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At the eXp Shareholder Summit, being held in Orlando, Florida this week, attendees were introduced to eXp Realty’s luxury program during a breakout session called eXp Luxury Explained, featuring insights from Luxury Advisory Council Members Jana Caudill and Janie Coffey. For those interested in becoming luxury agents, here are the key things to know about the program.

The Future of Luxury Real Estate Brought to You

eXp Luxury is the first cloud-based luxury real estate program, leveraging eXp Realty’s exclusive tools and innovative technology. This program, which was launched in October 2022, brings the future of luxury real estate directly to agents, offering access to eXp Realty’s brand and agent-centric model along with bespoke marketing capabilities and assets.

International Listing Promotion

Luxury residential real estate now benefits from advertising placements with SUCCESS Magazine and listing features in 80+ of the top international luxury sites. By leveraging these collaborations, eXp Luxury agents gain increased exposure and reach, attracting high-end clients from around the globe.

Global Network of Luxury Agents

eXp Luxury’s global network of agents provides elevated service to clients worldwide, ensuring that exceptional support is available anytime, anywhere. With this extensive network, agents can tap into a wealth of resources, expanding their reach and enhancing their ability to serve luxury clientele.

Exclusive Events and Resources

Janie Coffey

The program offers a range of exclusive resources and support, including luxury masterminds, attraction-based events, a luxury newsletter, and access to a council of experienced eXp Luxury agents. The council not only provides valuable guidance and advice for enhancing individual luxury brands but also collaborates with the leadership team to continually evolve the program, keeping agents at the forefront of the luxury real estate industry.

Dedicated Listing Website & Luxe Marketing Materials

eXp Luxury provides agents with a dedicated listing website that is designed to command attention. From eye-catching signage to luxe materials, every aspect is carefully considered to ensure luxury listings make a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Drive Attraction to New Levels

Through the eXp Luxury program, agents have the opportunity to drive their attraction to new levels. The global network of agents facilitates networking opportunities, fostering valuable connections in the luxury real estate market. Presentation tools and an unbeatable value proposition further enhance agents’ ability to attract high-end clients.


The eXp Luxury program has an annual cost of $2,500, and qualification is based on production. By joining this program, luxury agents can elevate their careers and stay at the forefront of the luxury real estate industry. Take the leap and join the eXp Luxury program today to unlock the full potential of your luxury real estate business.


Missed the eXp Shareholder Summit this year? Be sure to register for EXPCON, being held Oct. 2-5 in Las Vegas, where you can attend valuable panel discussions like this one.


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