury real estate to new, exciting markets.”

The Evolution of eXp Luxury

Launched in the United States in October 2022, eXp Luxury quickly grew to 700 members within its first year. Following this success, the program extended its reach to Canada in September 2023 with eXp Luxury Canada and, most recently, to Puerto Rico. 

The momentum is set to continue with plans to introduce eXp Luxury to the United Kingdom, South Africa, Portugal, Australia, and New Zealand, marking a strategic expansion into international markets by early 2024.

Why Is eXp Luxury So Attractive?

At the heart of eXp Luxury’s success is its exclusive resources and cutting-edge technology. eXp Luxury agents can represent its luxury real estate clients through comprehensive luxury certification, targeted advertising to High Net Worth Individuals, exclusive access to other, like-minded luxury agents internationally and customized marketing so each luxury property is given a higher presentation level.

With its global expansion on the horizon, eXp Luxury is poised to redefine luxury real estate standards worldwide. Stay tuned as eXp Realty continues to shape the future of the real estate industry with its unwavering commitment to agent-centric excellence.


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