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Europe is continuing to expand its eXp Realty footprint with the addition of eXp Italy, marking the fourth country in Europe where eXp has brokerage operations. The others are the United Kingdom, France and Portugal. As announced today, eXp Italy is now open for business. (Read the press release here.)

“In the midst of a shifting global market due to COVID-19, our company and global regions have seen unprecedented growth. As we continue to expand throughout continental Europe, we are thrilled to introduce the eXp model and culture to Italy, a country in which we have already registered substantial interest,” said Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global. 

exp italy

Italy marks the 11th location outside of the contiguous United States where eXp Realty is doing business. Other locations include Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Portugal, France, Puerto Rico and Brazil. (Read the press release here.)

Denis Andrian, who has decades of experience in the European luxury real estate market, will lead operations in Italy.

“The last year has brought about major changes in the Italian real estate industry, with nearly all real estate agencies facing an immediate need to adapt to the digitized market,” says Andrian. “eXp is entering Italy at an ideal time, as the business model provides a solution to the new needs of real estate agents, which include a highly functioning remote work structure, a global community, distance learning, and the ability to meet a changing market with innovation and agility. By adhering to a cloud-based structure, we are able to provide agents with a highly competitive model and low fixed costs, leading to a high level of professionalism and quality service offered to the end consumer. Indeed, the future of the real estate market has arrived in Italy with eXp!”

Also by the end of Q1 2021, eXp plans on opening operations in Hong Kong.

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Agents will also have access to eXp’s innovative and collaborative cloud-based platform.


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